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  1. There is a lot for family while you play. I took the wife and daughter (daughter was bit older) but they had a great time. Stay at Carolina as most aspects run out that location for aspects other then golf. Easy walking around the area. We went in the summer for note and it was warm but not bad.
  2. Hey this is an active forum for local Denver players. Good group of guys.
  3. That the attitude... just order and wait. They are well worth it. Loving my ZX7's.
  4. Sure post another sweet course that is outside my "drive" radius Edit: Googled the location. Google earth the course still looks active and the layout looks sweet. Having spent some time in that area years back, fishing not golfing. There seems to be alot of great courses in that area now or within an hour or so each way.. Lets hope Canada drops the covid restrictions but agree they probably will not.
  5. Hmmmm all of us forgot as everyone in the group recalled some of the traps were sand. I am sure when the course is in full bloom (green) it looks pretty cool.
  6. 4 Mile Ranch this weekend was in decent shape. Greens were slow with a few bumps but overall not bad. Fairways are in pretty good shape, few patches but not many. Wind picked up and got a bit cold on the last 4-5 holes. I forgot how many blind shots there LOL I don't recall when they did it (?) but every trap is shale rock, or seemed to be all of them. Thought last time I went some were still sand? Needless to say it created a couple of interesting situations. One player hit a perfect drive and it rolled in and stuck in the shale. No clue on the local rule so we just let him drop with no penalty. We assume that would be the rule? *Not hitting my irons out of it as some of the rocks are like 4" -6" in size, not talking small rocks by any means. Second time (different player) hit a perfect drive, but the wind carried it about 30 yards longer then normal and it bounced off the rocks and out into a canyon / tree area. Yea he was real happy... Lost his ball, playing 6-6-6 and a 4 way skins game with carry overs, that did not go over well. We let him drop by the trap. IF someone tells you the bunkers are "penal" at 4MR.... they mean it LOL Still fun to play.
  7. Agree odd it's pinned....has to be a $$$ thung. The forum over last few years with 'odds changes and such has gone a bit down hill. Hope the traffic comes back to the old days. That noted I have the ZX7 irons and pinned thread or not they are excellent.
  8. I called and requested solo caddies for both rounds. They said that may be hard. They are a DBL bag resort and it is based on availability. Guess we will wait and see. I have used solo caddies way more then dbl. Our group has found (for the most part) that between both players when paying roughly $105-115 (including tip) each for a dbl bag it does not seem to equate. We typically just step up and pay $150 or so for a solo bag.
  9. Thanks. We have DBL bags now but going to call and get solo bags. Only a $60 swing over the 2 days and figure it will be more enjoyable. I just hope the caddies don't get stiffed on the fees, that would be torque me. The group I play with tips well and according to service. They work hard but as you noted some caddies are not into it at times. Sounds like I should request Josh...! As noted above calling out and changing it up to solo bags. Side note I read it on the info they sent me and just missed it on paying when you check in.
  10. Sorry to ask, am I reading this right, when you check in for your round you pay the $65 per person at the pro shop? I thought all caddies at Pinehurst was direct pay to caddie. The resort does not take a cut of the $65 do they??? Edit: I am asking as we will be there in 2 weeks and we booked two caddies for No.2/No.4 (dbl bag'n)
  11. Sssshhh we are looking into that... dont want tee times eaten up
  12. Glad to hear. Bummer on PT times. Funny, swinging with one arm you may be surprised. I broke my right wrist and did the semi one arm swing for a couple of month. Could barely get a 7 Iron a 150 yard at this elevation but man accuracy picked up and I learned to feel the "bottom of the club" on chipping.
  13. Check out True Spec at Raven. Outdoors. Easy to get to from Airport of highway and there is a IN N' OUT right at the exist if you like them https://www.truespecgolf.com/locations/phoenix/ EVeryone in the SW forum say they are the best down there now. Speaking to them was pretty good experience. Sadly our flight was late so I did not make the iron fitting with them. Barely made the tee time. I saw the "cargo" ccontainer and they have at the end of the range and it had everything you could want to try.
  14. So pretty much the stock setup. Did not shops locally have them?
  15. LOL Mitch did a fitting for me (a test that turned into me ordering) the ZX7 's. Went to test out a few irons and liked the Srixon's the most, even though at the time thet were not on my list. I let Mitch know up front I was not sure I was buying anything and I wanted to test stock option shafts. *Wish they were outside but they have the most options to test, plus I brought the ball I will being playing this year to match up which is nice I also ended up in a lighter shaft. Modus 105 S (hard stepped once). I was playing 120 gram so not a lot but 10-12 grams lighter. I have been trading emails with Dan this week. Having a Loft/Lie check - update as required on the new irons. Dan was out a bit with minor surgery item this week. Good guy. Dan did note he is pulling back on doing "random" club aspects for people since he is so busy. Mainly doing fittings and adjustments for those who buy or bought from him. Edit: Not trying to bash Gott Golf. I am sure Brian knows his stuff, just was more pee'd he knew I was coming in for Titleist then show up and he did not even have Titleist after he said he did...! *Jokingly it felt like a "used car salesman" tactic...
