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  1. I'm probably going to do it, because one of the big reasons I bought one was to help to monitor my practice, especially because I just started taking lessons with Monte, and I have found that with previous times working with instructors, feedback from a monitor about club path and face to path can be very helpful in understanding how various things I'm working on affect what the club and face are doing coming into impact. Plus, descent angle is a useful metric for club testing and tweaking settings.
  2. I got my Mevo+ and RCT balls yesterday, and as I was connecting it to the FS app, I downloaded and installed a firmware update. I'm assuming that's the one with Fusion tracking and everything. I took no time setting it up or aligning it, as I only had a short window of time to hit a few balls into my garage net, but the numbers I was getting mostly seemed to be pretty reasonable compared to what I've seen on Trackman in the past, and how I was hitting the ball. With the driver, I hit 7 balls, and got estimated spin numbers on 5 of those shots, and the spin seemed possibly a little high, ranging from ~2850-3400 (though I do tend to struggle with too much spin, and I have to wear ear plugs when hitting driver in the garage, which dulls my ability to discern quality of contact, because my G410 LST is ear-damagingly loud in that confined space, and based on the feel in my hands alone, I'm not sure that I hit any of them that great). There were a couple of shots with my 5 iron that looked like they had doubled spin numbers, but other than that, it seems to be reading things pretty accurately. Of all the shots I hit, about 25% of them had estimated spin readings, and it measured actual spin on almost all of the shots I hit with irons, and the ball flight it was showing was consistent with what I would expect to see based on the swings I was making (lots of pulls) Then next time I use it, I'll hopefully have more time, and I will take the time to align it properly and see how it performs then. I'm pretty impressed so far.
  3. If they won't even give you a range, that would annoy me to the point where I'd go elsewhere. It just sends the message that they're going to gouge you as much as possible.
  4. For sure -- it seems like you've got a lot of good insight on how to make the best use of it. Now I just have to figure out if I'm going to pony up another grand to unlock the info that's offered as part of the pro package when that becomes available. A big part of the reason I am getting it is to help with some swing changes I'm trying to make, so it seems like that data would be helpful to track my progress, so I'm leaning toward doing it, but I'll probably hold off until I hear more from other people how reliable the data is.
  5. I did this a couple of times on Trackman as part of lessons I was taking, and it does really help on the course when you know how far all of your wedges go with different types of swings. It gives you confidence when you know your carry distances for each length of swing. Once you have that info, you just need to get an understanding of how the ball will react when it lands with the different lengths of swings, and you can get pretty dialed in with your wedge game.
  6. After looking at the Mevo+ since it was announced, I finally pulled the trigger -- got one off the BST that someone was selling, including a dozen of the RCT balls. I set up a net in my garage this winter, and I'm finding it a bit limited in its usefulness to only be able to feel the strike and see a few feet of ballflight, so I'm going to be glad to see some feedback. I don't know if I'll really use it as a sim much or if I'll just use the range functionality, but I think this will let me get more out of indoor practice in the winter. And it'll hopefully help me to get more out of my outdoor practice once spring hits. Looking forward to getting it set up!
  7. I have one of these on order from Discount Dan's. I had waited for a while to pull the trigger on one of these PLMs, and settled on the R10 because of the club data it is supposed to be able to provide. I set up a net in my garage this winter to try to get myself to work on my swing regularly, as I'm planning to start working on some changes, and after a couple of times hitting balls into it, I'm really hoping these things start shipping soon, because I find it hard to get much out of practice without seeing much in the way of ballflight. It's not useless, because have a basic idea of whether I hit it solidly and online, but it would be nice to be getting some more feedback from the PLM.
