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  1. Looking for a 5-PW set of Srixon Z785 heads
  2. I did an i210 experiment, lasted about two weeks. Maybe it was just the AWT shafts or whatever they come with but I was hitting it way too high, into the wind was a joke and even with no wind I was always 1/2 club short. But they felt good...
  3. Weird, just looked earlier and that wasn’t coming up
  4. Is the Nikon Pro Stabilized up for an update? The current model is in stores and listed on their site but it’s not really listed on Amazon right now, seems to be what happens when a new version of something is coming out. I tend to buy these things and two weeks later a new one comes out
  5. Pump n dump...he’s bought up every Hawkeye around and reposting them on eBay for 10x
  6. Wouldn’t you need the gap wedge after hitting it 310 all the time
  7. I’ve read enough...can’t test out or try anything out, can’t even play golf right now and should be spending cautiously but I’m stupid enough to blindly order these and give the 8-ball a shake on flex and weight
  8. I’m asking because post impact I can’t seem to throw my arms down range or fully extend them, my left arm is kind of half stuck to my chest.
  9. Tough club to find feedback on against others, seems like Tour Edge people’s previous club was a Tour Edge
  10. Curious for those who have swung both what the opinions were. I like the Tour Edge but couldn't try one that didn't have a Hzrdus Black, which isn't the shaft I'd want. Wasn't crazy about the sound of the Ping but can't argue the results. I'd go with the CBX if the flight could be a touch higher.
  11. Every course in Massachusetts is shut down, basically the whole state is laid off or working from home
  12. Thanks for the input, I grabbed one off eBay 2i w/Ping tour shaft. See how it goes
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