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  1. I have a few I miss most notably the original pro v1. That was a fun time in the game. The Titleist 975D, 975J and 983K drivers and "seaming" the Pro v1 ball. After El's win in Hawaii with massive distances off the tee using the driver ball combo and then the reveal of seaming the pro v it was like a Titleist conspiracy theory across the game. The Callaway Rule 35 was a cool ball and I enjoyed the Taylormade Lethal as well.
  2. Prayers and condolences go out to the family. Every interaction with Deerslayer was a positive one. Great WRXer and obviously as all can see from the responses to the news of his passing a better man! RIP
  3. The Maxfli Tour is my current favorite ball. I would put it in the premium ball category. With somewhat limited exposure to this ball 10-12 rounds, having put it into play later last year and limited play this year as a result of current conditions, it immediately grabbed my attention. The Maxfli Tour provides very good distance, it is as long as any premium ball out there, it has very good feel, plenty of spin around the greens, and I found it to be straight off the driver. My initial purchase was 2 dozen for $50.00 making it a bargain in the premium ball category. I am very excited to ge
  4. My entire bag is getting long in the tooth. That's not unusual irons always take me a long time to replace, however in the past drivers have had a short shelf life in my bag, but that has not been the case recently. Driver: Callaway Epic This driver has been a total fluke. I had no intention of buying but it did well during a fitting for a Ping G400LST so I purchased both. The Ping was the bag staple until last fall, however the more I tinkered with the Epic the better it got and I am now driving the ball better than I ever have, so to keep the success flowing I have refused to test or hit an
  5. My Daughter carried that bag a good part of last summer without issue and she isn't kind to her equipment. Its a bargain at 59.00 you cant go wrong.
  6. This it is a Tour inspired bag and the Ping Tour Bags are white with black scripts. I think this is it for available Colorways. I think it looks great!
  7. I believe the prior generations of these bags did not include the strap in the weight listed, however if what I am being told is correct the 2020 weights include the straps in the weight listed.
  8. I love my push cart, I wish I had more opportunity to use it. Colorado courses are long with frequent elevation changes so most often it's a requirement to ride. I don't mind carrying either, I use a Ping Hoofer (2018) it's a great carry bag, however I find walking with a push cart very relaxing, I have been using it more with my daughter as we are beginning to play more of the courses she will see in high school and these courses tend to be more walker friendly.
  9. I always seem to end right back at Ping Hoofer whenever I decide to try something different. I know may complain about club tangle with the Ping bags, however when you understand how the bag is meant to function club tangle is really no issue. Its as simple as standing next to the bag tilting it up and removing or replacing a club. That method has essentially eliminated club tangle for me going all the way bag to the Hoofer 2. The set up of the Hoofer just works for me and it is as good on a cart as any carry/stand bag I have used. I would also give thumbs up to the Jones Utility bags I liked
  10. I am a big fan of TM clothing, however I will need to wait for some reviews on these. It is a high price point in my opinion, when proven shoes from other makers are priced similar or less. I am not doubting the quality or comfort I am betting that it is there, but for me I would like to get some feedback before jumping all in on them.
  11. Don't skip on the 58's too soon. These are great irons. The 58s offer tons of forgiveness and are very workable. The 58s will give up some distance to modern designs of mishits but I found that they hold their line very well. I am playing around with a set of 55s right now I picked up on the cheap and they are near mint. I found the feel of the 55s to be the best I have ever experienced in a ping iron. I did lose some forgiveness over the 58s and my current ie1, but I feel these I could easily game the 55s forever. The Modus shaft in the 55s is a perfect fit for this iron in my opinion. I gam
  12. Absolutely, the cedar shoe trees help with drying out the shoe and keeping the leather from creasing.
  13. > @ewe8523 said: > Any experience with the Hoofer Lite on a push cart? I’d obviously be carrying it primarily but want to be able to throw it on the pushcart too if needed. Caddytek specifically. My daughter has a white hoofer 4 ladies model, the only difference from what I understand is the scripts. It is similar to the Hoofer lite and she rolls it on a Caddytek cart with no issues. I will try to remember to post a pic next time we are out, but snow on the ground now.
  14. Really it's about the perceived value. The K-Sig 4 piece and even the 3 piece have performed well for me (Prior Generation 4 piece). My perception is the the performance is equal to major brands at a affordable price, so the perceived value is there for me. Others may consider the performance sub-par to major brands so the perception is the performance does not warrant buying at the low price point or the perceived value is not there.
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