  8. Boyne Mountain and The Highlands are still under the same ownership. It’s just a rebranding. I’m just guessing, but I’d think part of it is an attempt to eliminate confusion for out-of-state guests, who may not understand that they’re different places, and with Boyne Falls and Boyne City being near the Mountain resort. Based on the little I’ve seen about their plans to upgrade various parts of the resort at the Highlands, I think they’re really going to be moving toward a more upscale experience there, about which I have mixed feelings. On one hand, I like nice places and I’m willing to pay for a nice experience (within reason), and the dining options at the resort currently are pretty subpar (though Petoskey is nearby and has lots of good options), but on the other hand, the Highlands have always had a laid-back and unpretentious vibe, and one of my favorite things to do there is hang out on the patio at the Slopeside Lounge and play the lawn games or the putting course with a beer in hand, followed by some d’mores at the fire pit. There’s a lot of low-key up-north kind of stuff going on up there, and I hope it doesn’t lose that and become just another soulless place for rich people. I don’t know for sure that’s what they’re going for, but if it is, I think that would be a mistake. There’s a lot of old money up in Harbor Springs, but it’s a big resort, and they’re not going to fill it unless they cater to a variety of groups.
  9. Depending on how many beers I had the previous weekend, it's either a 4 iron or a 5 wood. I'm 6'0", fluctuating between 215-225 lbs, but trying to bring that down by 20 or so over the winter.
  10. It wouldn't surprise me if that was the case at Meadowbrook. As I understand it, the membership is full, and the Am basically shuts the course down to members for a full week right at the beginning of summer, so that could have been the reason. I'm a little surprised they would back out, though, since I know they are able to set up reciprocal stuff at other clubs for members to be able to have an alternative. They did that for the year or more when the course was closed for renovation, so a week doesn't seem like it would be the end of the world.
  11. The GAM sent out qualifying sites for the Michigan Am today. They're having it at Hawk Hollow this year from June 27-July 1 -- I believe it was supposed to be at Meadowbrook, but the club backed out. 111th Michigan Amateur Qualifier Dates and Sites May 2: Gowanie GC (Mt. Clemens) May 12: Salem Hills GC (Northville) May 19: Fieldstone GC (Auburn Hills) May 24: Washtenaw GC (Ypsilanti) May 26: Bedford Valley GC (Battle Creek) May 28: Forest Akers GC - West (Lansing) May 31: Edgewood CC (Commerce Twp.) June 3: Twin Lakes G&SC – Estates/Links (Oakland) June 4: Greywalls (Marquette) June 6: Clio CC (Clio) June 8: Kaufman GC (Wyoming) June 8: The Highlands at Harbor Springs – Moor (Harbor Springs) Formerly known as Boyne Highlands I see that they also have the sites posted for the GAM Championship, but not all the dates: 101st GAM Championship - Location: Plum Hollow CC Date: Aug. 8-9 Qualifiers: Forest Lake CC July 5 Salem Hills GC July 14 Forest Akers GC – West July 15 Atlas Valley GC July 21 Michaywe Pines TBD Polo Fields G&CC TBD Sunnybrook CC July 26
  12. 1. I walk probably about 60% of the time. During the summer, I play once or twice a week in the early morning and I walk all of those rounds, and when possible, I walk when playing on the weekends. The only time I don't is when it is oppressively hot, or when it's not an option due to course policy or when playing in events where everyone rides. 2. Yes, a ClicGear 3.5 3. It seems that not needing to exert the effort to push the cart would make it possible to walk on some of the hotter days when I don't currently walk, so I imagine I would walk more. Thanks for the opportunity!
  13. I played Coyote Preserve earlier this year for the first time in 2-3 years, and it it a pretty tough course. It’s not a place you want to take your 20 handicap buddies if you want to have a fun round. It also wasn’t in great shape, especially the bunkers.
  14. 1. Yes 2. I’m about to embark on a program to improve my swing, and would like to be able to track my progress & how it affects the launch stats and ball flight. 3. No, I don’t currently have a launch monitor.
