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  1. I got to this point about 3 years ago. I quit for 6 weeks, then played a few times late in the year, and spent the winter working on my swing with a teacher, and changed my ball flight from a draw to a fade. I feel like I played better for a while, but I seem to have completely lost whatever I was doing, as I'm back to hitting a draw most of the time, though off the tee, it's kind of random what what ball flight I'll see when I look up. I think the problem is that I've never really dealt with the major underlying fault in my swing, which is that it is too reliant on timing with my hands. I've been playing for 35 years at this point, and I don't know that I'm really ever going to be able to do anything to improve that, and as I get older, I'm sure my timing isn't going to start getting better. Joining a club isn't really an option for me. My wife doesn't really play golf, and we don't have kids, so it would just be for me. There's nothing within 20 minutes of my house other than Meadowbrook (I do okay, but that's out of my price range), and I won't get out enough to somewhere like TPC/Western/Dearborn CC/Polo Fields/Lakelands to make it worthwhile. I probably played about 25-30 rounds at Salem Hills this year at the crack of dawn, where I can walk 18 holes in 2.5 hours, which may have warped my sense of what I can tolerate related to slow play, but it seems like every time I play when I'm not the first one off in the morning, the group in front of us is still on the damn tee when we get to the next hole. I just don't understand why courses allow a few painfully slow groups to screw up the experience for everyone else. I mean, I'm one of the more avid golfers around, and for slow play to be one of the major factors driving me to consider giving up the game, that has to be an indication of how bad it's gotten.
  2. I’m giving serious though to quitting golf. The slow play is driving me insane (just finished 4.5 hours on a Tuesday afternoon), and I’ve been playing like s*** for most of the year. I’ve tried to just enjoy being out there, but I don’t have fun when I play like crap, and I don’t really know how to fix myself. So, paying a bunch of money and taking big chunks of time to not have fun seems pretty stupid. I’m leaving in a couple days to go to L.A. for 2 weeks, and I’ll see if I feel like playing when I get back. If I’m going to continue, I probably need to take some lessons and figure out why my driving has gone to s***, because I can’t keep hitting it off the planet without losing my mind. I either need to figure out how to play better or quit, because it sucks to come off the course mad and/or depressed most of the time, and it’s stupid to put myself through that for something that is supposed to be fun.
  3. Golf or not, there’s no way I’m wasting time watching that garbage team
  4. Another round that took over 5 hours today. f*** this, I’m done playing on weekends until the weather gets bad and the crowds of slow hacks thin out
  5. 1. Canton, MI 2. 0.2 3. There are a couple courses near my house with decent driving ranges where I will hit balls sometimes. I also have a net I can set up in the garage to test it out indoors. 4. I've used Trackman/Flightscope during fittings and lessons, but I have not owned a PLM. 5. Yes 6. Absolutely -- I've done a few reviews for WRX before, and would be glad to participate in another one, and I have been interested in PLMs for a while now and would love to try the ESB1. Thanks for the opportunity to apply!
  6. Done Detroit/Royal Oak, MI Detroit/Royal Oak, MI Yes -- driver, irons, wedges & putter at various times I've kind of self-fit my current bag, so honestly, probably everything Thanks!
  7. Is it just me, or has pace of play on the weekends been getting worse? I had a 2:45 front nine last weekend (followed by a "speedy" 2:15 on the back), and yesterday at Kensington Metropark, the group in front of us was still waiting to tee off when we got to about two thirds of the holes. It's getting to the point where I don't even want to bother playing on the weekends, but then I'd basically be left playing at the crack of dawn by myself for most of my rounds.
  8. Of the GLV courses, the only ones I'd bother with are the two Stonehedge courses. The South is the nicer of the two, but the North is fun with the layout with 6 each of par 3s/4s/5s. I only played Bedford Valley once, and I wasn't a fan. I know it's pretty well regarded, but it didn't seem like it was in great shape (this was several years ago), and it was in desperate need of some tree pruning and/or removal around some of the greens. The East/West GLV courses are extremely forgettable.
  9. After a few months with mine, I really like it, and I'm glad I ended up going with the Z82. A few things I've noticed: The integration of GPS and rangefinder is really cool, and it works really well. The only annoying thing I've noticed is that if I hit one way offline where I'm near another hole, the GPS will switch over to that hole, more often than not. I wish it was a little smarter, and could realize that I didn't just suddenly jump ahead 3 holes. It's easy enough to get back to the right hole, but it would be nice to not have to fiddle with it. The best solution is probably to just hit it straight. The laser hits flags pretty well, but it's not very good if you want to shoot the distance to a tree or something like that in the distance. The GPS is great for distance to bunkers/hazards/etc, but sometimes you just want to see how far it is to an object in an effort to see what line you should take, and the Z82 really doesn't do that reliably Battery life is very good -- I can usually get 3 rounds out of a charge The screen is good for use in low light. I play often in the early morning, teeing off when I can barely see where my first tee shot goes, and in that light it makes it brighter and easier to find the flag. I hate the case that came with it. The combination of the fabric top and the hard bottom do not make it easy to get it in and out. I have a Jones golf bag, and they recently came out with rangefinder pouches that are much more spacious, and it was a good $25 investment to replace the OEM case.
  10. The Medalist in Marshall is on the way (assuming you're coming from the Detroit area), and I'd say it's a better option than the Gull Lake View/Stonehedge courses. Plus, you can hit Dark Horse afterward, if beer is of interest to you guys.
  11. How was the Tribute? I have always really liked that course, but it had really fallen into rough shape toward the end of the run with the previous idiot owners. I'd be glad to hear if it's made a comeback and is in better shape now.
  12. I played ERGC on the recommendation of openwater a couple years ago with my wife, who only plays a couple times a year, and really enjoyed it. It’s a nice 9-holer with some nice scenery. We’re going to be up in TC at the end of August, and we’re planning to play it again.
  13. I'm not sure what the issue was the first time I used it, but I've used it the last two days (charging it before both rounds), and it's been around 75% after each round.
  14. After waiting a few weeks, I got my Z82 earlier this week and used it for the first time yesterday. It happened to be on a course that had GPS on the carts, so I didn't use that functionality on the rangefinder all that much, but I'm liking the performance so far. What I'm a little concerned about is that the battery life seems like it might be an issue on the one that I got. I have it set to go into sleep mode after 10 seconds, which is the shortest time interval option, and I set the brightness to medium, but after a round that took about 4:15, the battery was down to 37%. I don't have a problem charging it after a couple of rounds, but there's occasionally a day when I'll play 36 holes, so I need it to last at least 10 hours on a charge (I have a charging block I can bring along, but I don't feel like I should have to do that). I'm going to be using it a couple more times on Sunday/Monday, and maybe this will prove to be a fluke, but I'm a little worried that I got one with a bad battery.
  15. Yeah, I totally agree that the price tag outweighs the benefits for most amateur players. I'd like to see some analysis, for example, of how I score over time when hitting driver off the tee versus hitting other clubs, especially if you could see that for a specific hole that you play several times where you have to make that decision (Note: I don't know that that kind of info is available in these reports -- it's just an example). Things like that would be interesting, and could help you to score marginally better by identifying which strategy tends to give the best results, but I personally wouldn't be willing to pay more than about 5-10 bucks a month in addition to the Arccos subscription I already pay for.
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