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  1. Hope everyone got out before the rain today and had a good time. Played the Dunes this morning. Course Conditions: Excellent like always. A spot or two in the fairways but excellent and greens are running so smooth. Greens might be the best I have seen them. I will note this rain has made the Dunes a jungle...!!! Even the starter noted "keep it straight or it will be a long day" and it was for the two I played with. One of them joked he hates rating a course by how many balls he looses but he called the Dunes an 8-10 ball course today. The rough, no
  2. I know some who have went to Jerry for both putting and short game and said he is great. I know they list him as a short game expert on the website.
  3. Still have an opening for Saturday at Dunes if anyone is interested. Granted rain in the forecast but looks like afternoon? So should be done playing before it hits...... I think.
  4. Here is what Bandon sells directly. SR is not available yet it looks like....and yes fairly expensive. https://bandondunesgolfshop.com/collections/golf/products/professional-greens-guide-strackaline-50-per-book-or-175-for-all-four?_pos=1&_sid=ad9e424a6&_ss=r&variant=28057066143828
  5. Thanks. We will be right after the event (4 days) but I also noticed the links championship is going on while we are there.
  6. Question, what dates are the Solstice this year?
  7. United Airlines is flying direct into North Bend from DIA now. Going end of June and we looked at it but decided to do Portland and play the day we land. Edit: Plus if I recall right I don't think they had flights the days we are going. I think it started a few days after our trip. Also the direct flights I am pretty sure was certain days.
  8. They have some models similar but since I had the clicgear already it was cheaper to go with the alphard. Agree so much better for the game
  9. I picked up a https://alphardgolf.com/ and added it to a Clicgear. Not sure why I did not do this sooner, amazing and makes walking / playing sooooo much better.
  10. YES it is. Conditions are typically CC level. If wind is blowing it can be brutal
  11. Pecking around last night found a 2 some at Riverdale Dunes next Saturday (15th) at 7:37. If anyone is interested in playing let me know.
  12. Love my ZX7's.... !!!! What shaft did you go with?
  13. Eugene CC as we "might" have access but looks like they are doing renovations during that time, so 3-5 holes may not be available. I have played Langdon before and thought it was an excellent track (Liked it more then Pumpkin Ridge for sure) FGL looks fantastic. Have to look at that further. Will have to do shorty's for sure, honestly forgot about shorty's and will do that the day we arrive and can do punchbowl one of the other nights. We will be there June 26th -30th. If any overlaps with others, hit me up, always down for a cold one and
  14. First trip end of June. Flying into Portland fairly early and plan to play a course on way down. We booked about 3 months ago so was happy they could fit us in to the dates we had open. Taking a caddie as many have noted is a must, plus I want the full experience. Day 1: TBD round on way to Bandon / Punch Bowl (mainly to get used to green speeds) Day2: Sheep Ranch / Bandon Trails Day3: Bandon Dunes / Preserve Day 4: Pacific Dunes / Old Mac Day 5: Open for morning round if we want / Drive back Portland I saw the talk on shoes on the prior pages
  15. You sneak a putter in there
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