  15. I played yesterday at Fox Hills. It was pretty squishy, but it was golf in December in Michigan (my first round in over 2 months). I played with a driver, a full set of irons, and one wedge, carrying my bag. That gave me the opportunity to hit driver off the deck twice, which I discovered that I'm pretty good at -- I even managed to pull off a shot where I needed to bend it around some bushes about 20 yards in front of me. It was one time where my ability to hit a 50 yard banana slice was helpful, and it was nice that it was intentional that time. It was fun. I didn't keep score, but I hit it pretty well, other that a few tee shots early on, and made a few putts. It was just nice to be out there on a 55 degree day in mid-December.
  16. I just heard the news tonight, and I’ve been sad ever since. I have owned probably 12-15 of Byron’s putters over the years, and finally had him build me a custom B-17 around this time two years ago. I still use that putter as my gamer, and I’ll never sell it. I also have a 007x with a similar neck and a finish I don’t care about as much for sandy greens. I didn’t talk to Byron directly for my build, so I didn’t know him personally, but you can see the care he put into his flatsticks, and I’ve never heard anyone say a bad word about him, so he was the kind of guy that the world will miss. It’s weird to feel this affected about the loss of someone you don’t even know personally, but in the community of people who appreciate the combination of golf performance and awesome craftsmanship, it sucks to know that he’s not around anymore. RIP
  17. Just saw the news on his Instagram page. I’m super bummed to hear it.
  18. A friend of mine recommended him when I was searching for my last instructor, and I called him a couple of times, and he never returned my calls. I parted ways with a previous teacher because of him frequently cancelling lessons on me (including the last straw, when he didn't show up for one that we had scheduled), so not returning calls when I was trying to schedule a lesson was a red flag to me.
  19. I know this question has been asked in different ways several times, but I'm doing it again anyway. I'm looking for recommendations for a golf instructor that can help me to work out some of the issues in my game that have been making golf not much fun lately. Namely, helping to fix an underlying swing flaw that leads to inconsistent driving (and sometimes ballstriking with my irons). I'm looking for someone who is good at working with lower handicappers, and in the western Detroit suburbs. I live in Canton, and I'd be looking to go no further than a radius like Novi/Ann Arbor/Dearborn. I am also planning to avoid the Kendall Academy, because I've taken lessons from one of the guys there over a few years (though not since COVID started), and I'd feel a little weird going to someone else there. The guy I worked with before isn't a bad teacher, but I don't feel like we've managed to really address the main fault in my swing in a lasting way, so I'm looking to try working with someone else to see if that may help. I'm thinking about reaching out to Jordan Young or one of the other people at Fox Hills, but I'm open to other recommendations. Thanks!
  20. I'm in a similar situation as the OP right now, in that I found myself so frustrated late this season that I didn't want to play anymore. Like, wanted to sell my clubs and quit for good. My handicap is usually around scratch to low single digits, but I had long stretches of bad rounds, and played terribly in most of my competitive rounds during the year. I went through something similar three years ago and I quit for 6 weeks that time, and at this point, I haven't touched a club in about 5 weeks. I have struggled for a lot of the year with my driving, and poor play combined with frustration with slow play led me to not enjoy my time on the course. It's actually beyond not enjoying myself -- the last 5-6 rounds I played were miserable. I wanted to be anywhere but out on the course. Paying a bunch of money to not have fun is just stupid, so I took a break. We're going to have one day of decent weather this week which may be the last reasonable chance we'll have to play before winter sets in for good, and I'm starting to have some desire to play again, so I might do that. Or I might not. I haven't really been missing it that much, but I could see regretting it in a couple of months when it's the dead of winter and I can't play even if I wanted. I really need to figure out how to change my mental approach to a lot of things on the course. I'm impatient, get frustrated/angry easily, and let things snowball when things aren't going well. There's a possibility I might really scale back how much I play and I might stop playing competitively. The times I've taken a break, I wouldn't say that it has magically cleared my head of all the bad thoughts or broken all of my bad swing habits, but when I came back, I was definitely better than I had been before I stepped away. If you're in a bad place with your game, you're not enjoying it, and you can't practice your way out of what you're doing, some time away to reset is definitely something that is worth a shot.
