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  1. The Medalist in Marshall is on the way (assuming you're coming from the Detroit area), and I'd say it's a better option than the Gull Lake View/Stonehedge courses. Plus, you can hit Dark Horse afterward, if beer is of interest to you guys.
  2. How was the Tribute? I have always really liked that course, but it had really fallen into rough shape toward the end of the run with the previous idiot owners. I'd be glad to hear if it's made a comeback and is in better shape now.
  3. I played ERGC on the recommendation of openwater a couple years ago with my wife, who only plays a couple times a year, and really enjoyed it. It’s a nice 9-holer with some nice scenery. We’re going to be up in TC at the end of August, and we’re planning to play it again.
  4. I'm not sure what the issue was the first time I used it, but I've used it the last two days (charging it before both rounds), and it's been around 75% after each round.
  5. After waiting a few weeks, I got my Z82 earlier this week and used it for the first time yesterday. It happened to be on a course that had GPS on the carts, so I didn't use that functionality on the rangefinder all that much, but I'm liking the performance so far. What I'm a little concerned about is that the battery life seems like it might be an issue on the one that I got. I have it set to go into sleep mode after 10 seconds, which is the shortest time interval option, and I set the brightness to medium, but after a round that took about 4:15, the battery was down to 37%. I don't have a problem charging it after a couple of rounds, but there's occasionally a day when I'll play 36 holes, so I need it to last at least 10 hours on a charge (I have a charging block I can bring along, but I don't feel like I should have to do that). I'm going to be using it a couple more times on Sunday/Monday, and maybe this will prove to be a fluke, but I'm a little worried that I got one with a bad battery.
  6. Yeah, I totally agree that the price tag outweighs the benefits for most amateur players. I'd like to see some analysis, for example, of how I score over time when hitting driver off the tee versus hitting other clubs, especially if you could see that for a specific hole that you play several times where you have to make that decision (Note: I don't know that that kind of info is available in these reports -- it's just an example). Things like that would be interesting, and could help you to score marginally better by identifying which strategy tends to give the best results, but I personally wouldn't be willing to pay more than about 5-10 bucks a month in addition to the Arccos subscription I already pay for.
  7. I have been using Arccos for shot tracking since getting a set of sensors as part of a promo for Ping owners last year. I also bought the Caddie Link and use that so that I don't have to carry my phone in my pocket with me all the time while I'm playing. I've been happy with that, too. I enjoy looking at the stats and stuff that come out of it after rounds, and over periods of time, but I feel like there's a lot more detailed reports that could be generated from the shot data that Arccos captures, and I've completed a couple of surveys that they've sent out the last few months that indicate that they're looking to start providing some stuff like that. A couple weeks ago, they sent out an email about these new enhanced "ATLAS" reports that they were going to be offering: CUSTOM ATLAS REPORTS MAP EVERY ASPECT OF YOUR GAME. The detailed information in the ATLAS reports is not available in the Arccos Caddie App or Dashboard. It will give you an advantage on your competitors. Reports include: Tour Level Strokes Gained Analysis Detailed Game Facet Review Club by Club Strokes Gained Comparisons Arccos Data Science Team & Golf Professional Assessment Personal Game Key Insight Summaries The info on their website shows a sample report, and there is some cool information and club-level strokes-gained info that I think would be interesting, but man, the price tag is a major obstacle. The introductory rates range from $499 to $999 per year, with regular pricing from $625-$1,250. I'd love to get some info like this, but I can't imagine it would help my game enough to make it worth the investment. I'm curious to see if many people will actually be willing to buy in at those prices. I'm curious if anyone among the group of golf sickos that frequent this site has signed up or if they're considering it? Link to info on the Arccos site
  8. I got a Precision Pro NX9 (non-slope) recently, and I'm returning it, because of a few different issues: I find it does not pick up the flag very well from 200+, and it vibrates when it hit anything, whether it's the flag or something behind it. I'm often pretty sure I'm hitting something in the background, so I end up shooting it several times trying to actually hit the flag, and it takes a lot longer than other rangefinders I've used The optics are not great -- with other rangefinders, I have always been able to adjust the focus and get a pretty clear magnified view, but I have tried adjusting the focus every which way, and it's still not very clear I've used it for a half dozen rounds or so, all of them in good weather with no rain, and it still looks like it has gotten water inside the lens or viewfinder. There's kind of a water streak that seems to be getting worse. I have no idea why that is happening, and I can't imagine how much worse it will get if I have to use it in the rain. The position of the mode button makes it too easy to accidentally switch from yards to meters. I've had that happen a couple of times already (thankfully, they do make it obvious whether it's displaying yards/meters, so I've noticed it when it's happened, but it's easy to accidentally hit the button just when you're grabbing it from the cart or the case.
  9. I have an AD-XC 7x that I used for a little while last year before going to a lighter shaft in the driver (Ventus Black 6x, which I still use). I can see similarities to the AD BB in performance, but I think it feels a bit more firm. Coming from the AD BB, I think you’ll adjust pretty well.
  10. The original Forest Dunes is pretty walkable, IMO. There’s a few holes with a decent distance from one green to the next tee, but it’s not especially hilly or a difficult walk otherwise.
  11. The Grande in Jackson and The Medalist in Marshall are both worth a stop. Angels Crossing is also a decent option near Kzoo.
  12. After playing my driver at about 46.75" for a while, I was finding that opened me up to some big misses when my timing was a bit off. I was particularly susceptible to snap hooks, which is a shot I had largely eliminated a few years ago when I went to primarily hitting a fade off the tee. That plus the impending rule change to limit driver length to 46" let me to trim it down to that length, and that seems to be the sweet spot for me. I'm hitting it consistently longer than I was with a shorter shaft, and I'm hitting more fairways than I did with the shorter shaft, which is a bit counterintuitive, but I think it does make some sense, because the longer shaft encourages a more aggressive swing, and lessens my tendency to try to steer it.
  13. I've driven back & forth to Austin this year, and just drove to California at the end of last month (still here), and that makes me feel like a trip to the UP would be like a trip around the block in comparison. I need to make a point of getting up there next year.
  14. I recently got a Precision Pro NX9 after my previous rangefinder started giving me problems, and I'm actually finding that I don't like it for exactly this reason. I find that the NX9 jolts regardless if I'm hitting the flag or something in the background, and in addition to being basically useless when there's a little bit of fog, I'm going to return it and I've already ordered a Z82 to replace it (the Father's Day promos Garmin is running brought the price down to where I felt like it was worth a shot. I like the idea of the integration of all of the features of rangefinder and GPS -- hopefully they have worked out some of the kinks that some people have mentioned since most of the comments in this thread were posted.
  15. When I asked for info last year, the initial buy-in at TPC was $400. Northville Hills is super wide open off the tee for the most part, which makes it play pretty easy. It's not a bad course, they just do absolutely nothing to address pace of play, and because of that, it usually takes forever. I once played a round there on a weekend that took over 5.5 hours. Someone from our group went into the shop afterward to complain and they actually comped us our next round there, which was nice, but it shouldn't get to that point. Northville Hills and Stonebridge in Ann Arbor are the two courses I never play anymore because of consistent pace of play issues.
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