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  1. Alot of good info / recommendations but I would toss out TS 2/3 or TSi 2-3. Every forgiving drivers and long as anything out.
  2. Good guess, it went for $2620 for a foursome. $655 a person...ouch. I know it is a limited access course but that seems excessive, sooooo many other top courses you could access for less.
  3. @Gmcourtney and I hit up CG early this morning and as always had a great time with @Gmcourtney. Played decent and shot a "super smooth" 107 with two doubles. Holding strong at 24.3 On positive note, we know now and then we get paired with "that group". NOT today, great group today. Awesome husband and wife and they both could flat out play beside being great people..! The husband shot 1 under and should of really been more like 2-3 under based on how many putts he missed. Playing with good people is always so much better. I am just glad the Hdcp is rounding into shape. LOL
  4. Second person I have heard this from. *by the way nice progress on your HDCP drop... well done Saddle Rock is decent and in decent shape right now. Should be in really good shape next week or so. Have you looked at Murphy Creek? Close to GVR since you played out of there and a great test. Its long and the wind blows it be over the top tough. Good thing about Denver there a many excellent coursed. Common Ground was great shape today and good routing.
  5. YES we are LOL I fear for those playing with us, given the state of my current swing it might make people puke a little in their mouth
  6. WOW this place looks impressive...!
  7. Always enjoy the discussion on other courses around the area. Always good to hear about ones I have not played. I know some have / have not played Wildhorse. Most probably have I assume. So last weekend friends and I started our "when we going" talk. Given this I figured I would toss out if anyone has interest in playing Wildhorse this year. We typically go late summer/early fall. The last few years weather has been perfect with mild winds but is NEB so you never know. *Last year we did Prairie Club and then over to Wildhorse but not much interest on doing that again this year. Normally leave Thursday night (roughly 4 hr drive) play 36 Friday/ 36 Saturday and drive back on Sunday morning. Sometimes we do Awarii Dunes on Friday morning then back over to Wildhorse for an afternoon round to change it up a bit. AD does add an hour out and next morning back over to WH. We used to hit Bayside on the way back but that course gets "mixed" reviews from our group so pretty tough to get that back in the rota LOL Anyway figured I would toss it out if any interest. Edit: If there is enough interest WH has on site accommodations that hold 8. Pretty sure Krush stays on site when he does his trip with friends so he could probably chime in on the accommodations as they hold 8 per building.
  8. That had to be WINDY...! I was drving by the area last weekend including Wild Horse and it was blowing 30 mph. Even if I had my clubs pretty sure I would not have played in that wind. Bayside the front 9 is good but the back.... 3 holes maybe, rest I would redo. Think 16 is good proper hole with the trap in the middle.
  9. Count me in. So we need 1 or 2 more?
  10. Nice!! Always a good option to go south when weather here is bad. Speaking of Pueblo, has anyone played Walking Stick Golf course lately? I used to go down and play it now and then but has been years.
  11. Residual for me was not bad, minor things but most were gone in a week or two. I got pretty lucky. I did have pain in my feet too which I had never heard of, at first I did not think it was Covid related then it can be. I did not have any heart issues, or more so the breath issues. Good to hear your doing better. *I have breathing issues but that is do to me being couch potato I did get the cough...sadly. Just the random out of nowhere cough. Nasal type cough. Which we all know if you start coughing around others panic sets in LOL. 7 weeks down the road the cough is gone for the most part. I only lost taste / smell for a week or so. Have to admit not having taste and smell is crazy. You know what something is supposed to smell or taste like and have something opposite sitting there and nothing at all from either. Just bizarre....! Wife and Daughter got their shots. Wife being a teacher needed it. Daughter because Children's Hospital scheduled it as she was in for an operation earlier this year. I plan on doing it but not sure which one. Thinking the end of the month or first of May so the second one would be before or around first of June. As @pseudoswede noted... "some protection is better than no protection" .... Sorry, I LOL at this at it made me think of one my high school football coaches.
