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  1. Funny heard that one from a lot of friends too.
  2. Agree with both statments. Played it a couple years back while out there for a wedding. Wanted to play North but the South was the open course and figured it would be "okay" but it is a great track. Just as you noted the conditions were excellent and greens rolled pure.
  3. Just an odd question but why does your map have you going down to Roseburg area? Pretty sure 38 / Elkton is the quickest route. A mute point of course as you want to see the coast and agree its a really nice drive. Did it last October. What @Seamas_MacDuff pointed out is probably the best route if you want to see the coastline. I will note if you go @Seamas_Macduff route you will probably want to stop for photos so plan on that
  4. I asked around and no one I know has played it yet this year.
  5. What did you think of it? Arcadia is fun, both courses. You play the bluffs? I really like Forest Dunes.
  6. CDM

    TSi3 vs SIM2

    Though not a popular opinion as some think shafts dont matter as much as the head, but I tested the Ventus Blue (black was to low launching) and in my TS3 Vs my Tensi Blue and with the ventus I gained ball speed, swing speed were almost the same for both. Not sure if the shaft just fits my swing, or a lot of peoples swing for that matter since it seems like everyone is playing a ventus model. Either way it got me looking at getting just the shaft but not sure its worth $$$l, May just upgrade to the TSI3 with the ventus.
  7. Last minute Saturday sneak out before weather hit. Hunted forever it seemed and I was able to only find a single at RD Knolls real early which helped with family plans. Man tee times might he harder now then before LOL The rough is about 2" or so tall but you cant get on back of the ball cleanly. It is so thick, when I would put the club head down behind the ball the grass would cover the ball up. The Dunes though looks so sweet right now but scary if not driving it well and I was not on it with the tee ball this weekend so knolls ended up a good choice. I think I had 8-9 bogeys out of the rough and they felt earned. One thing about the place they keep both courses in such excellent shape, the greens on the knolls right now are as good as dunes. Edit: Been a long time since I played the knolls. I forgot how F'n stupid the 13th par 5 is. Lists near 570 on the card and the ditch(s) cross it twice. It is an interesting hole to say the least.....
  8. Okay I see your point now. Probably cost of the land/development/mainteance Vs rate of return. The course I practice at actually has a really nice practice area and range. There is another one but also has a 9 hole executive course associated. Have not practiced at it though, it is pretty far from me but I hear good things. Does not off memberships though. Edit: Green Valley Ranch in Denver has a range pass (membership as you note) and they have good facilities. Don't recall the price.
  9. Sabram hit all the points at your locations. I will toss out a couple other locations that have direct flights that will be great weather and conditions in late April. Pinehurst - North Carolina Austin Texas RTJ Trail - Alabama Savanna Myrtle Beach Edit: Many others I am sure of....... Just keeping options open
  10. Thoughts of why not: Range would be over used between range members and full members. Clubs don't want the members being "bothered" by none members.. Ie hitting them to take them out on the course. Club... If your willing to pay $200 a month for just the practice area why not join and use it all for $200-300 more a month Not saying those are the reasons just more likely to be and I am sure many others....
  11. Appreciate the info. Will be there in 4 weeks. I requested a caddie all 5 rounds and friend wanted the morning 3 rounds. Dbl bag the 3 morning rounds. Hopefully the 2 afternoon rounds are not when I "loose" a caddie as we set the two harder courses to walk in the afternoon ... LOL
  12. My vote would be for Dormie Club in NC. Have been a few times and was just there end of March. The bungelows should be done. Its pretty secluded place so if you just plan on playing and not much else its perfect. The clubhouse may or may not be 100% by then? It might will be warm but your in carts and easy to handle. If you want to get out and about your 15 mins or so the Pinehurst. In case you wanted to get another course or two in, or hit the brewery. Victoria is excellent also and pretty much good to go but not as sure on other aspects around it like Dormie / Pinehurst. * We played No.2 / No.4 and Dormie on the same trip and almost everyone in the group had Dormie as favorite of the 3.
  13. Honestly not sure what all the hype is about..... I mean sure it's has excellent routing, great greens, dunes galore, awesome pace of play and all about GOLF.... seems a bit overrated.
