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  1. On 9/15/2021 at 11:38 AM, jjthomp2 said:

    I've enjoyed reading these posts so far.


    My list is as follows (the first 3 you could swap out given the weather/conditions)


    1. The Concession - I was in awe watching some of the tour guys eat that place up. If you don't have a stellar short game it'll be a looong day for you. No desire to play it again.


    2. The Dye Course at French Lick - granted we did not have a caddy in our group but I found the course to be ridiculous at best. Will never venture up there to play that again.


    3. Wolf Run (Sadly NLE) - this course was stellar unfortunately it didn't make it. It was so demanding on every aspect of your game. If i recall 13 was a roughly 200 yard par 3 with more bunkers than you could imagine and if you went long it had a massive run off to a collection area down the hill. I saw more over and backs on that green than i care to remember. Would definitely play again if it was still around.


    4. Bethpage Black - We decided to play there from the tips. I can honestly say this is the first course I've ever played where it is a 1 shot penalty just for missing the fairway on your tee shot. It was impossible to advance the ball more than 100 yards from it. Hole #13 I hit a great drive center fairway, 3 wood and STILL had 180 yards in! Crazy stuff! Would definitely play again.


    5. Prairie Dunes - Is it ever not windy there? Holy smokes. That is a taxing round. I think you need at least 36 holes out there to appreciate what you're taking in. Somehow it always felt like we were into the wind and never had any help? Don't know if anyone else experienced that but wow. Would like to play there again, maybe one of the most obscure locations to travel to though.




    Wind plays a huge part to PD, besides those fun greens.   


    6 holes you can score on, 6 holes you are shooting for par,  6 holes your crossing you fingers based on wind.  


    Spot on statement though you really have to play it a few times to really appreciate what your taking in.   Someone called it "Definitely Old School".... Its not a bombers course like modern designs but it is long enough even without wind. Greens that take thought. You have to think your way around it, backwards....Green to Tee each hole.... plus the "gunch" will eat you alive 😃


  2. 16 hours ago, Hardrain said:


    CDM - do you have a connection at RCCC? I am in Helena semi regularly for work (or at least I was before COVID) and plan to take a trip out to RCCC at some point. I figured a nicely-worded and polite email might get me on but curious if you have any other tips.


    Not really a contact it was a one off thing.  Pretty sure the email to them would probably get you out.

  3. 3 hours ago, thaar said:

    Wow, that is gorgeous! What course is it and where in MT?

    As Dancin noted RCCC.  It by Deer Lodge (about 20 mins) so 1.5 hours from any major airport.  Then again every major city is 3 hours from each other in Montana 😃 

  4. 2 hours ago, sbjinx said:

    Hoping someone can help me out.  

    our flight home from Eugene got pushed back to 3:30 on wed 9/22 so we’re hoping to get one extra round in wed morning. I called Bandon and they obviously couldn’t find us a tee time with this short notice but maybe we can play some of the courses near Bandon. If anyone has any good suggestions for courses near the property I’d appreciate it. We are shipping our clubs back so we have to play near Bandon. 


    If you have connections Eugene CC is one of the top courses in the state, since you will be right there.....of course right behind the Bandon tracks  😃 


    EDIT:  IGNORE I just saw you noted your shipping your clubs back, I read that wrong...MB

  5. On 9/9/2021 at 2:31 PM, caniac6 said:

    We were down in Pinehurst a few weeks ago. We didn't play, but went around looking at courses. Mid Pines/Pine Needles looked like they would be more fun to play than #2.

    No a few months back but Mid Pines to me is more fun.  Pine Needles is great too

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  6. On 9/8/2021 at 10:51 AM, Imp said:

    Correct. Stimp has gone up over the years, yet curvature and sculpting of the greens remains close to same (some courses have realized this, and have the money to fix, some... don't). Some changes have been done to some greens, due to buildup of the 100 years of deposits from bunker sand being thrown. 