  12. I think CDPHE / TRI County Health said 4 months?? Still close enough. If you do get Covid (hopefully not) you go on the "list" and get a number of calls from above agencies. Which to say the least is interesting LOL My PCP would not see me for concerns of contamination which I get. As I learned you pretty much hope you make it through on your own or hospital emergency room. I was lucky in some ways. I have a few employees whose wives are nurses and one worked in the covid division for 6 months. She called a few times to see how I was doing and she said unless you are pushing critical no doctor will see you for fear of contamination. If it gets critical all you can do is go to emergency care at a hospital. Though she noted it is one the worst things she has had to deal with, we joked it was like the Justinian plague. Just hope you make it through..... Laughter is the best medicine
  13. Since everyone it talking about reactions to the vaccine, has anyone here had covid prior and then gotten the shot? Asking as I had covid in early Feb and was 2 weeks + of fun... joking of course. My symptoms were something new/different each day, similar to what you all note but obvious a lot stronger. Was like it was trying to find the bodies weakness and if it did not work the next day it seemed like the virus tried something new. Hard to explain, once you have it you know it as it is not like anything I have felt before. I thought I may of had it back in March of 2020 but was not even close to what I had in FEB of this year. Reason for asking I was told by the CDPHE/TRI County Health to wait to get the vaccine, but not sure how long I should wait. Given I have the antibodies apparently for 4-7 months the "rumor" is if you had covid prior and get the vaccine the effects from the vaccine can put you down for a while. Just wondering if anyone has gone through it. I planned on doing the vaccine at the end of this month / first of May.
  14. Was the "masters" event? Which pro did your team get?
  15. Your analogy as "soft meaty" or "thick" is perfect. They have a thick super solid soft'ish feel when flushed.
  16. Could be a version made for CC?? I know that a number of companies have manufactures make a shaft (same a model out there) and just list it as something different. I did a google search too and could not find the black oddly.
  17. Here is a link to the shaft. It is a shaft that BD plays. I don't know much about them as I have not hit one. There are a lot of reviews with some love it some not. https://lagolfshafts.com/pages/tour-axs Edit Don't see Black on the website, only RED WHITE BLUE
  18. I ordered mine way before the rush. I guess more so the limited supply of resources currently going on. They arrived within 10 calendar days. I am not 100% sure if Srixon is picking which orders go out or not, does not seem like it but these post would make you think so. I think what your order needs are is the issue if you read the thread over. If you have ZX7 with XXXX Shaft and XXXX Grip that is backordered your waiting. BUT it seems If you have ZX7 with YYYY shaft and XXXX Grip you can swap the grip at times to get them out to you. Appears to be vice versa too, but not sure if fitted with a shaft why anyone would switch. I know people want to get the new clubs in their bags, but have your tried to order from any other manufacture? IF so you know this is not just Srixon. I have been toying with the idea of a new driver and when I inquired on my setup a few weeks back I was told that it would be late May / first of June. That was by the manufacture. I tired to reach out to some of the top builders noted on WRX last week hoping to "cheat" the process if they had the items in stock and they said the same thing. It's all across the board sadly for all of us.
  19. We tee'd off at 1:30 so by 4:30 it started to cool down quickly with the wind, by hole 18 felt like it was in the 30's with the wind. Have not played the Links a long time, how is the course?
  20. Played Todd Creek today. I dont play the course enough, Really good track. Greens were rolling great and fairly quick. Made a few putts but the rest of the game was up and down in the wind. Fairway's and rough are still needing grow in. A number of patchy areas. Wind was blowing pretty good and it got really cold at the end, Front 9 was 1 club or more and back side was 2 clubs easy. Standard weekend golf at 5 hours is the sad side. They get some mositure this week with the coming snow and would bet in a few weeks it will be in really good shape. Edit: I tried the new Tour BX and ProV1x. I was surprised / bummed how the wedges chewed up the Tour BX over 9 holes. More surprised how well the V1x held up and spins on the short shots.
  21. Feel they are both really close. I think the Special might be a bit better feeling. I think the Studio I putt better with but used it for so long is probably the reason. Edit: both are great...way better then the insert ones
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