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  1. I have a G2 8.5 with a UST Proforce V2 Stiff installed, and new Winn Xi7 Grip - interested in that for the Hyper X? email = [email protected]
  2. Posted on eBay - [url="http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=150367213687&ssPageName=ADME:L:LCA:US:1123"]http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...E:L:LCA:US:1123[/url]
  3. Firehead36 Has first dibs on the Eccos - payment pending... Come on folks - take these headcovers!
  4. Add me please! And I'm sure these will be Left-handed, right?
  5. The scratch 60 is not for sale. Sorry for the confusion!
  6. Hey everyone! I posted the pics in the flickr link. Please go there for more on the items. Sorry for not clarifying, but the Oz is a #2. Sorry for the grainyness, if they totally suck, let me know I'll take it over and email, since I think I hit my limit on Golfwrx. The Wedges are sold pending payment. THanks!
  7. Diggin the channel backs. Those Solus wedges look great! I'm playing the Tour 7.1s, and, I know I'll get hammered for saying this, but it's the best wedge I've played. Maybe it's the weight / finish / grind, but they're just straight solid. Solid setup - hit em well!
  8. NICE Irons! By chance where did you get those Nike Blades bead-blasted?
  9. ^bump^ I'd love to see some pics on those MP33s. Thanks!
  10. MP irons (62s included) conform to the new rule. From their site: http://www.mizunousa.com/equipment.nsf/cat...f&cat=irons * All Mizuno irons conform to all current USGA groove rulings, as well as the "Condition of Competition" Ruling taking effect on January 1, 2010, which applies only to competitive play.
  11. Played 27 holes in the Tour 360 3.0's. Experienced the exact same thing on both heels, even though they were 1/2 size bigger. Not to mention they pick up every single leaf on the course. Dumped them on FleaBay. Going to try out some Eccos.
  12. Getting Rid of some stuff!Hey folks! Selling the following: Titleist 54 and 60 degree Spin Milled Raw wedges. 8.5/10. The 54 has a Rifle Spinner 6.0 shaft, and the 60 has a TT Wedge flex shaft, although I'm going to throw in a NEW Spinner 6.0 (as shown in the pics)! $55 each, $100 for the set shipped CONUS. +$10 to CAN Next up, Scratch 60 degree wedge with KB Tour wedge shaft (no label). 9/10. I just bought this off of here by a fellow-Golfwrx'er, but its too much club for me. Its DS. SOLD $60 shipped CONUS. +$10 to CAN A Nike Oz2 putter, 33 1/2 inch shaft with a new Tiger Shark mid-size
  13. Anyone know of a reputable dealer? I remember at one point you could order a set online. Seems that's no longer the case. I'm a lefty, and am currently gaming the MP30s (which are great, when I hit them right). I had the KZG blades, which I swear were easier to hit than these Mizzy's... maybe I'm just getting worse. Either way - the new CBIIM's look sweet, and wouldn't mind getting a set, so if anyone can point me to an online dealer (if they still exist), I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks!
  14. Thanks for the responses! Good point about being concerned about what the pro's do. I think I made that same argument earlier... I should listen to my own advice!
  15. Does anyone know whether or not the "modified U grooves" on the Mizuno MP52's are going to be part of the "banned from competition" list? I'd like to play in some tournaments next year, and love the way these feel. I would certainly hate to get these only to be told they're not acceptable. Thanks! http://www.mizunousa.com/equipment.nsf/0/B...f&cat=irons
  16. The best player in the world uses a pitching wedge, 56 and a 60. I've seen more and more pro's go with a PW, 54, 60 setup as well, which was my former setup. I'm playing MP30s, where the PW is 47 degrees. I recently went to a 4 wedge setup with Solus 7.1 Tours. So I have the Mizzy PW, Solus 51, 56 and 60. the interesting thing is, I don't have to adjust my stance as much, or play too much with opening the face (excluding bunker shots, of course), I can just stand over the shot, and hit my yardage. I look at it this way; I know my distances for all of my clubs 4-P, and I don't vary them mo
  17. I'm just like every other hacker out there with a dream. A dream to hit pure shots once in awhile. Being left-handed, finding anything that resembles a tour quality wedge (or iron, in some cases) is downright impossible. That being said, Phil's short game, made possible somewhat by the wedges he carries, is the envy of anyone who plays golf. I'd love to have those same weapons to produce my own bit of magic, even if it never makes the telly. I could certainly never afford this type of luxury, but it would mean the world to try! Thank you GolfWRX and Mr. Cleveland for making this possible!
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