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  1. Does he teach at Isleworth now? Saw him there with CHIII and Chris Como not too long ago on GC.
  2. Any know where to get more information on his patterns? Lots of show on Instagram but not much tell.
  3. ICYMI - Monte is doing a live Instagram session this coming Thursday 30th at 5pm PST. Also check his Instagram for a coupon to get the NTC video at a great price.
  4. Was it Adam Young who referenced the long flat-spot/ hands up and left in an article on parametric acceleration on his site a few years ago?
  5. Sounds like the tee was put in front of the ball, leaning back against it. If so, it was more than a casual reminder, and potentially a painful one too. I would apologize for hitting into the group, but also ask they try not to injure people in reply.
  6. Be aware of tension in your chest and shoulders. Learn to control and release it before you swing.
  7. Order just arrived, placed on May 22 but it sat in LA for a week for some reason. Playing later so will try to get some baseline numbers before diving in. Expecting to be around 110 or so, goal will be +10mph.
  8. Thanks, I was curious if any of the associated apps offered more functionality.
  9. Got through 19 pages but didn't see anything yet - is there a way to get club data with the Mevo+?
  10. Congrats Chris, it's been a fascinating journey to follow. One thing though, when you get your Golf Digest instruction pictorial, please talk about grip pressure in relation to holding a Five Guys burger to complete the circle.
  11. Any pre-orders get an email about delivery yet?
  12. There's a difference between 100% speed and 100% effort, and they're not linear. As long as you maintain balance, rhythm, center face contact and stick the finish then it's not too fast. Find that speed, then do it consistently and the numbers will be whatever they are. Edited to add contact quality, the important part.
  13. No go at River's Edge this weekend, they sent an email out saying too much snow. Planned opening now April 1.
  14. I assume the sponsorship would be taxable in the hands of the individual, amateur or not, so any business tax savings would be offset to some extent?
  15. Hitting 8 iron when you can choose other (longer) clubs is strategy; hitting it because it's the longest club you can hit is a compensation, and will limit you.
  16. I went from PXi 6.0 in 714MB to PX LZ 6.0 to T100. Overall I gained some height and spin with no loss of feel. The extra weight is barely noticeable.
  17. @monte Does the strength of the grip affect the direction of the cast? I have a very strong right hand grip (underneath), so for me up/down is really side to side. Thoughts?
  18. Answering my own question - the file can be added to the cart from the website, I was trying to do it from the app.
  19. Were you able to add to the cart? I don't see that option and trying to view I get the same subscription message....
  20. Another to come from the GC / BSG worlds. GC was kinda bland, and I was never going to buy a lime green Ozik, so here I am. Member #521, though my post count is shamefully low.
  21. The U510 doesn't look or sound as good, but launches much easier. My U510 4 goes as far as my 712U 3.
  22. "Keep your body tight, and don't move your legs until the downswing." The father did this, had to be seen to be believed, and thought his son should do it too.
  23. 180yds off the tee, left of the bunkers. 150 layup and wedge in. Make a bunch of 5's and some 4's.
  24. I think people who reference throwing a ball as being natural tend to forget learning how to throw a ball. Watch a kid throw a ball for the first time and tell me if the hips just naturally fire. It's a learned part if the motion, just as it is with the golf swing. Once properly incorporated into the motion we can minimize our time spent thinking about the hips, but plenty of pitchers get sent back to the minors to fix their mechanics.
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