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  1. I’m considering doing the same with my baby blades. But trying to work things out at the range first... or buy without selling them. Let us know how it goes.
  2. They generally run a half size smaller for me. Some of their shoes run narrow according to their website but Ive tried 4 different types and they were all a great fit half size bigger. For context: I have wide feet. For Adidas and footjoy I buy my normal size but in a wide. Adidas fit just right and footjoy roomy but a good fit as well. Can’t wear nikes as they are too narrow and the few that do come in wide are ugly. gfore’s website advises to buy half size bigger if you’re feet are between sizes.
  3. I booked a time for 4 and expect 1 or 2 of my friends to bail as per usual. I will likely have 1 spot open (in fairness to my friends they have legitimate reasons why they will likely bail and I booked because a spot for 4 was available). message me if you are interested. it is booked for before 8am. don't want it to go to waste.
  4. I wonder if we can do a mini outing for bb owners here in the Los Angeles area. How many do we got!?!
  5. Put the 2 and 3 irons in play. May have to switch out the shaft on the 2. Flight is a bit high.
  6. this is disappointing news. I was hoping to one day replace my bbs with new bbs once I wore them out. thank goodness I bought the 2 and 3 irons recently.
  7. I use both weights on horizontal track. Tried the front and I didn’t think it helped much. Going to fiddle around this Sunday at the range and try again (My swing was pretty jacked up until recently)
  8. Love the thread. Had to change grips recently and went to the No1 grips. Broke 80 for first time in a while. Now for my question: should I buy the 2 and 3 irons? I have a 790 udi 2 iron. Maybe just buy the 3 iron?
  9. I’m surprised no one pointed out the shafts. Try the oban white. What are your spin numbers for the driver? I had this same issue and switched out shafts, from the 661 to D+70. Tested the Rome veylix and oban white and ad tp. I use an ad di 7s for my 3w.
  10. Another vote for tifosi and Asian fit Oakley’s. The Asian fit is for wide faces/heads and lack of nose bridge. There are smaller nose pieces though so you could change them.
  11. Adidas run narrow. But their wide had plenty of room. Another vote for those or eccos which, as others have noted, are wide in their regular sizes. Nike’s are even more narrow than Adidas. I’ve had to go a half size up and go wide for nikes to fit. Shame too since they usually make the nicest looking shoes but offer the least # of selections in wide.
  12. I always missed out on ones I wanted on the forums here. Ended up going the eBay route and paid close to 450. And it still 34 and not the 33 I really wanted. GL.
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