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  1. Its round $160 right? Some friends in Chicago say the same for the fee.
  2. Close but its Prairie Dunes. Is Cottonwood still open? Edit: I just read Cottonwood closed last summer.
  3. Thinking about this thread I know there are some courses that can play really tough but they dont actually have a rating (match play per se). It seems though most courses can play tough if they want them too, just depends on the course conditions its setup too.
  4. Not sure it helps as I suck, but having done both, I would go outdoors all day long. Not that the data numbers per se will be much different Ie: distance, spin, ball speed, etc What I found way different was the actual ball flight once on the range with the new clubs. The ball flight was either way high or way lower then what I expected to see. I started to adjust my setup for what I wanted the ball to do and that made other aspects worse. The last fitter (Phoenix area) said it is because most golfers know their standard ball flight (comfort window he c
  5. Par 70 Gold: 7068 yds 75.5/148 Blue: 6656 yds. 74.9/145 White: 6119 yds. 72.3/141 *Women from white tee list 76.9/137 There is combo tees and rating scales accordingly
  6. Get your doctor to prescribe Meloxicam I nearly dropped at Bandon as Dancin can attest. We both figured I pinched a nerve in my back. Turned out an under lying issue related to COVID I had in Feb....go FIG..! Anyway I had never heard of it but damn it works like a 24 hour Aleve.
  7. As noted above it's just golf Honestly If its a TOP 50 course or a course your not sure you will be able to get on again you should always take the invite, you never know if those invites come around again. Most common reason not to: ......Top private clubs charge a decent $$ to play with a member/more without and some people regardless of course are not sure they want to pay these fees or honestly cant which is legit. .......When is the invite to play and if your available. A lot times with life/family today its hard to match up avaialbe dates it seems.
  8. Should be good soon, or better be, I am not good at sitting around LOL
  9. Glad your back. I have been out technically for near a month but feeling 75-80% so going to go back at it, but a bit slower LOL. I know Steadman group is great. Don't know the name listed but they did my ACL replacement and rehab training. It was before they became part of UC Health.
  10. Appreciate the recommendations. Will look into them.
  11. Amazing / Amazingly challenging course in Kansas Edit: Sorry did not take a lot of pictures as I was to focused making sure I stayed out of the "gunch"... Edit2: Been asked what is the "white" looking stuff on the tee box in the first photo. Cotton from the trees. Totally messed with wife allergies LOL
  12. So "currently" working through some F'd up medical aspects that came forward last month at Bandon..... never sick until you go to the doctor JK Having had the last 3 weeks away got me thinking of seeing a instructor. Wondering who most recommend?
  13. Yea I fear the smoke might be an issue but will be nice to be home for a few days.
  14. I had a number of shafts too for a long time
  15. Will be playing it in 3 weeks roughly, hoping for the same weather. I also love Wilderness Club, when I go home to see family I always play WC.
  16. This September, you camping out for 14 days prior to golfing? I know at the end of March this year Ireland lifted some restrictions and but held them for certain "high risk" countries but on the website it still notes a 14 day mandatory quarantine? Maybe the embassy website has not been updated? Are U.S. citizens required to quarantine? Yes The Government of Ireland requires all travelers (except if your journey originates in Northern Ireland) to quarantine for 14 days, with very limited exceptions. EDIT: I found an article that notes on July 19t
  17. Payed it last year twice and probably will not go back. Its a fun track but both times last year but both rounds over 5 hour. So unless you get off really early I assume its the norm out there. We played around noon or so both times.
  18. You can do either the room or directly on your CC when you check in for the round of golf.
  19. Not sure what is wrong with people today. It is crazy how calm everyone is though.
  20. So with the Korn Ferry event this weekend at TPC I was looking through the photos in the link below. Noticed that almost all the players whore like a saddle golf shoe? I think I saw one person wearing Nike. Also Titleist must sponsor 65% of the Korn Ferry players...LOL Is anyone going to the event?
  21. Just got back from 4 days there and no issues when we were there if you booked it out far enough. I also did not hear of anyone saying the are having issues with getting one. I know they are down on caddies but overall I think they have it covered. I should note my caddie was one of the Evans Scholar's and he was good. Not a "top" caddie you can get out there if you know one and schedule them way in advance, but he was good. We played one round with someone who also had a Evans scholar and she seemed good too.
  22. How bad I suck *probably first would be course conditions but lately PACE OF PLAY
  23. Wishing everyone a great and safe 4th weekend with families.
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