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  1. I’ve always preferred Titleist hybrids. The TSi2 is their best yet
  2. I’d love to try it out but can’t find any where to demo it.
  3. You definitely need a new driver. Mizuno ST-Z, Tensei Blue, R flex, 10.5. Standard length is 45. Your gonna love your new driver.
  4. A good compromise to a 7-wood for a person who likes hybrids is Cally Super hybrid 20 degree. It actually looks like the old fashioned fairway woods size-wise and gets very good distance relative to other hybrids in this loft range.
  5. I've been living a driver swing nightmare for the last year and a half. I'm sure you have a higher swing speed and better mechanics than I do, but possibly you are pulling out on your finish, which was one of my biggest problems. Take note of your position when you finish your swing. if you are tilted slightly to the left (right handed golfer), this could be it. If you are balanced, or even a slight tilt to the right, you are finishing correctly with a lower probability of catching it low on the face.
  6. Forgiveness and good feel + consistency = Apex DCB. Demoed this club a few days ago and really was impressed. This suggestion would also have mentioned Titleist but that, for some reason is off your list.
  7. Actually it's more like an AA meeting where cocktails and beers are being served.
  8. 1) Cleveland, OH 2) 20.6 3) Evnroll ER2, 33" 4) Studio Stock 28, 33" 5) yes 6) yes
  9. I feel the same way about putters. If I want to scoop up the ball with my putter, I want that option open to me. I won’t consider buying a putter if I can’t use it to pick up the ball.
  10. I’ve owned a lot of different Ping clubs in the past and really liked them. My son is still using my old G20 driver and he loves it. Since then, the woods they’ve come out with just are not my cup of tea. I went so far as to buy a G425 hybrid this season, take it to the range, and find out I really don’t like it. I cleaned it up and thankfully the store where I bought it accepted it as an unused return. All that said, I think the G425 irons are totally legit and would buy them in a minute except for the fact that my AP3 irons are very good. in sum, I like Ping irons, not Ping woods.
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