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  1. Driver and Ping putter sold. Cleveland putter, and titleist irons, still 4-gw, still available.
  2. 4 items for sale, no trades at this time, paypal only, usps priority shipping 1.) Callaway FT Tour driver, 9.5*, right hand, aldila voodoo svs6 stiff shaft, golf pride multicompound white grip, standard length, no headcover, i bought this new, head in plastic a couple years ago, used it for 1 round, it's in perfect condition, SOLD!!!! 2.) Ping Heppler ZB3, adjustable length, stock headcover included, right hand, pingman blacklout grip, wrench included, used for 2 rounds, perfect condition, SOLD!!!!!! 3.) Cleveland Hunting Beach Soft Premier #4, right hand, 35 inches, matching headcover, stock grip, used for 2 rounds, perfect condition $110 shipped 4.) Titleist t100 irons, the first generation, not the ones that just came out, 4 iron through gap wedge(50*), 8 clubs total, right handed, stock length loft and lie angle, golf pride tour velvet 360 white grips, titleist amt white stiff shafts s300, bought them to start this season, used for 18 rounds, well cared for, 6 iron hit a rock, there's a scuff on the soul, light bag chatter, faces are good, see pics $750 shipped
  3. Where is the final round on?
  4. If Lanny Watkins underwent gender reassignment surgery he'd be called Tranny Watkins.
  5. Listening to these fans is really disheartening.
  6. That was everyone I wanted except Na instead of Berger. Na made 1 bogey last week. I think he would've thrived in this event, you can tell the guy has tons of passion and really cares. Plus he would annoy the hell out of his opponents. I'm kind of pissed about this.
  7. Who would you guys pick with captain's picks? I'd go with. Finau Schauffele Spieth English Scheffler Na I would pair Na with DeChambeau.
  8. Off the top of my head, I was playing blades at the time, and my dad asked if he could try to hit one of them. So I said sure why not. So he takes the 3 iron and takes a look at it and says "Wow those are pretty small." He proceeds to try to hit my 3 iron off the tee on a par 4. Only one problem, he misses. He misses what you might ask, he misses everything. Didn't hit the ground, the ball, or the tee. Just air, we both got a good laugh.
  9. Sounds like you know more than me, Brooks seems like a jerk to me.
  10. Not a bad idea, but are you sure players like Brooks more than Bryson, Bryson seems a lot nicer to me,
  11. I have the t100 irons, for me they are fine, i hit them as far as i've hit irons my whole life, 5 iron 190, 7 iron 165, so on and so forth, so no adjustment was needed, i don't feel the need to hit irons further.
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