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  1. Thanks for the responses! Good point about being concerned about what the pro's do. I think I made that same argument earlier... I should listen to my own advice!
  2. Does anyone know whether or not the "modified U grooves" on the Mizuno MP52's are going to be part of the "banned from competition" list? I'd like to play in some tournaments next year, and love the way these feel. I would certainly hate to get these only to be told they're not acceptable. Thanks! http://www.mizunousa.com/equipment.nsf/0/B...f&cat=irons
  3. The best player in the world uses a pitching wedge, 56 and a 60. I've seen more and more pro's go with a PW, 54, 60 setup as well, which was my former setup. I'm playing MP30s, where the PW is 47 degrees. I recently went to a 4 wedge setup with Solus 7.1 Tours. So I have the Mizzy PW, Solus 51, 56 and 60. the interesting thing is, I don't have to adjust my stance as much, or play too much with opening the face (excluding bunker shots, of course), I can just stand over the shot, and hit my yardage. I look at it this way; I know my distances for all of my clubs 4-P, and I don't vary them more than -/+5yds. I want that same consistency with my wedges. It's a blast to do those open-faced shots, but if you're like me (two toddlers at home), and your time on the range is limited, you may consider that setup. Hope that helps, and good luck!
  4. I'm just like every other hacker out there with a dream. A dream to hit pure shots once in awhile. Being left-handed, finding anything that resembles a tour quality wedge (or iron, in some cases) is downright impossible. That being said, Phil's short game, made possible somewhat by the wedges he carries, is the envy of anyone who plays golf. I'd love to have those same weapons to produce my own bit of magic, even if it never makes the telly. I could certainly never afford this type of luxury, but it would mean the world to try! Thank you GolfWRX and Mr. Cleveland for making this possible! Good Luck Everyone!
  5. Sure! PM me your mailing address, and I'll reply with mine. Thanks!
  6. Ok - nothing is pending anymore .. all is for sale
  7. All PMs responded to. I "can" ship to Canada, but buyer would have to pay actual shipping costs.
  8. Any interest in a TM Burner Rescue 19 degree with a ReAX stiff shaft for that putter? In great shape... I'll throw in some cash to even it out as well...
  9. Love it. I just bought a Zing 2, hoping to do something similar. I'll be sure to post it. Great work!
  10. Interested in trading for Mizuno headcovers? http://www.tourspecgolf.com/proshop/p1963/...oduct_info.html All of them are Black / Silver I have the driver, fairway wood (with all the tags), and the mallet.
  11. Any mallet headcovers with the Leprechaun? And will it fit a Left Handed heel-shafted club?
  12. Irons and wedges are gone - these putters need a home!
  13. My camera sucks, but I'll try! 1018 carbon - forged! #1 forged wedge on the Nationwide! EGG is what the grind is similar to The flexes on the wedges are Spinners 6.0 The bouce really depends on if you open or square the face. The grind is really versatile. I play in Texas, so the fairways are tight. In the short time that I played them, I had little problem getting them off the turf and near the hole.
  14. Hey Scotty - great irons.. Any chance you have mallet head covers?
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