  14. Pretty sure that already has happened. If you get invites to Star Trek conventions I have no idea how that could of happened JK
  15. HAHAHA I could take "offense" to that but your 100% correct on how it typically goes........sadly. I worked at firms just as you note and man is use to p*ss me off. The owners got the all perks, taking buddies, swag, etc I take out staff to all the events and we pay for it. (We rotate staff too so all get a chance). I note to them the donation our firm makes to the organization is from their effort too. They get the day off (yes paid) and they see how it helps. Main one's we do are for abused children which all proceeds go to them which is great. We do a Putt Putt event (super fun) for suicide prevention. One of clients actually does a drive for baby diapers and we buy a pallet, which who knew how expensive that can be LOL. Now as to the tax write off its really not that much if you actually follow the "rules" but still worth it to help out if you can.
  16. Good finds Hiwan has some of the hardest greens I have played on. Pinehurst No.2 is still winning that. CGC for what you get it appears is "not bad priced". I see it notes Caddies are included, but also carts. I assume they meant fore caddies. I was lucky and played the course about 3 years ago. Great course and love CC designs but that one did not make it on my personal list. Pinery.....not sure what to say on that price.
  17. They have rides at Disney Land???
  18. That is a tight range. That actually seems pretty fair. I have been in some that have 4-5 range and it seemed to far apart. As @pseudoswede noted prior the 7 -11 range has the ability to blow up
  19. Holy carp. 16 brackets....? What is the range on those brackets, cant be much. As to joining I guess the fact they let everyone know up front before joining is a good thing.
  20. Awesome !!! Looks like an amazing event and dig the outfits! Within the US that is probably the last bucket list I have..... right now that is. Kohler/Erin Hills/Lawsonia Links trip. Many outside the US but those will have to wait.
  21. Great points. The more I thought about the last few rounds yesterday while watching the pro's hit it in the tree's, wet rough, etc and still make par was only making it worse. (of course a lot more skill helps lol) I am pretty sure my thought process is the issue. I have been striking it solid, rolling the ball really well on the greens. Which is frustrating as if I was hitting it like crap I could relate it to that. I just compound every bad shot.... over and over.. I was thinking about the CC round more so yesterday then RD as the rough as RD is a big factor though I did make stupid mistakes out that rough too. The CC round I can recall standing on the tee at 16 thinking: "Okay you just made par on the 480 yard par 4 which you normally bogey, so lets par or birdie this hole because on 17 you make par 50% of the time and on 18 you birdie it 50% of the time" Step up and hit a perfect drive down the slope on 16 and F'd it up in the left green side bunker and tried to hit "THE" shot to save par and walk out with dbl....worse part 17 and 18 played out as I thought. Can't fix that on the range...! The next few rounds will try and change my thought process to focus on what is in front of me not 10 shots down the course.
  22. I know some on here are in the Common Ground Men's Club so have a question. Is the men's club really that overloaded with players? Did the actually allow so many players to join that decent number of members can not even get into events this year? Asking as I keep hearing people complain about it and this weekend I was asked to play in the CG member/guest this year abd two things surprised me. First I heard they are not letting new members sign up for the event? The link provided does list "....only Members of the 2020 Men’s Club are eligible to participate..." Second its $300 to enter and then $96.00 at check in for the two rounds? Pretty high for a public course MG event. Two years ago the Cherry Creek M/G was only $500 to enter, but is a private club so a lot is covered. The Calcutta and side bets...total different story. Anyway I guess I have to go with my legit Hdcp at 85% rating.
  23. Hope everyone got out before the rain today and had a good time. Played the Dunes this morning. Course Conditions: Excellent like always. A spot or two in the fairways but excellent and greens are running so smooth. Greens might be the best I have seen them. I will note this rain has made the Dunes a jungle...!!! Even the starter noted "keep it straight or it will be a long day" and it was for the two I played with. One of them joked he hates rating a course by how many balls he looses but he called the Dunes an 8-10 ball course today. The rough, not the hay, is sooooo thick, not super tall but THICK. Out of the rough it is hard to get on the back of the ball. 1 Dbl was from the rough and the other two from the hay. Oddly I did not loose a ball in it but it was an exercise in will. Just 90 degrees back into the fairway was the option (IF you got it back to the fairway...sadly...) The bad, I am seeing a big "weakness" in my game. Had 3 birds / 2 Bogeys / 3 Dbls / 10 pars. That is 3 rounds in a row with 2 or more Dbls. If my putter goes cold I am dead. Need to minimize Dbl's to bogeys...! If I don't I will end up a 24.3 HDCP <---for @pseudoswede
  24. I know some who have went to Jerry for both putting and short game and said he is great. I know they list him as a short game expert on the website.
  25. Still have an opening for Saturday at Dunes if anyone is interested. Granted rain in the forecast but looks like afternoon? So should be done playing before it hits...... I think.
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