    Stimp adopted by USGA in 1970. 1978, Augusta National was running below 8. Oakmont below 10. In the 60s and earlier, most majors were below 7.


    Staying on the Ross aspect.  I have played a number of Ross courses. Really good designs but not my favorite. Having played No.2 a few times, the first time I was not impressed at all. Second time I started to see aspects I did not notice the first time. design wise that is and started to understood why given the topography he worked with.


    Would I play No.2 all the time, no, is it a good course, yes.  I do agree the turtle greens are difficult but some holes on No.2 are soooo flat (just look at hole 1 to start) there really is no defense unless he did some crazy bunkers.


    The part above about STIMP  speeds is so true today.  Courses built in the 1920-1940's were set with a lot more undulation.  Given today most are set on having 10+ speed it makes you question why?  Greens today are huge compared to the designs in the 20's-40's but with less undulation and faster.  To me at times it feels less technical.


    Increasing the speed in older designed greens takes the original design intent out or off IMHO.  Though there are some fantastic courses that have been able to increase green speeds a bit over time and find a balance and be consider amazing to putt on.

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  7. 11 hours ago, hoselpalooza said:



    guys, i believe we were there at the same time! i had a burger + beer before wrapping up at the 60y hole next to the putting green before sundown. saw the guys who left the silver bullets all around the putting green... i was the chubby dude who kept going to the cart barn to "steal" sand and seed bottles to replace my divots on the hole closest to the putting green 😂 (they really should keep a crate of sand and seed bottles in the practice area, but i digress...)


    if i had to guess, @CDM was the guy with the dark-colored (navy?) polo and light/gray shorts on the putting green? or was that @ALi3?


    lol this is some grade-a internet stalking here 🤣


    anyway, next time i head out there i'll DM you guys first. would love to meet up with some WRX'ers out at MC. maybe play some games for a beer 😄


    Okay grey shorts/blue shirt would normally be a great guess but Monday I was wearing a white shirt /Titleist hat, shorts were black/dark grey spec ones.


    There was some a group of 3 doing a putting contest while I putted, was that one you two?

  8. 22 hours ago, dubbelbogey said:

    Walnut Creek's short game area is pretty good. The one thing it's missing that I'd like to see is a bunker from which you could hit full swing (fairway bunker) type shots. But this isn't really a knock on WC, as this is relatively rare. But it is too bad as it's a great thing to be able to practice.


    Sometimes I resort to simulating this at some ranges by raking piles of sand into a larger bare patches. Not perfect, by far, but better than not practicing this shot at all.


    Of all the things that have come with the uptick in golfer numbers, the last thing I worry about is competing for short game practice space. I can be at any number of courses where the range is packed, but the short games areas are relatively open. Not a surprise, really. While I'm a huge advocate of the benefits of having a good tee game, there's a distinctly large part of the population that simply never practices the short game at all.


    Murphy has one... on the far right of the range just a bit north of bunker area. Thing is I could see people shanking one into the houses on the right LOL.    Though MC is a terrible place to practice.... never go there 🙃

  9. 6 hours ago, ALi3 said:

    Went out Monday evening around 5:30 to putt and chip until the sun went down at Murphy. Even had a drink on the patio afterwards. Might have to make it a habit. A few guys left some beers on the practice green, but other than that it was a great time. Played a few games with my golfing partners to add some pressure to our chipping. Definitely a great place to practice. 

    Well well...we were there at the same time. 😃 


    I got there around 5:45 and chiped a few and then putted aftter.  No beers for me but did sound good as the weather was perfect.   I live maybe 5 mins away.   The place is terrible to practice at.... so sad 🤣

  10. 15 hours ago, hoselpalooza said:


    can confirm: absolutely terrible, nobody come here 😂


    spent the afternoon there today and had a wonderful time. practice facilities were in great shape. chipped alongside some HS kids from columbine who could flat out play, including the #3 ranked kid in the world for his age. all the kids spent 5 minutes fixing divots on the practice green when they were done. pure class👌


    i would love to get out there once a week after work. totally worth it if it's not too busy.


    p.s. @Dancin, thanks again for the recommendation 👍


    I was out there last night around 5ish and it was so empty and really nice....  So No one come out here

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  11. 17 hours ago, hoselpalooza said:

    hey guys, where do you think is the best short game practice area in denver metro? thanks!