  21. I'll just throw in my two cents for fun: The Loop - thought it was boring, and the greens require too much local knowledge for a course most people will never play enough to get to know that well. Some green complexes really don't work both ways, IMO. Forest Dunes - I love the way it winds through the changing landscape, and seems to blend in well, like there wasn't a ton of dirt moved. The variety of holes provide different challenges, and I feel like the course tests your whole game. About 10 years ago, I would say it had the best public greens around, but when Troon stopped managing it, and the course started getting a lot more play, I feel like the conditions became less immaculate, and the greens don't roll quite as well as they used to. Still upper-tier, but noticeably different. Arcadia - visually, it's the most stunning course in the state. You can't compete with the views. But as the course goes, some hoes get a bit repetitive going up and down the hill. There are definitely some standout holes, and it's very nice, but as a whole, I've always enjoyed Forest Dunes more. I do want to get back there soon to play it again, as it has been a while, and I'd like to play the South (if I decide to end my golf hiatus next year).
  22. The Loop isn't difficult -- it's one of the widest courses you'll ever play. The green complexes are where it gets wonky, and you may end up with a lot of long putts, but it's not somewhere where you'll slog around searching for balls all day. I don't like it, and wouldn't pay what they ask to play it, but difficulty isn't the reason. The original Forest Dunes course is more challenging and you can get into trouble if you're hitting it sideways, but I wouldn't consider it to be one of the more difficult courses in the state by any stretch.
  23. I got to this point about 3 years ago. I quit for 6 weeks, then played a few times late in the year, and spent the winter working on my swing with a teacher, and changed my ball flight from a draw to a fade. I feel like I played better for a while, but I seem to have completely lost whatever I was doing, as I'm back to hitting a draw most of the time, though off the tee, it's kind of random what what ball flight I'll see when I look up. I think the problem is that I've never really dealt with the major underlying fault in my swing, which is that it is too reliant on timing with my hands. I've been playing for 35 years at this point, and I don't know that I'm really ever going to be able to do anything to improve that, and as I get older, I'm sure my timing isn't going to start getting better. Joining a club isn't really an option for me. My wife doesn't really play golf, and we don't have kids, so it would just be for me. There's nothing within 20 minutes of my house other than Meadowbrook (I do okay, but that's out of my price range), and I won't get out enough to somewhere like TPC/Western/Dearborn CC/Polo Fields/Lakelands to make it worthwhile. I probably played about 25-30 rounds at Salem Hills this year at the crack of dawn, where I can walk 18 holes in 2.5 hours, which may have warped my sense of what I can tolerate related to slow play, but it seems like every time I play when I'm not the first one off in the morning, the group in front of us is still on the damn tee when we get to the next hole. I just don't understand why courses allow a few painfully slow groups to screw up the experience for everyone else. I mean, I'm one of the more avid golfers around, and for slow play to be one of the major factors driving me to consider giving up the game, that has to be an indication of how bad it's gotten.
  24. I’m giving serious though to quitting golf. The slow play is driving me insane (just finished 4.5 hours on a Tuesday afternoon), and I’ve been playing like s*** for most of the year. I’ve tried to just enjoy being out there, but I don’t have fun when I play like crap, and I don’t really know how to fix myself. So, paying a bunch of money and taking big chunks of time to not have fun seems pretty stupid. I’m leaving in a couple days to go to L.A. for 2 weeks, and I’ll see if I feel like playing when I get back. If I’m going to continue, I probably need to take some lessons and figure out why my driving has gone to s***, because I can’t keep hitting it off the planet without losing my mind. I either need to figure out how to play better or quit, because it sucks to come off the course mad and/or depressed most of the time, and it’s stupid to put myself through that for something that is supposed to be fun.
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