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  1. I'll post a new one later. Gone for now. Thanks!
  2. [quote name='PinHunter' timestamp='1305728253' post='3243842'] [quote name='anth' timestamp='1305677655' post='3242727'] How low profile is the face? I like a bit of depth to the face of a 3 or 4 wood, so it's more forgiving off the tee [/quote] It is very low profile...but very forgiving....if you are looking for a 3/4/5W with some depth to the face, this is not your club, but, it is such a great club that it would be a shame to not give it a swing... [/quote] I agree, the face is very shallow. I'm coming off of the G2, so it's taking me awhile to make the adjustment. On the shots where I put a good swing on it, I end up with a better ball flight, slightly more distance, and less dispersion. So overall, I'm happy with it.
  3. How about some insight on the big sticks? As a lefty, I love seeing that stuff... Love those callys - nice choice!
  4. [quote name='502 to Right' timestamp='1305665020' post='3242165'] [quote name='irwinfletcher77' timestamp='1305664056' post='3242126'] Need some help finding someone to beach my squareback for me. Do you guys have any recommendations on who I could go with. [/quote] Tom Slighter. Work is top notch. I have used him many time. [/quote] +1. Tom did some great work for me on a Studio 1. [url="http://www.slightergolf.com/index.php"]http://www.slightergolf.com/index.php[/url]
  5. [quote name='chamgel2' timestamp='1305375015' post='3232926'] [quote name='Bob57' timestamp='1305296806' post='3230553'] [quote name='TheKid4333' timestamp='1305288292' post='3230261'] G20 i20 everything coming out in July [/quote] That would be a radical departure from tradition. It certainly would make more sense as it could get them potentially more sales during the remainder of the golf season instead of their usual end of the season introduction. Would give them at least three months more sales time than the old hard to understand fall time frame. Amazing they would still have the i20 line as the i15 driver was a sales failure to say the least. Of course they still are maintaining the S iron line and other than the wedges those are kind of duds (in spite of their pro success) in the sales volume department as well. I was surprised to find out the other day speaking to several retailers they have sold more of the overpriced Anser irons than they have S56s... [/quote] That is surprising as I have seen numerous bags here with s56s, and not one with the Anser irons. Having played the s57s, and now the s56s, I hope Ping never goes away from the S line. The s56s are the best irons I have ever played. [/quote] Good to hear.. playing the S57s now, and only would move to the S56s if I thought they were any better..
  6. Great clubs man! Question - the Iliac headcovers; do they have any lining to them or they just solid leather? Thanks!
  7. I went with Oakley Fuel Cells, in Matte Black finish. I have somewhat of a square face, so these work. I don't see the sides or frames during my swing, and no light seeps in through the sides. I started out with the same model only in the turquoise brown finish. The drawback to those is, light would penetrate the frame itself, and would just jack up my vision (real or perceived) so I switched the colors. Since I rarely wear a hat, these were perfect.
  8. This thread is sure to piss people off Some shirts aren't meant to be tucked in. For example, some of the new UA shirts sit just below the waist, which I love. A straight hem keeps it looking like it's supposed to be that way. Ian Poulter's shirts are basically the same design. I'll tuck most others in, though... I think it looks cleaner.
  9. I wore jeans when I first started at local munis, but wouldn't even consider it today. To each his own though, as long as the posted rules are followed.
  10. For those lefties out there looking for some feedback on Pirettis... I justq bought the CWII, and can't say enough how beautiful it is. A forward press is almost automatic, stays online and true, and its remarkably easy to "finish the swing", and let the toe come through. If you're in the market for an anser style putter, you have to give this a shot.
  11. Great thread, great work. Very impressive labor of love.
  12. I noticed he's wearing all brown True's. Anyone have insight on when these will hit the larger market? I can't find them.
  13. Does anyone know whether or not these Cell Fusion's are "swing specific"? I'm a lefty, and I think at one point, Pumas were designed for a right-handed swing.. something about weight shifting, and the cleats pointing in that direction. Thanks!
  14. It would be hard to take my current Rossa out of the bag, but I'd do it for this! Thanks for the opportunity!
  15. 122/1250 signed and numbered offset lithograph - A MUST!This is a rare, Douglas B. London original of the great Ben Hogan. 125 / 1,250 signed offset lithograph. Complete with Certificate of Authenticity, this picture is perfect for any golf collection!! Custom framed, matted. I'll throw in a couple extras - the famed shot at the US Open, and a smaller collection... Price: $650 Shipped w. insurance to CONUS (my friends to the north, please email me for a quote on shipping).
  16. Bought these on the Bay - Don't care for em.. Take em off my HandsI bought these shoes new on eBay for $75 new. I haven't worn them, tried them on on carpet only, and they're still in the packaging. They're yours shipped for $50 USD CONUS only. side note: I'm traveling on Tuesday Oct 13 mid-day, and won't be back until Oct 23. Get these before I go! ebay ID: robnolan75 (124) 100% email me: [email protected]
  17. Driver looks sick! Why are you getting rid of it? Also - Does that say 80grams on the shaft?
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