    4 hours ago, Dancin said:

    Murphy Creek is probably best for public. Others with pretty good include Todd Creek, Green Valley Ranch, Walnut Creek.

    Noooo Miurphy Creek is horrible...don't come out here 🤣

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  12. On 8/21/2021 at 1:45 PM, BlackDiamondPar5 said:

    250 for a semi goat track? Hopefully the pigs get slaughtered. 


    Pretty sure the golfers at the pigs at those rates  😃 



    Similar issue here but not nearly as high of rate increase.  I work a lot with one of the major Cities in the area which has 4-5 courses and two are very popular.  I asked about the rate hike and they stated it clearly.... because we can and we are still near 100% full everyday.    They noted some true aspects that the increased play has caused some increase cost in maintenance but they made no qualms about it...they are crushing it financially.  Given that years before we know a lot of courses struggled, so I guess may hay with you can.


    ONE thing for sure COVID changed it with the  "I am working from home" group  .../cough cough.....  

  13. 9 hours ago, bogeysandbowties said:


    I have heard there is a waitlist to join and it is $10/12k Initiation and then $2k in annual dues. Not sure how it works for events if they are an added fee as well or not. 



    8 hours ago, monty09 said:



    i heard double that


    7 hours ago, Schley said:

    For the dues you about half is given as a credit to use towards events for the year. All events cost and are very nice, but not cheap. You do have several "home clubs" (Chechesee, Yale, etc.) that allow for some free rounds to the member only each year.

    If you want to play somewhere else, they have a concierge who sets it up and is very convenient, but you pay unaccompanied basically although you get access.


    Interesting....so I understand the premise....


    Couse rankings aside since that can be conjectural, but if someone is a member at a Top 50 US course you still pay 10/12K or more to join and 2K year in dues?  I question why other then access to other course and don't want your pro to call or hassle with other members?


    OR is it you pay the Initiation fee plus annual dues because you don't belong to a club and this gives you access, like being a national member a number of different course I guess?    


  14. 2 hours ago, jacobEDGE said:

    Also, speaking of Murphy Creek... went out a few weeks back and shot my all time personal best score. Filmed the whole thing too.


    Great Vid and round!  Could of been really low..! Course management was perfect as if you had played it a few times 😃 


    Your body language on 10... I thought for sure that was in the trees on the left or blocked out LOL



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  15. 23 minutes ago, bogeysandbowties said:

    The value add is in the network and getting to know those in the club. If you are at a Top 100 Club or Top 50 Club you can get on pretty much at most places with your pro calling and or you likely know other members at these other clubs. Why do you need to pay XYZ amount for access when you basically already have it?


    Yes the outings are nice but also not cheap. There are many other societies and groups that offer pretty much the same thing. So again it comes down to network. And then I would say scale and price.


    If you are a member at one of these clubs you can probably easily afford whatever these guys are charging so joining a society like this isn't going to make that big of a dent in your wallet. 


    It seems like Outpost has several years leg up on Epic and others when it comes to "high end" societies so that seems like the natural choice. 


    If you are in a Best in State Course or Top 101-200 club then perhaps I could see the value here, especially if you feel your pro can't pull his weight. 


    Just my 2 cents. 




    The Outpost Club, what does that charge to be a member?  I saw they have their own rankings for US and World.

  16. 7 hours ago, cassel191919 said:

    It seems different to me. They have like a 7 to 10k fee to join and it sounds like they have a bunch of outings that cost around a grand.


