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  1. Congrats. I just googled the area... is there really that many golf courses in the area? On the map it looked like there was 7-8 courses within a 10 mile radius?
  2. Just googled Heritage Hills, that does look crazy with the elevation changes. Have to figure out how to get that one in the next Wild Horse trip. Looks to be a little over an hour south of Gothenburg?
  3. Nice. I would see if your playing the DUNES 18. Both courses are good but the Dunes is alot better IMHO. The Pines is tougher off the tee and if the wind is blowing you might wish you were playhing the Pines but the real claim to PC is the Dunes coures. *Note the wind is always blowing, just how hard lol The Dunes is a massive course so if your playing the dunes switching up the tees is a great idea. The par 3 course is alot of fun. We carry W/9/8, putter, couple of balls, range finder and BEER . No tees as noted so you just play to what green you want. You can see areas
  4. Nice list. Bayside.... Okay track. front is good, not a fan at the back 9. PC.... great 18's. Dunes is and feels just massive. Interesting you got on. We went in June and I received an email about a month or so ago they were full for the rest of the year. Did you book early? WW...just a great layout and conditions are typically on par with top country clubs. Awarii.... the greens can be crazy, typical Engh setup and some blind shots to greens. Heritage Hills..... never played it but will have to look into it. Have a great trip, let us know how it goes.
  5. So true...! Hole 12 gets me every time if the pin is on the left side of the green, the bunker on the left side is like a black hole for me LOL Can never get up and down! Fantastic track and the conditioning are always stellar. Glad you had good weather.
  6. Nice rounds.... looking at course I assume the 82 was a wind day
  7. Awesome. Glad you got out there, I know we talked about it many times. That was my last round I played until this last Tuesday.... BUT if you have to have one last round and sit out for bit Still cant get how good the greens rolled when we went. Krush have a great time man. Let us know how it is. If I can get a swing back this year I would love to sneak out for a quick weekend play again.
  8. I have not played them but a friend played both recently and said they were nice but he actually said he liked North better? Those are pricey numbers for out state players..............
  9. Thanks Krushh. Going to play first round since end of June today at Aurora Hills. Not sure why they picked AH (?) .... think there is a qualifier or event coming up there?? See how it goes, more so feels. Dancin. Agree 100% the OnCore Elixir is a great ball in the wind. Played them for the first time at Common Ground at the beginning of the season with Ivtrain and McCourtney and had a putting fest with them =). Love the feel on short chips and putting. All around great ball.
  10. Read a article that golf on average across the county is up 35%. Some are as high as 70% increased rounds. Just tells you NO ONE is working
  11. @chainsmoker11 Nice photos.Those look like two great tracks.
  12. Does look impressive visually. Agree , based on the courses in the area the rate seems a bit high. It is nice to see a new course open. Seems like that is fairly rare today. I did notice the OP has this one and only post plus the pictures are all stock from the website. No biggie to me as it is always nice to hear of a new course BUT this is WRX which it members pride themselves on WRX'rs playing the course and posting pictures they take. Could get flamed as a "marketing" post but it does seem like you played it based on your Par 3 comment, most marketing post would not admit y
  13. Been away from the thread/site a bit. Just on and off randomly. Hope everyone is enjoying the weather (heat....) and playing well. I got the email thread from Law / Tim and I would of loved to play but sadly I have not been able to play for near two months. Last rounds were end of June at PC / Wildhorse. The following weekend I did a poker run at Rampart Range and got taken out by a four wheeler. Jacked up my right elbow which was already an issue. Injured it prior racing when younger and the latest issue required micro surgery......also made me realize I need to slow down
  14. It could be the spin is lower on the Black for you. The X had to much spin for me and angle of decent was greater.
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