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  1. The forums have a cleaner look than before. I love GolfWRX and appreciate all the content and platform it provides.
  2. I would go with Oglebay personally. I have played the two courses there and liked them very much. I played the lakeview course once and it was decent, but no where as good as either oglebay course in my opinion.
  3. I'm a member at Oak Valley, and I believe they are punching greens in early April. You ought to call, and make sure. Phone number is 336-940-2000. Thank you for looking out. I called and they are punching April 8 and 9 which is the Monday and Tuesday after our trip! Very lucky.
  4. Usually my group goes to Pinehurst in the spring (April), but this year we are going to stay in Winston Salem and play Tanglewood (championship), Oak Valley, and Salem Glen. 3 nights and 3 rounds for a little over $300. This will be our first time playing these courses and I appreciate the feedback I have seen in this thread.
  5. First time seller on here, but a long time Ebayer with 100% feedback. All prices include shipping to CONUS, but please add $5 west of the Mississippi. Feel free to make offers or ask questions and I will respond as soon as possible. Paypal is the only method of payment I accept. Thanks. First up is a used set of Ping GMax irons 5-PW with regular flex graphite shafts, red dot, and standard length. They are in great shape and the face picture is the PW, which has been hit the most. Original ping grips on the clubs, but still have good life left in them. $375 OBO Second up is a used G15 4 hybrid with a regular flex shaft. Standard Specs and will come with original head cover. Club is in great shape. $55 OBO. Next up are a Ping K15 3 wood and 5 wood. Both have been gamed quite a bit and the top lines show some wear, but both clubs are perfectly functional. Both are regular flex and standard length. Original head covers included, but both have seen better days. $70 each OBO. 5 wood is SOLD Ping G SFT driver 44.5 inches with a winn grip. SR Flex Alta Shaft 10 degree head. Club is in great shape. Includes original head cover and tool. SOLD Last, but not least is a Fujikura VC7.1 tour spec X-Stiff 3 wood shaft with titlest tip (played in a 915F). The shaft played at 43 inches when installed in the head. The shaft is in great shape other than the darn graphics have worn off, which i believe is common with this shaft. $75 OBO.
  6. I have no idea how NCR South is ever rated higher than Moraine. Moraine just has so much more character to me than NCR South. As always, Bend of the River GC, thank you for the awesome pics!!!!
  7. What did you think of Mystic Rock? I had a chance to play there on Sunday but opted for Olde Stonewall. I've heard the conditions of Mystic Rock are unsurpassed but the layout is an acquired taste. To be fair, Olde Stonewall wasn't the most traditional design either... I really enjoyed Mystic Rock. I felt the course was very fair and honestly not that far from traditional. I was uncomfortable on a few holes in terms of angles and such, but overall it was a great design. You are correct on the conditioning as the course was in great shape. These pictures are from last year and i know that just this month they opened a second course called Shepherd's Rock. It was being built when we were there and it looked outstanding as well. It is a great resort and i highly recommend it. The food was disappointing though. Thx, Jesse
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