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  1. I wore the Masters bucket hat during my visit there in 2019. Everything’s clean, of course! Peter Millar Masters Polo $SOLD Peter Millar Crown Old Macdonald Vest $Sold Peter Millar Bandon Trails Polo $Sold Under Armour Sheep Ranch Quarter Zip $Sold Masters bucket hat (size L) - includes a normal ball cap that I never wore $60.00 shipped CONUS
  2. Very clean, great set of TaylorMade P770 irons - 8 iron has the most “use”. KBS C-Taper Lite Stiff, GolfPride NDMCC +4 $650.00 shipped CONUS TaylorMade 50°, 54° 2021 MG Hi-Toe with the rust face. KBS C-Taper Lite Stiff, Lamkin TaylorMade Genesis grips TaylorMade 58° 2020 MG Hi-Toe. KBS C-Taper Lite Stiff, GolfPride NDMCC +4 $175.00 shipped CONUS Vessel Player 14 way golf bag. Used for 5 rounds, went back to my SL2. Includes Vessel headcovers! $250.00 shipped CONUS Take it all for $1,000.00 shipped!
  3. If I hadn’t ordered one from evnroll this would be mine. Damn!
  4. Yes they do - and they are appropriately sized in the toe box.
  5. Apologies - retrying this post: I'm selling a bunch of stuff that I don't need but bought to experiment with. Turns out, none of it helps, and my game is trash. All prices are as posted, and are more than reasonable. This stuff is mint as the pictures represent. Any questions, please let me know. I don't really have any needs at this moment except for lessons. Ping i210 4-U Standard Lofts, Black Dot; Heads Sold KBS C Taper Lite Stiff (110g), 4-U (4 iron measures 37.5", plays 38.25") Sold KBS TD 60 Category 3 (s) Limited (43", plays 45") $275.00 shipped CONUS KBS TD 70 Category 3 (s) w/ TM tip (41", plays 43") $150.00 shipped CONUS Graphite Design AD-DI 7s (44.5" w/ TM tip) $150.00 shipped CONUS Graphite Design AD-DI 7s (41" w/ Titleist tip) $150.00 shipped CONUS Breakthrough Technology Stability Tour (31.5", played 34" in TM Spider) SOLD G/Fore MG4+ Grey, Sz 11 - worn 4 rounds, 2 practice sessions Sold
  6. Pics say it all. Getting rid of gear to make room for more gear All prices are shipped CONUS only. Graphite Design AD-IZ 6S driver shaft w Ping adapter. $Sold Ping G400 14.5° 3 wood, Graphite Design AD-DI 7S. $Sold Evnroll ER2 34”, SuperStroke Flatso 1.0 grip. $Sold PXG Closer (extra weights), SuperStroke Claw grip, 34.5”. $Sold Ping Sigma2 Tyne SuperStroke grip, adjustable. Keeping Srixon Zu85 #3 20°, KBS Prototype hybrid 85S. keeping
  7. Decided to keep the wedges. I may throw them back into the bag soon enough.
  8. Selling an assortment of great gear First, Ping G400 LST 10° with adapter. Good condition, very playable! Just not for me. Asking: Sold Near MINT TaylorMade wedges! MG2 50°, 54°, both with some rust on the face as designed. Hi-Toe 58°. These wedges have been games about 25 times, and they all had the paintfill removed. Asking: 75.00$ per head, or 200.00$ for the set - with a sleeve of 2020 TP5X Yellow, Shipped Next, a PXG 0311X forged driving iron, 19°, Gen 1. In absolute mint condition. Asking: Sold And finally, a random pair of great Maui Jim Pohaku sunglasses. No scratches, Polarized, matte brown magnesium frame. Asking: Sold If you buy more than 1 item, I’ll throw in 2 sleeves of TaylorMade TP5X yellow!!!
  9. If you’re looking for an unbelievably clean set of irons, this is it! z785 4-P (standard L, L, L) Nippon Modus3 Tour 105 Stiff GolfPride MCC Align Yes, I took the paintfill out. They look clean! Minimal bag chatter, wonderful condition. $450.00 Shipped CONUS ONLY
  10. Had a laser range finder for 7 years. Moved to Garmin Approach G80 for two reasons. (9.9 handicap) My biggest weakness is course management. Visually seeing (even if it's within 3-5 yards) where best to land my tee shot with a reasonable margin for error is extremely valuable to me.Firing at pins (which is all I used my laser range finder for) often went against my newly adopted philosophy on course management.There are several different approaches based on associated skill levels, but for ME and MY game, this is the area I feel will drastically improve my score, course management, patience, iron play, and enjoyment of the game. Play well, be safe!
  11. all shipped CONUS ONLY. the only thing I need or want is TP5x golf balls, I noticed they now are available in yellow;) Take what’s left for 100$! Masters brand pullover, medium 50$ Travis Mathew Level Up, slim fit size 32/32 75$
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