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  1. I figured get the basic background and absorb it all in when there makes more sense for me. I figured if I just got into all the videos and comments it would create a vision of what I think should be and we all know golf is different for everyone.
  2. Would 100% agree with this.... it is an impressive (expensive) shaft and see why so many are playing Ventus right now.
  3. Exactly the same flight. I picked up TSi3 / Ventus Blue. I love the fact it removed the lefts. I get the same 5 yard little fade you note. When I try to turn it over it is more a deliberate motion and I know I am doing it so actually like knowing the feeling of what will happen. As to everyone concerns.....no I did not gain 30 yards LOL. I was using a TS3 / Tensi Blue and I could get the "Lefties" with that setup. Was there a gain in distance?.... yes but only 5 yards roughly. The best gain is I am hitting WAY more fairways right now with the TSi3 setup which is helping m
  4. Interesting reading this thread and the thoughts/opinions. I have not played Bandon yet, saw it "live" for the first time last October BUT will be there in 10 days Is it odd that I have no expectation of the place, how well I play, etc..? Don't get me wrong, I am truly looking forward to going. A good friend mentioned "Dream Golf" to me so been reading it o on the side. Interesting to learn more on how it came to be. Best way to put it is I don't have a "vision" in my head of what it "should be. I figure show up, play and go from th
  5. No eastern Colorado which will probably give it away to many
  6. Just don't get the "Hype" *Again thank you to the gracious host.
  7. Having played the Judge.... the first hole is hard do to the "doomed" fairway aspect when it starts to narrow down...!! *Actually liked the course but that opening shot torqued me LOL We played 3 or 4 tracks on a RTJ trip a few years back. At the Judge, I rip a 3 wood down the middle left as it narrows and watch is take an "odd bounce" and then roll left towards the path....then trickles over the path into the marsh. It was like watching a bad train wreck in slow motion. I had never played the course and or knew the fairway did that but yardage was perfect with the elevatio
  8. Funny heard that one from a lot of friends too.
  9. Agree with both statments. Played it a couple years back while out there for a wedding. Wanted to play North but the South was the open course and figured it would be "okay" but it is a great track. Just as you noted the conditions were excellent and greens rolled pure.
  10. Just an odd question but why does your map have you going down to Roseburg area? Pretty sure 38 / Elkton is the quickest route. A mute point of course as you want to see the coast and agree its a really nice drive. Did it last October. What @Seamas_MacDuff pointed out is probably the best route if you want to see the coastline. I will note if you go @Seamas_Macduff route you will probably want to stop for photos so plan on that
  11. I asked around and no one I know has played it yet this year.
  12. What did you think of it? Arcadia is fun, both courses. You play the bluffs? I really like Forest Dunes.
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