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  1. Hey Scotty - great irons.. Any chance you have mallet head covers?
  2. Sent PM on these beautiful irons. Paypal is geared for payment. Thanks!
  3. Is the 48 still available? Any pics? I 'd like to see the top view... Thanks!
  4. I like the B, wish they did a better job to accomodate us Lefties though!! I'm guessing Willy Mac only because everyone else guessed CH3. BRING TOURSTAGE TO THE US!!!!
  5. What's up with the Cameron? Is that for sale as well? Any specs/price?
  6. Great work! Any word on us whether they'll come out with a set for us Left-Out Lefties? Thanks again!
  7. I'll offer you 650 for the Tourstage irons. We can use PayPal to complete the transaction. [email protected] eBay ID: robnolan75
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