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  1. Any updates on lead time? I'm placing an order now after a new fitting.
  2. I like that idea. Any other suggestions out there? I'll be playing these for a little while as-is, then deciding. Something around 105 weight (maybe even Elevate 105?) sounds pretty good but the fitter showed me my spin was too low for c taper lite stiff in the irons. He said c taper lite is stiffer and lower spin than most stiff shafts to start with, and I needed softer.
  3. Great question. Elevate 95. I'll edit the original post.
  4. Situation: Was playing a set of irons with C Taper Lite Stiff shafts, and ordered a custom set of Vokey wedges to match those irons- same shafts, +1/2" over. These irons and wedges were not really custom fit-- I used Mizuno shaft optimizer and it was wrong for me this time. Just went through a good fitting that told me the C Taper Lite Stiff was wrong for me. It was a good fitting, trackman numbers prove the change and I've ordered irons with TT Elevate 95 R flex hardstepped once. So, what should I do about the wedges? Reshaft probably? But what shaft? Elevate
  5. My father shot his age over a half-dozen times (I lost count) in his mid-70's with Titleist AP1's and with Ping G-series irons. Colin Montgomerie always used Callaway SGI irons. I think a lot of it comes down to your turf interaction. If you can perform well with super-wide soles, then why not?
  6. Just because I hate the haughty "Actually, you're wrong!" types, there's this. https://www.golfdigest.com/story/golf-equipment-sales-surge-july-2020 According to figures from industry research firm Golf Datatech, the numbers from July for the sales of all categories of golf equipment moved into record-setting territory.
  7. I've got about 10 rounds in now and I'm starting to get good data. I have an old Apple Watch Series 2, but I don't like wearing a watch during a round. Brought it out to try once, but it was having trouble starting the round on the watch so I turned it off and put it away in my bag. The iPhone occasionally (once or twice a round) misses a shot. That's not a problem, I can fix it easily. Actually I made a last minute decision to change driver shafts and I forgot to change the sensor over, so I had to manually enter my drives today. It was still not a big hassle. I'm looking f
  8. Went through a TM fitting day at my club and the SIM Max just felt like cheating. I was piping it down the middle every time with the 10.5* with UST Proforce V2 HL5 stiff. It was like I was hitting it down an alley. It was a bit longer than my TS3, probably because it was fit better, but the big part was just that it felt like I didn't have to work so hard to drill one down the middle. It felt like I could get the results easier. So I have it on order. We'll see if it translates from the fitting to the course.
  9. Just lace them under the kilties, and let the kilties flap over the laces. The whole point of the kilties is that it covers your laces so you don't get the laces caught on anything. I used to wear them when I first started playing back in the 80's.
  10. I own two Titleist bags (old Players 4, new Hybrid 5) with the same water bottle pocket design and it's terrible. If you put anything in the lower pocket, it blocks the water bottle pocket. You have to use that pocket for only gloves or something like that. Sun Mountain's design that starts higher on the pocket is better, and Ping's design that is outside of that side pocket is better too. It's one thing I wish they'd change about Titleist bags.
  11. With that logo these look to be a new ICON style, so I wouldn't hold my breath on sub-200. I'm guessing $299.
  12. I've only had them tailored for length. I don't recommend anything else.
  13. Very disappointed in recent Contours, I won't buy more. They are currently my "mud shoe". I suggest you try FJ DryJoy Tour. I've always found them good for my 13 W feet.
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