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  1. Royal Dornoch or Muirfield. Although Gullane and Kingsbarns are pretty special too.
  2. Thankfully the BBC have no commercials.
  3. Hopefully the wind will still be blowing strong enough to keep it interesting. I think I will pick a nice spot with a bit of shelter and watch the groups come through. Some beer, good sports and hopefully a Tiger charge will make for a good last day.
  4. [quote name='mat562' post='2089736' date='Nov 28 2009, 07:28 PM']Lovely. I'm sadly still waiting for mine to wing its way over to Blighty. As for that headcover, I'll paraphrase Worksop-born former England manager Graham Taylor and simply say[i] do I not like that...[/i][/quote] Nice one you turnip.. How much does one of these run too? I would imagine the postage to the UK would be pretty steep?
  5. [quote name='aussiehack' post='2076077' date='Nov 20 2009, 11:02 PM']4. European PGA - [b]terrible courses mostly[/b] and mainly the same 20 players on the leaderboard week in week out[/quote] Haha - good one, almost thought you were serious. Brought a smile to my face this Saturday evening. Love it.
  6. [quote name='mikethedog' post='2089434' date='Nov 28 2009, 03:43 PM']This isn't the first time Tiger has driven into the trees...you guys are acting like it's unusual[/quote] Belter.
  7. [quote name='MtlJeff' post='2077735' date='Nov 22 2009, 01:21 AM']I had no problem with the comments, i knew there'd be a thread about it LOL...I just think that a lot of europeans and other WW players must find it strange that americans in general rarely seem to show any interest in playing elsewhere in the world. It's changed a bit with the tournament in China, and more guys going over there the past few years. But i remember at the BMW championship (the flagship event of the euro tour at the time) a couple of years back there was zero americans playing in it. It would make me wonder why mor
  8. [quote name='Adamsguy' post='2071366' date='Nov 18 2009, 04:08 PM']Walmart has Callaway Warbirds on sale for $9.00 a dozen. A nice price for a decent ball to start with.[/quote] +1 without a doubt.
  9. As above, gave it stars but not logged it for some reason! [url="http://reviews.golfwrx.com/categories/13/products/455?view=user_reviews"]http://reviews.golfwrx.com/categories/13/p...ew=user_reviews[/url]
  10. Bucket hat without a doubt, keeps off the rain and the sun. Ideal.
  11. Been playing for years and never had a really bad experience playing with strangers. I guess it is all about what you make of it. Sometimes I get right into the chat, other times I hardly say 10 words. I expecially enjoy playing with the old boys who have been at the club for 50+ years and tell you all about the history of the place and the old layouts etc. Always very interesting.
  12. [quote name='46thedoctor' post='1574092' date='Mar 23 2009, 08:49 PM']Only OEM so far... but I am considering a Marvin The Martian cover for my driver because I do a nice imatation of his voice and it annoys my brother when I say "Where was the earth shattering Kaboom" after every drive![/quote] For some reason that is the best post I think I have ever read on this board! Any idea where I can get a MArvin headcover? Got a mini statue of him in my downstairs loo!
  13. The tv pictures really do not do the course justice, get down there on a beautiful early spring or late summer morning, it is breathtaking. You really cannot get a feel for the course without stepping on to it and playing, the holes just seem to appear in front of you. Truly awesome.
  14. is watching the Masters being commented on by Peter Alliss. Sheer bliss.
  15. If you ever get the chance, pop over to Jura, the distillery there is amazing and the tours are very informative. The Superstition is their jewel (although the 40 y.o. Jura is a dream too). Birdman, what is it your son does?
  16. Renton Laidlaw is NOT English. And IMO Highland Park is much nicer than Laphroaig, so is Bunnahabhain and Chivas Regal.
  17. He has a Bootiful sense of humour. Good on him.
  18. Ha ha, thats like the Devlin course at St Andrews Bay, we played the Torrance the first day and that is a breeze to walk, the Devlin is a nightmare! We would have got the buggy for a tenner so should have gone for it, next time I will not forget...
  19. I enjoy a cigar, mostly one a day, and especially on the golf course. Favourites at the moment are Montecristo No. 5, Don Julian No 5 and Antonio y Cleopatra Grenadiers. I am so jealous of the Americans here, cigars are hugely cheaper over in the States. My brother in law recently brought me back a box of 50 Anotnio y Cleopatras (which were my Dad's favourites) and they cost 20GBP, here, a box of 5 cost me 15GBP. It is ridiculous the difference in price. Now I have run out of AyC's I only have a couple of Cubans a lad from work brought back from Havana and that is me out again and havin
  20. Usual shoes, socks, trousers and polo shirt, if it is really cold will put a wooly jumper on. If it is raining heavily will put my bucket hat on. I don't really feel the need for a load of clothes when it is cold.
  21. That to me just sounds awful. The above are reasons why I drifted away from golf for so long. I was brought up to believe that golf was a peoples game, not just for those that can afford it. I prefer to play a local muni (I am very lucky to have some amazing munis nearish to me) and am very lucky to play the worlds most famous muni for next to nothing. The flip side of the above is that for people that are interested in more than just the golf, the country club approach is ideal and gives a nice day out for whoever wants that kind of thing. I am glad that there is a wide range of cour
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