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  1. I am a 9hcp who struggles with the driver, irons and short game are good when i am in play. I have been fighting a snap hook and my latest driver was an experiment to try and gain more control. It was a 9015d 9.5 and i bought a V2 96g x flex and cut it to 44.5. When struck this thing is like a cannon but is very unforgiving and launches lower than desired. I decided to get fitted by Mizuno in Wales on a trackman to see some numbers. SS - 108-112 Ball Speed - 158-164 Smash - 1.45-1.5 LA - 8-9 Spin - 1600-2000 Carry - 260-270 First off tried the MP630 10.5 with the Fubuki X and didnt enjo
  2. I play to a 9 hcap and have used MP-60s with S300 for the past three years. Recently got fitted for shafts by Mizuno and have now moved to the MX-300 with a KBS X shaft. The first two rounds with the new sticks were 78 76, noticeably more forgiving on every iron shot. They just wanted to go straight and high although could still work the ball high and low.. Maybe the shaft change helped as well. I had been toying with the same dilema and am delighted I took the plunge. As much as I loved the MP-60s they are now owned by someone else and cant see the MX300 going anywhere in the near future
  3. I have these lying around and need the cash. Sorry No Trades 1. Titleist 909 D2 8.5 degree with stiff Diamana Whiteboard 73x5ct. Headcover in excellent condition with a red GP NDMC. I bought this off a Pro when it was a week oldabout 9 months ago, with the whiteboard installed from Titleist. The club plays at 45". The head shows normal wear on the face and sole but the crown is perfect. Has bee well looked after and in very good condition in general. Looking for £160 OBO Shipped to the UK. 2. Scotty Cameron Fastback 1 33 inch, 20gram weights and Red Iomic. Studio Selec
  4. I would love to game these as my 60's have been gamed for about three years and could use an update!
  5. The Scratch 53 has been sold. any offers considered on the 58 and idea pro.
  6. The grinds are the standard digger driver grinds for the 1018 wedges. I am pretty sure the grinds are 53 - SND and the 58 is a SFU. Both have 14 degrees bounce with little trailing edge relief and the SFU has aggressive heel and toe relief. There is more info on their website if needed.
  7. First up is a pair of Scratch 1018 Wedges. They are 53 and 58 degrees and have the digger driver grinds and are 2 degrees flat. Both have TT S300 shafts and white sharpro multi compound grips. The wedges have been used for a season but are in good condition and have plenty of life left in them. They would cost £150. I would accept £65 paypalled and posted. Next up is an Adams idea pro 23 degree 4 hybrid. It has a stiff flex matrix ozik altus xcon shaft and comes with a rocket tour pro goldcover. The grip is a white golf pride multi compound. Iam looking for £65 posted and paypa
  8. I need some new wedges and one of these would be great!
  9. I used to game a 600 with a blue board and loved it but it spun a tad to much. These would be perfect!
  10. I think its 47. I just replaced mine with a callaway x forged 48.
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