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  1. Seems to be a common statement on Deer Creek. Some like it but a majority do not.
  2. Deer Creek is being "reviewed" to "maybe" become development. It has been looked at in many aspects for a while. Financially it has always been borderline and with the tax change / costs to maintain / etc. it is on the cusp of many courses that have gone to the way side. The County has let other areas of it already be rezoned and the plan would be to rezone for commercial / residential.
  3. So not sure posted but why not make every player provide ID (drivers license or equal for each player) when they check in, if they play slow just ban them. If you have it listed on the website / booking / pro shop that all players are expected to keep pace, if you fall behind you have to skip a hole and if you dont will be banned from the course. Sounds harsh, but think how many people would want to play that course. Knowing everyone has the same mind set and the key one courtesy to other ...! You know you dont have to worry about 5 hour rounds.
  4. 100% agree but pretty much every CC list 4 hours for round of play. So as noted prior it comes down to others not giving a ×[#*#_×* about others
  5. The cost for the course was presented at 8 million. Total for all aspects which listed homes was 35 million.. *taken from the presentation they did for the project approval process
  6. Sorry I was being sarcastic. I think Pebble lives on the ocean views is all i was getting at. The course if not on the ocean would be pretty bland. I agree that the original Lido would be complete different for exactly what you state. Sadly we will never know, but it is nice to see someone trying to bring back a part of golf history as close as they can....though in a different area.
  7. Sarcasm... Recreating Pebble without the ocean would be just a decent public course. The views are amazing but the course is just "okay".
  8. This went right on the list of must play once heard about it.
  9. I worked on this deal 18+ years ago for the oringal ownership. Oakwood bought it from a group that Kronke was part of Will take alot if money to make it happen / develop but it is the only land really in the area. Needs a new overpass on E-470 and a lot of infastructure brought in. What we are concerned with...the golf course.. I heard they did talk to some top architects (not CC or Doak level but some decent ones... not sure who they picked) The GC was required to develop the property in the annexation agreementwith Aurora way back in the day. The home owners (Chenango ....who have money and time) fought us HARD to get the zoning allowed. The area was going to be open space / parks / trails and the was not good enough for them as they had he nerve to say they already use it for that even though it is private property... LOL The homeowners said they would not fight it if they built a golf course adjacent the houses as a buffer. As you can see they won twice over. Got what they wanted and will only increase proprty values for them. Dont know much on the course but could find out pretty easy.
  10. Wind plays a huge part to PD, besides those fun greens. 6 holes you can score on, 6 holes you are shooting for par, 6 holes your crossing you fingers based on wind. Spot on statement though you really have to play it a few times to really appreciate what your taking in. Someone called it "Definitely Old School".... Its not a bombers course like modern designs but it is long enough even without wind. Greens that take thought. You have to think your way around it, backwards....Green to Tee each hole.... plus the "gunch" will eat you alive
  11. Not really a contact it was a one off thing. Pretty sure the email to them would probably get you out.
  12. If you like STICH GOLF polos they are having a one day sale at 60% (sizes vary depending on model) https://stitchgolf.com/
  13. As Dancin noted RCCC. It by Deer Lodge (about 20 mins) so 1.5 hours from any major airport. Then again every major city is 3 hours from each other in Montana
  14. If you have connections Eugene CC is one of the top courses in the state, since you will be right there.....of course right behind the Bandon tracks EDIT: IGNORE I just saw you noted your shipping your clubs back, I read that wrong...MB
  15. No a few months back but Mid Pines to me is more fun. Pine Needles is great too
  16. Staying on the Ross aspect. I have played a number of Ross courses. Really good designs but not my favorite. Having played No.2 a few times, the first time I was not impressed at all. Second time I started to see aspects I did not notice the first time. design wise that is and started to understood why given the topography he worked with. Would I play No.2 all the time, no, is it a good course, yes. I do agree the turtle greens are difficult but some holes on No.2 are soooo flat (just look at hole 1 to start) there really is no defense unless he did some crazy bunkers. The part above about STIMP speeds is so true today. Courses built in the 1920-1940's were set with a lot more undulation. Given today most are set on having 10+ speed it makes you question why? Greens today are huge compared to the designs in the 20's-40's but with less undulation and faster. To me at times it feels less technical. Increasing the speed in older designed greens takes the original design intent out or off IMHO. Though there are some fantastic courses that have been able to increase green speeds a bit over time and find a balance and be consider amazing to putt on.
  17. Okay grey shorts/blue shirt would normally be a great guess but Monday I was wearing a white shirt /Titleist hat, shorts were black/dark grey spec ones. There was some a group of 3 doing a putting contest while I putted, was that one you two?
  18. Murphy has one... on the far right of the range just a bit north of bunker area. Thing is I could see people shanking one into the houses on the right LOL. Though MC is a terrible place to practice.... never go there
  19. Well well...we were there at the same time. I got there around 5:45 and chiped a few and then putted aftter. No beers for me but did sound good as the weather was perfect. I live maybe 5 mins away. The place is terrible to practice at.... so sad
  20. I was out there last night around 5ish and it was so empty and really nice.... So No one come out here
  21. Noooo Miurphy Creek is horrible...don't come out here
  22. Pretty sure the golfers at the pigs at those rates Edit: Similar issue here but not nearly as high of rate increase. I work a lot with one of the major Cities in the area which has 4-5 courses and two are very popular. I asked about the rate hike and they stated it clearly.... because we can and we are still near 100% full everyday. They noted some true aspects that the increased play has caused some increase cost in maintenance but they made no qualms about it...they are crushing it financially. Given that years before we know a lot of courses struggled, so I guess may hay with you can. ONE thing for sure COVID changed it with the "I am working from home" group .../cough cough.....
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