    Not sure how that makes sense??  Did I read it wrong, you have to be part of a club to join and they want that much to be a member of networking website that sets up functions.  What is the gain??

  17. Not beating a dead horse but does this not seem to be like Thousand Greens but with a fee? 


    Just connecting people who want to reach out to other members so speak. I know it helps avoid the unaccompanied rate maybe...  BUT as noted above a number of times pretty sure if a member of a TOP 50 club you can get on others with a call.

  18. On 8/15/2021 at 10:26 AM, lefthack said:

    I don't think those exist in Portland. 🤣


    This one made me laugh...sorry but this is sooo true with that messed up City.........


    We played 3.5 holes and were told we needed to return to the clubhouse by the marshal as there was as "chance" of lightning coming in and no shack in the area we could go to.  *The lightning never came for the record but we understand the marshals concern and agreed. 


    We were in town for a wedding and had dinner set that night, so after an hour or so we concluded there was no way to finish plus make out dinner reservations so we requested rainchecks or a refund..... wow that turned into a major P.I.T.A moment.  


    The pro shop basically refused either option for 20-30 mins.  The marshal even noted to the pro shop he told us to come in. The pro shop argued it was no fault on them for the lighting and we should of known better. It was over cast and a light drizzle which as I know it is 80% of the days out there  😃 


    They finally said they would refund us, we were fine with rainchecks but okay.....well in the end... of the 8 only 5 ever got the pro-rated fees back.....after they called and bitched again to the director.  All of us are pretty sure they said they would refund but never planned too. (I did not call and b****... I just chalked it up as a learning experience of a WAY overhyped course I will never play again or recommend)


    The course was Pumpkin Ridge and YES willing to state that openly 



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  19. 19 hours ago, jkody said:

    18, 16, and 10 at RCCC? I want to go back so bad. Going for the green in 2 on 10 and juuuuust missing in the longest right bunker is one of the most memorable shots I've ever played.


    Dead on.   Excellent course and the condition were fantastic.    The smoke was pretty bad so to make the photos look decent I set it for night mode to add in light. Gives an idea how much smoke there was at times.   Still well worth the trip


    Edit: Also our host was great and appreciated the invite

  20. On 8/10/2021 at 9:59 PM, BallerNate said:

    Yeah, I just got ZX5 4 and 5-irons in the last week. On the Srixon website you just select ZX5’s on their list of clubs, then on the ZX5 page you click on “Customize”.

    Under that option you can order single clubs, custom shafts, custom specs etc. and it will list all the upcharges there if applicable.


    Thank you, I guess I was not doing the selection right.  Ordered  😃 

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  21. 16 hours ago, roadtripper said:

    Hey all.


    Just found this thread and have been reading through the last couple of days.


    I have been trying to talk my buddies into a trip to Bandon for years now, but cannot convince anyone to leave the comforts of the east coast, so it seems I will have to swing a solo trip.


    My concern is that most of what I have read, it seems most, if not all of you are in to 0-7ish hdcp range.  I play to an 11, and don't play in windy conditions often.  


    I play as a single quite often, and walk most of the time, so I am comfortable with my game locally, but I do not want to feel like a burden to whomever I would get paired up with if I am "inconsistent" with my game.


    Am I over-thinking this?  Thanks in advance for your thoughts



    I played Bandon for the first time in June this year.  Same issue for me was everyone I play with would not go.  I had it planned 2 years ago solo and a family issue came up, last year....well we all know that story....  So finally got out there this year. Actually a friend I meet in the last few years playing had not been and he was down.  We both had a great time.  We would both go back.... it really is that good..     It is a must DO.........   Everyone we meet was awesome.


    * Now having been there and played all the courses I would do  Pac Dunes/SR/Bandon Dunes rotation.  Loved Trails but for us it was like playing here in Colorado, toss it / maybe not based on schedule.   Old Mac...I am in the group of  "Its good" ......but not sure I would do it again given how great some of the others are and I was really looking forward to it.  

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