  16. Totally understand.... I LOVE MY COUCH TOO
  17. Link for anyone who has not heard of it. If you go earlier it is even better just iffy on the weather. They seem to do it every year. https://www.titleist.com/teamtitleist/b/tourblog/posts/the-team-titleist-pinehurst-package-is-back-for-2021
  18. Hope your good man. I just had my elbow cleaned out end of last summer. I used https://www.western-ortho.com/ . Really impressed with the doc I had. I used Hawkins Steadman years back for ACL and Cracked elbow (long story) and they were awesome but I know they are now tied to CU Medicine. IE: Not a private practice like prior *Years back when iHA was a private practice it iwas mpossible to get into My ex borther was the trainer for Seattle Mariners. He called and they got me in the next day. Somehow they thought I played for Mariners since he called LOL
  19. I never try to rip a business as a business owner myself BUT....F*** Gott Golf. I know they are highly rated fitter and could be true make sure you check that Gott Golf really has Titleist....!!! When I was looking for a Titleist fitter (TS3) they listed Titleist on the website. I call and they said yes we do. I show up for the fitting and it was with Brian himself. Get in the bay and they DID NOT have Titleist at all, none. Brian pushed the crap out of Callaway which I was already playing and was not happy with. Needless to say I was p*ssed after 20 mins or so. So I took out some cash, set it on the table and just walked out of the fitting. He never once called to ask why..... I called Titleist I was so p*ssed and they said he is NOT a registered fitter for them or even knew he was listing them. Roughly two or three months later I was told he removed Titlliest from his website. I found Bear Creek from Titleist. Brian may be good but I would never recommend him to anyone but that is me. Friend uses D'Lance and swears by them. I have not tried them but I know they push custom builds like Club Champion.
  20. What irons you go with? Bear Creek was the best locally I found hands down for Titleist. Did my TS3 there but not sure they still do it? Outside on trackman. They can get in alot of shafts if you let them know what you want to test but need to know up front as they get the exotic sent in from Titleist. Not that it helps, just noting. I am doing the Titleist driver fitting end of month at Pinehurst through the package deal. You should try and squeeze it in They give you $200 Titleist dollars towards a new club..or balls..etc. Package is $950ish all in or for two nights, No.2, No.4, Cradle and breakfast - dinner for the two days.. crazy good deal. I changed everything but 3 wood and putter so far. Driver is safe until the fitting. So far loving the ZX7's...
  21. LOL Everything is 8 hours from something in MT. *For sure 4 hours..!
  22. I don't understand what all the fuss is about I have been hitting my ZX7's for about a month and they are AWESOME
  23. Sweet putting man.... !!!
  24. MC is were I practice and for the most part pretty good. They do have a bunker area SE of the range to practice bunker shots and a bit north of it you can practice fairway bunker shots down range. The pitching green(s) (next to the main putting green) are about 35-45 yards long. There is only two greens and single direction so limited really to 2 people at a time. A lot of people bring their own shag bags and get upset when others chip too the same green....mixing each others balls (sorry could not resist) Funny layout issues though. Google earth helps if you have not been there Bunker shots. Though bunkers are below the green a bit I have seen easily a 100+ people thin it out the bunker..... just clear the lip and HIT the houses east of the area. The houses are like 10 yards from the practice area and the bunkers face the homes. (not sure on what Kavanaugh was thinking on that) Fairway bunker shots are exactly the same. Not aimed far enough left, hits a fade or worse hosel rocket right into the houses on the right. Edit: The chipping green(s) I have seen people thin those shots and fly it over/past the green(s) into the open space. Now that area along Hole 1 it is being developed for homes it looks like and I am sure a few of those homes will get hit too as it looks close out in the field. Thinking number 1 tee shot should be safe as its left would need a pretty good hook to hit the new homes..... but never know.
  25. I was thinking of going the Modus 115 wedge shaft but knowing that could take 4-6 weeks to get and have never hit one to know if I would like it or not I stuck with what I am used too. DG Tour Spinner that is stock. It is about 10 grams heavier or so and it seems to blend well.
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