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  1. I was told they made the F6 Baffler for Rickie by adding rails to a Bio Cell+, so same club less headweight if that helps anyone that gets the Baffler too high.
  2. It sounds a little high pitched and I think the sound translates as a harsher feel than others. My previous Cobra feels super soft but I hit it all over hell, can’t argue the results of the Tour Edge. Same swing I have far better results directionally than with my F8+.
  3. Been playing this driver since it came out, saw it’s getting zero attention and figured I’d try and show the difference if anyone is trying to find some info. I prefer everything about this thing over the C721 looks-wise, I feel like performance is close to the same but I just feel better standing over the smaller footprint of the Pro. I don’t know which one is longer, I feel like I’m hitting it to the same general places with both but they have different shafts so I’ll have to swap them around as a test but maybe this will get something started on these. I got the C721 in 9.5 and the Pro in 10.5 and the Pro shot height is lower but turned out to be perfect for me. This isn’t much of a review, just trying to share the pictures I wish I could have seen before ordering.
  4. I’ve been playing the driver for a couple weeks, harsher feel than the 721 or exs pro I had. Could just be the way the AV White feels, I had never hit one. Driver looks incredible, performance is great.
  5. They said they would have to start with an M but it wouldn’t be exact but they’ve gotten so many requests they are discussing bringing the V back. So far best bet to me looks like Cleveland Mid bounce, maybe Bettinardi RJ grind, Taylormade TW grind, Edel and Fourteen look like they have something similar but can’t see in person.
  6. So I got the driver…it’s sick…it’s the perfect shape, matte finish is a huge improvement, sets up behind the ball with the deeper face way better. This shouldn’t be a limited run. I know this is a 3w thread but they figured this line out with this release
  7. I had low expectations of it coming out on time given the delays the rest of the world has, Also I was thinking with only 1000 available wouldn’t they just be gone in a day between preorders and shipments to stores and testers Actually got a notification today
  8. Did anyone get a ship notification yet? I ordered the driver not like I need it
  9. Tour Edge EXS Pro 10.5 HZRDUS RDX Smoke Black 6.5 60g MCC Midsize grip Crown and topline are perfect, reflections in the pic aren’t doing any favors Sold for $210…hate when people delete prices
  10. My opinion is probably wrong but I don’t feel like swing speed always determines flex. It’s whatever feels right to you. I have a slow transition and get the best results with an X. We get so wrapped up in something a touch stiffer or 10 grams in either direction…I think it’s a little psychological. Then there’s no industry standard for flex so it’s all guesswork as to what is best. People say go get fitted and try everything, but after a few swings you can pretty much find a tempo to make anything work. I feel like a true fitting should be unlabeled shafts, no results on screen and go off feel then match up what produced the best numbers. I feel like if you can swing a sledge hammer you possess the power to swing the heaviest and stiffest golf shaft if you choose to play it. That would be a dumb way to choose your equipment but just zoom out a little and look and what we obsess over with equipment specs vs other things we maneuver around throughout the day. I think where graphite is going makes so much sense for those that just can’t find what feels right, MMT 105X is something I don’t recall existing before, like a light X. That seems perfect if you’re not feeling it anymore with your current setup.
  11. I would say bounce has nothing to do with skill level, just how you hit it or what method you use. Ball position, AOA
  12. I did and got the same result, trying a different setting next time I go out. I don’t get how the Pro head was giving so much more consistency
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