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  1. I'm pretty sure David tries to keep them right around 350. It sure feels like right around there, but I can't confirm exactly.
  2. Just got this Goodwood G7 about a month ago. Raw Carbon. Designed to patina and it's on its way. Looking really good. Feels fantastic, just couldn't beat out my gamer. Perfect condition, no nicks or marks. Pingman with two wraps. 34", no headcover. Paid $350.00, looking for $310 shipped. SOLD The Vokeys have roughly 6-8 rounds in them. Was an experiment in the 50-54-58 loft make up, not for me. LOVE the finish on them. Grooves are still extremely fresh. All standard loft lie and length. An MultiCompound put on the 50. Stock shafts. Let's say $120 each or $330 for all. Shipped. SOLD
  3. Ohhhh I see! That's perfect. Going to give this a shot. Thanks for the idea!
  4. you don’t happen to have tips on how to sew it in/pics, do you? If it had this spine it’s 100% perfect.
  5. It can! You can just undo the clips on the second strap. Real easy. This is friggin genius. The droop isn't terrible, but this should be a really cool add on.
  6. It does! I noticed that the first one I picked up at the store did not though. It seemed like it had been sitting on the strap for a long time though, like it had bent it back down. It's a nice feature but not critical. And I kinda wonder if I'd like the main strap even more if it didn't have that added structure built in to allow it to stand up. Either way, a tiny detail. I want to like the Hoofer Lite, I've been using a Hoofer to some degree since roughly 2004. But this one is just too damn heavy. It's like 5 lbs. And I really want to stay as minimal as I can. Storage doesn't matter as much to me. Moonlite is really coming in perfect for me.
  7. Man, I just got mine too. I walked with the full 14 and a lightweight hydroflask, 4 balls, range finder, and an umbrella. Holy crap. You're exactly right. It's the best walking experience I've had too. Significantly better than my Hoofer Lite. Felt like 5 pounds lighter. The only thing I might whip up are some home made trestle sticks for the range or other times I might want them.
  8. 983k 9.5 with a Graffalloy Blue X Stiff 45". Drool.
  9. May be interested in the head if anyone else wants the shaft. If the price is right.
  10. Dang, if it was the SIM 2 standard I'd be down right now! I haven't really tried out the SIM 2 Max yet, I'll swing by the bay this week hopefully and see if I like it. You do have my interest.
  11. Haha I would be inclined to agree with you but I really would love two straps and this thing has some serious mold stains that I can't get out. I'm keeping it for sure though!
  12. $OLD LST experiment on my end, great head, just prefer other gamer. Let's say $350 or make an offer for the head. Interested in trades for TSi3 9* head, SIM 2 9* head, or Epic 9* head. Could be convinced to include the tip also, will just need to know. Will come with Pingman leather headcover. Only one tiny scratch on the back of the crown that you can only see in certain angles, not from address. The rest of the white marks are just tee marks. 9.5/10 condition. Thanks!
  13. I just found this old school Ping sunday bag at a yard sale for $10, took it out for 9 on a whim. What the hell. How have I not been doing this before now. It was so damn light and easy. Beats my hoofer or push cart by a mile. I have friends who swear by the pushcart but I think I found my preference. Gonna replace it with a new Moonlite now that I have proof of concept. haha.
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