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  1. Thinking about it a little more, I already have an Arccos, so using the LM on the course would be pretty redundant. For my needs, I don't really think a LM is something that really makes sense. Appreciate the responses!
  2. These adjustments are kind of what I'm talking about -- I think there's an element of doubt that creeps in whenever you're relying an an algorithm to convert yardages. This isn't a problem just with these lower-end models, it would be the same for a Trackman, unless you're somewhere where you can hit the same balls that you play with. I do play a lot of rounds alone in the mornings, so if any of these PLMs are easy and quick to use on the course, I could see that providing some value, but I'm not sure if any of them are that simple and quick to set up for a single shot so that it wouldn't take
  3. I've been thinking about getting a PLM, too, considering the Rapsodo and Mevo, but the thing I keep going back to is that I'd primarily be using it at the range, and I don't know what useful info I'd really be able to get by getting launch data with range balls. I feel like there would always be some kind of conversion I'd need to do to any numbers I see, so it wouldn't really help to dial in distances all that much. Does anyone who has been using a PLM for a while have any thoughts about whether that's a valid concern, or how you handle the difference between range balls and what you play on
  4. If money is no object, Meadowbrook is definitely the top option. The course is head & shoulders better than Walnut Creek. Another one you might consider is Oak Pointe in Brighton, though that may be a little farther than you want to go. Lakelands is another option in Brighton -- it's a little short and quirky, but it's a fun course, and they have a pretty nice practice facility, and as I understand it, it's more budget-friendly than the others. For practice facilities, Lyon Oaks has a pretty good one -- range, practice bunker next to the range, big practice green, . Moose Ridge
  5. I got to play my first round back home in Michigan, and while my numbers weren't quite as impressive as some of the ones in Texas with the firm turf and sometimes helping wind, I'm still seeing pretty positive results. I'm hitting it solidly most of the time (no less frequently than with a shorter driver), and when I played yesterday, I hit 9/12 fairways with it on a course where I normally hit about half of them. The miss seems to be a hard hook, and I'm finding that I really need to concentrate on loading up my weight on my right leg on the backswing so I make sure I'm coming into the ball w
  6. I asked someone I know who retired up in Gaylord about this recently, and he said that last year it really seemed like conditions were improving at the Tribute, so hopefully that's continuing. I really love the layout, and it's a shame that it had fallen into such disrepair, so hopefully it's on its way back to being one of the best courses up there.
  7. Ah, I had Oakland Hills on the brain...
  8. Top 10 Public: 1. Forest Dunes 2. Arcadia Bluffs 3. UofM GC 4. Bay Harbor (Links/Quarry) 5. Michaywe Pines 6. Lochenheath 7. Boyne Highlands - Heather 8. Hawk's Eye 9. Eagle Eye 10. Stonehedge South There's a bunch I haven't played, like Greywalls, Arcadia South, Harbor Shores, etc. so this is a pretty incomplete list.
  9. I've had a similar evolution when it comes to heavy shafts in my long clubs. I'm 44, and prior to last year, I had played mostly 70g (and the occasional 80g) shafts in my driver, and 80g in my 3w. I think a lot of the shafts from recent years offer the stability that we were trying to get from the heavier shafts in a lighter package. I'm now using the Ventus black 6x in my driver (including a promising overlength experiment I'm trying), 7x in the 3w (which was the driver shaft I cut down once I switched to the 6x), and the Blue 9x in the driving iron. I'd say that if anything, I'm hitting it s
  10. Got an email this morning saying that Pheasant Run is opening on March 22nd.
  11. I used the Link again yesterday, and the battery was fine, and there wasn’t a lot of wind, and it caught basically all of my shots—just as accurate as the normal phone-in-pocket setup. If that continues, being able to shed the phone will make it a very worthwhile investment.
  12. I got my Link recently, and took it out for the first time for a round yesterday. I had charged it when I first got it, and not since. It prompted me in the Arccos app to update the Link firmware when I turned on the Link, which was on the way to the 1st tee, but that did complete pretty quickly. It was quite windy when I played, and it seemed to have trouble picking up shots early on, but improved as things went on during the first half of the round. Then it shut off after my tee shot on the 9th hole, I believe because the battery was dead, and I assume that's because I hadn't charged it rece
  13. I'm definitely starting to get more comfortable after a round and a half with mine. I've been finding that dispersion is pretty much what I'm used to, and I'm hitting it solidly most of the time. It turns out that judging a club after less than 10 range balls my first time swinging a club in about 2.5 months probably would have been a mistake. One shot that I'm noticing that I can hit with the longer shaft that I've not been able to pull off very often with a shorter club is the high draw. I hit a couple today that were quite long for me, including one that I flushed on a hole that was downwin
  14. I ended up putting the long driver into play today unexpectedly, because something happened with my shorter shaft where the tip came loose in the adapter. I ended up using the long driver on the back 9 today, and I actually hit it pretty well. I choked down on it on most shots just a little, and I pretty much hit it where I was looking. I’m thinking that the proposed 46” limit may be kind of saving me from myself, and if I continue to see decent performance on the course, I might cut it down to that length and give myself the option to choke down or air it out depending on the hole. I thought
  15. I finally got a chance to try the overlength driver at the range today, and it's looking like my instincts were right when I started playing my driver at shorter than standard length. It's a very small sample size of about 8 shots after not hitting a ball in close to 3 months, so I haven't totally written it off yet, but I don't think I hit the center of the face once, and directionally, it was not good. The swingweight felt fine, and the misses were all in the same direction (left), so that does give me something to work with once I've gotten my swing back into some type of groove, but if it
  16. IMO, the Jones is the worst of the Treetops courses. Signature is probably the best. Gaylord isn’t the greatest for restaurants, especially if you want something on the nicer side. Snowbelt brewing is casual, and not bad.
  17. It looks like we're going to be seeing a pretty decent thaw over the next week or so -- I'd think that most of the snow here in the Detroit area will melt by the end of the weekend. I'm sure we're still a ways off from being able to play, but hopefully the groundhog was wrong this year.
  18. It sounds like my hand issue isn't nearly as bad as yours. I'm pretty sure that mine is a fairly benign thing called a carpal boss. I have a little pain sometimes, but it's usually not a big deal, and a couple of advil makes it feel better.
  19. I like it when the snow is all powdery and I can shoot it downwind into my jackass neighbor's driveway
  20. I'd defer to Fujikura to comment on exact numbers, but it looks like I have a very similar setup to you in my driver with the black 6x and a low loft/ low spin head, and I also play the black 7x in my 3 wood. The Blue 9x proved to be a very good fit for me (based purely on performance -- I have not hit it on LM), but I am playing it in a 17 degree driving iron, so I haven't had any issues with over-spinning. In a 20 degree head, the Black 9TX would probably work for you, but if you have the ability to test a Blue 10x, that might allow you to bring down the spin a bit without without flattening
  21. How bad is the snow on the West side of the state? Over here, we'd gotten a couple of snowfalls each week of about an inch or so for the past few weeks that had piled up on top of each other, but we'd avoided any big snowstorms before this week. Now there's probably around a foot on the ground with another 2-3" expected the next few days, but then it looks like high temps will be above freezing for most of next week. No real warm days, though, so it's probably going to be a while before we see grass.
  22. It's part of the Marquette Golf club, and they do have members, but it's basically a public course.
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