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  1. Titleist AP3 with graphite. I like the forgiveness, looks, and distance vs the i e1's I was using.
  2. AP3 with Steelfiber i95cw shafts. I’m a devoted graphite shaft user.
  3. If your plan is to get fitted next year, the set you’re getting probably won’t have much trade in value. Might be worth it to spend a little more for a complete set of irons, 5-P or 5-gap wedge, and piece together the rest with the idea of having some value for a trade in when you get fitted.
  4. Here's an outside the box thought. If there are Cally Super Hybrids at the demo day, give one of those a try. I was fitted for one at a demo day and ended up ordering the 19 degree. Those really are an interesting alternative to fairway woods. Actually I ordered a 20 degree that the Cally rep suggested setting at 19 degrees.
  5. Going to go with Mavrik vs EF 3 wood only because it comes in a 4 wood
  6. In response to the original post about drivers from companies that were "game changers", there were two drivers over my many years of golfing that stand out as drivers that made a difference in my golf life, other than the Cleveland Launcher 440, which was my first titanium driver. 1) Adams 9015d -- there is a lengthy thread about this driver buried somewhere in the archives of Golfwrx. This driver was stunningly good looking. It truly was the club that I could hit the ball the furthest with of any driver i'd ever tried. It was forgiving. It was accurate. The feel and sound were the bes
  7. My wife's bag: Callaway Women's: Steelhead 5 wood Big Bertha 5 hybrid Big Bertha 7, 9, P irons Titleist Bullseye putter We played one time last season and she's thinking about playing again sometime.
  8. I've had an old Ping Anser putter in my basement forever. I do not remember where it came from and I do not remember ever using it. The "patina" on the bronze manganese metal was actually almost black and the patent number and address on the back were not even readable, so I "coked" it, then sanded it to get to the shiny metal underneath. It is probably ruined from a resale standpoint, but it is still very functional. I rediscovered how much i like the Anser blade style while using it in my indoor putting area. Because I am on this site, and my propensity to want new golf stuff, it led me
  9. Try a TM TP. I’ve been doing a lot of winter putter testing at my local GG and I have found the TM TP putters to be very firm feeling. My preference is a softer feel so this club really stood out as one I’m not going with but it could be good for firm feel enthusiasts
  10. While your intent is noble, you kind of have to be in a position to not miss out on something that might add 5 yards to your drive or give you an additional 100 rpm’s with your approach. Titleist and Ping make some pretty good stuff nowadays. Got to admit I held the same negative vibe toward Taylormade because of buying the latest model, only to have it rendered obsolete the following week. I’ve become more open minded now and consider everything when looking at clubs, which is all the time.
  11. I’ve always been a fan of Ping. They make great products, not just clubs, and their customer service is top notch. Just sold an extra Scotty and am trying to resist buying either a specific used Vault or a Sigma 2, not because I need it.
  12. Good luck in your quest. Of those listed, the Ping i210 could end up being a good value if the price drops in anticipation of a new model coming out. You might be able to get a new set for a good price. Pings are usually a good choice.
  13. Thank you for the great pics! Very interesting putter but probably a little out of my price range.
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