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  1. My shaft got here, and the total length actually came in at 46.75”, which is close enough. Total weight is 317g, compared to 330g for my gamer. A buddy of mine has my SW scale right now, so I can’t check that, but just waggling it, the SW does feel pretty similar to what I’m used to. Looking down on it, it doesn’t really look outrageously long to my eye, either, so I’m looking forward to trying it out. I don’t know when that will be, since it’s winter here, but I’ll report back when I get a chance to hit it.
  2. On the rare occasion when I carry my bag, no more than 8. I'm paranoid about running out of balls, though if I lose that many in a round, I may as well quit anyway. I usually walk with a push cart, so weight isn't a big issue, so I usually have some used balls from previous rounds and a new sleeve to start. Any that are left stay in the bag for next time, until it gets too full of beaten up balls, and I empty it out. For tournaments, I'll usually mark up 6 new balls and clear everything else out, just to make sure I don't accidentally violate the one ball rule.
  3. My overlength project is coming together. I have a shaft on the way (Ventus Black 6x—same as current driver shaft, just longer), and I was fortunate to find a G410 LST head on the BST that was basically perfect for this kind of thing—it was digitally measured at 9 degrees, and is lighter that most heads, and it also came with 4 different weights). The head got here yesterday, and I weighed it to compare to my current driver (also a 9* G410 LST, but I assume the loft is higher than stamped), and without weights, it is 6g lighter, and a couple of the weights are in the 5-6g range, which is a lot
  4. From a proximity perspective, True North or Lochenheath might be worth consideration -- they're a similar distance from Charlevoix compared to Shanty Creek, and quite a bit closer than Kingsley (though from a golf perspective, Kingsley is the best option, IMO). I have no idea what their membership offerings are, but they'd be worth looking into. I also saw this, which seems like it might be interesting if they're still doing it this year: https://boynegolf.com/media-room/prospect-memberships
  5. The GAM sent out something about the Michigan Am today, and it’s at Cascade Hills in GR. Anybody know much about it? That led me to see if they have other venues posted, and I see that the GAM Championship is at Franklin Hills for the 100th edition. From what I hear, that’s a top notch venue, so I definitely want to try for that one.
  6. Good to hear from you guys! Winter has me thinking I should try a 47” driver, so you be the judge of how my sanity is holding up...
  7. Well, not counting Muirfield Village, which I've played for free 3 times , I'd have to say Rustic Canyon outside of L.A. is probably the best value for the money that I have found. Wonderful course, and it's often less than 30 bucks to walk it during the week.
  8. It sounds like your issue is more in the thumb joint than mine. I have a little bump on the back of my hand in the circled area (that's not my hand, just an illustration) an that's where any pain I get seems to originate there. I do also sometimes notice some pain or weakness in the thumb when I try to grip things like jars, or other things when I need to squeeze my thumb and forefinger together. None of it is all that bad, though, so I'm hoping I can just keep managing it and that I won't need to go beyond that, but I have to imagine there will come a time when I might need to get it looked a
  9. That sucks -- is it in the finger part of your thumb or more at the base of it? I've dealt with some hand pain in the thumb area for the past year or so, but it's more down toward the wrist on the back side of my hand. It hasn't been enough to keep me from playing, and it usually doesn't bother me too much once I get it loosened up a bit, but there are some days when it bothers me more than others, and it can require some Advil, especially if I play or practice on consecutive days. I haven't really touched a club (other than to reshaft a set of irons) since I played with itw in mid-December, a
  10. I've got a shaft on order to give this a try. I'm going with the same shaft (Ventus Black 6x) that I currently use, but tipped a half inch (per recommendation from a contact that I have at Fujikura), and built so that the club will play 47". I checked the head weight of my G410 LST, and it came in at about 204g with the weight and 192 without the weight and with the screw. I'm hoping that will give me a useable swingweight. I had forgotten that I've actually been playing my driver in the -1* flat setting, and not the -1.5 setting, so I will be able to adjust the loft down a little bit, if I wa
  11. I'm taking the plunge. I've got a Ventus Black 6x ordered that is going to be tipped a half inch, and trimmed so it plays 47" in my current driver. I'm going to try it in my G410 LST head with the weight removed and we'll see how that goes for swingweight and launch.
  12. For me, finding a low-lofted head may be the biggest obstacle to doing a build like this. I currently use a 9* Ping G410 LST and I have it set to the -1.5* setting. It hasn't been digitally measured, so who knows what the actual loft is, but I think it might be hard to find a head that won't launch too high. In very limited research, the only heads that seem to be widely available where you can get actual measured loft are tour issue SIMs, and I didn't love that head when I hit it early last year.
  13. Love all the details here, as I’m also interested in trying out a longer driver. A couple of questions: 1. Can you give details/measurements about what you did with the shaft? Any tipping? How much did you cut off the handle? Shaft length before/after installing the adapter? I think it’s usually about 1.75” that you add to the raw shaft length to calculate the total club length, but I’d be glad to hear details from your build. 2. What loft are you playing in your standard-length drivers compared to the overlength?
  14. Generally speaking, it would be a good idea to just eliminate that word from your vocabulary, especially if you’re a professional athlete with sponsors who pay you a lot of money based on a combination of how good you are at your job and how likeable you are, and even more so if you work in a public arena where what you say is often picked up by microphones. But even if you don’t, it’s an ugly and antiquated thing to say, so it’s best to avoid it altogether. JT is one of the best players in the game, and has a pretty spotless reputation prior to this, so hopefully he learns from it and gr
  15. That's a good point -- I wonder if that different head weight would essentially make it so you don't actually need to find a stiffer shaft, since it would play stiffer because of the lighter head?
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