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  1. So not hijacking the thread as there is a lot of great info listed by locals to locations, etc. My wife used to love the area as she was born/raised in Portland. and we went to tour schools for our daughter. One full week (bit more) though is all it took and she said nope can not live here now. Made me wonder about the "climate", yes political and what seems to be a signficant divide the people have towards each other and a lot situations very open about it. Which I dont see really being dicussed. This is not an attack more a curiosity to me. I dont li
  2. 110% hit me up too. I missed the boat on the 745's and regret it. I hit the ZX7 today and they match the hype..!
  3. Following on the conditions. End of March / first of April? I was told it will be coming out of dormancy so should be green or close but some areas will still be brown / dormant. I have always gone in the middle of the summer (hot...LOL) and its really green but frim too. Like the roll out I was getting Edit: Some reason I have always loved the look / contrast of green fairways with brown rough, not sure why but do. Frames the hole in my mind.
  4. Hard to get too but I would say Wilderness Golf Club in Montana. Perfect conditions, amazing views and excellent track. Not sure on rates now as website is different and can not find them. I played 36 and paid roughly $60 per round with replay rate. https://www.wildernessclubmontana.com/resort-activities/golf
  5. 100% true. It comes down to what you prefer. If you like traditional or visual. Played many courses and have always prefer traditional after testing both boundaries. TR is interesting. Actually have played it 3 times now. * First time thought it was a joke. 11-12 holes that are great and then 6-7 WTF holes, with blind shots and no clue on run out or what happens after you hit because you cant see. *Second time knew better and shot probably 7-10 shots better and that was all based on not taking a penalty or being in a sh*t position from not knowing th
  6. Not sure. I have a TS3 and want to compare to new model so same boat as you. Hoping they have a number of them. One would assume if Titleist is putting on the package they would have all the items? /Crossing fingers
  7. Compared to the others on the list not sure that statement is true Played them all like most and would say TR is a one time play for sure but not in the league of the others. A local I played it with the first time called it "The Disneyland of Golf"...... lol
  8. Its only 1/2 hour. You only get one of the following.... Driver 3Wood Irons Wedges..... so they only do it for that long. Seems short but in 30 mins you should be good since you only get to test Titleist.
  9. Does anyone know if you book caddies at Pinehurst Resort is it paid through the resort package or paid direct to the caddie. We are playing No.4 and No.2 and plan on walking both. Looking to either go double bag (since a lot of people say to do this as it helps the caddies make more) or 4 single bags. Thoughts? Pretty much to me the price either way is the same if being fair. Really what I am wondering is. of we book through the resort does the resort take a cut? *just want the caddies to get full amount honestly
  10. LOL cant say I have had the hotdog there. Fantastic course and condtions. Hope the conditions stay the same with Don leaving.
  11. I heard a new course was being built by Prairie Club. https://www.caprockranch.com/ Interesting on the membership aspect...? Our total membership goal is approximately 180. Membership will contain three categories, Founders, Regional, and National. Edit: Did see they list "National Members" being capped at 120. 300 miles or more.
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