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  1. I have hit all 3 outdoors. The MP59's are the ones I would go with. They have a different feel, but if you get the right angle of attack they are as soft feeling as any other MIzzo. I have had people tell me my back up set (I15's) feel VERY clicky, but I only felt that in the beggining then I figured out the angle need for the club and the feel is as soft as my MB1 blades. <--- TOOK a long time to figure it out, but did gain 5-8 yards too. Will more then likely get a combo set of MP59's and MP69's over the winter. EDIT: Also got to hit the MP63's at Common Grounds (Aurora Co.) over the weekend with a playing partner. Very nice iron might want to look at those too.
  2. I did the same thing years back, switched over to a blade (MB1's) and loved the feel. I was hitting 2-3 times a week and playing 1-2 times a week. THEN winter came to Colorado and I felt like I had to start all over again. The first month was a work in progress. I really hated it the secon spring as all the fun courses / tourneys where early that I liked and I was playing like poop. I will say the best rounds I played where with them and the WORST rounds also. It is a true love hate relationship... Just a thought, why not get a combo set? I am thinking about it with the same irons but long irons would be the MP59's. Get the long irons in the new MP59 and the middle/short irons in the MP68's? I hit the MP59's and I have to be honest, if the wife was not with me at the time they would have been ordered. Nice thing with Mizzo's you can bend them to have all the lofts matched for equal distance spacing as you like. as noted above though, GET FIT WITH THE RIGHT SHAFT no matter what you buy.
  3. So what is the best place to buy Fubuki or Fujikura shafts online? I think it will be between those to brands...
  4. [quote name='jabrch' timestamp='1315235822' post='3542908'] The Talamonti X Stiff might be a good fit. It's not expensive at all. But Im not sure how much a shaft can be "anti-left". [b]If your face is closed or your path or hands come that way[/b], you are going to go left - shaft or not... I get what you are asking for - but I have a hard time imagining a shaft making enough a difference on R/L. Have you considered opening the face on your driver a degree or two? [/quote] Good point above on the hands. The lefts I have are only when I step on it. Loading the stock shaft I can feel it releasing. Tthe ball flight starts outs right (10-15 yards) of the target, then goes out about 200 yards or so, then starts coming left and I would say about 30-40 yards..! It still goes about 250 or so but then it RUNS out like 30 yards!!! If I "slow" the tempo of my swing a bit it will go dead straight or the 10 yard fade, which what I prefer. Could it be just the torque of the stock shaft? I looked at my old shafts and they range from 2.9 - 3.8 torque range and the stock shaft has [b]6.9[/b]? Could that be the real issue? I really do like the ball flight it is very pentetrating. Heck maybe I should just buy a real Fubuki shaft with torque around 3.0ish and low launch and see?? Look for a pull as noted previous??
  5. So how is this shaft? [url="http://www.golfsmith.com/products/4991W/UST_Mamiya/Proforce_AXIVCore_Tour_Green_60_Wood_Shaft#BVRRWidgetID"]http://www.golfsmith.com/products/4991W/UST_Mamiya/Proforce_AXIVCore_Tour_Green_60_Wood_Shaft#BVRRWidgetID[/url] Never played with a UST and I think I can get one for a good price...
  6. I have the ProLaunch RED in a Driver now and I have not been a fan of it. I will look around at the White Board, is the F1 any good?
  7. [quote name='phizzy30' timestamp='1315186843' post='3542015'] . I had a TP6HD and it took a lot of work to get that sucker to even draw but that shaft seems to be out of your price range. [/quote] That Matrix shaft is $500-1000 looking online.... Ok so I noted "cheap" but I was thinking $100-200 range. this Machspeed driver was only to finish out the year and mess around with honestly. I am waiting for the R11 to drop and will pick up just the head over the winter. Then spend $250-500 on the right shaft for next seasons tourneys.. Sorry I should have clarified my price point.
  8. [quote name='phizzy30' timestamp='1315186843' post='3542015'] Anything that is extremely stiff in the tip, mid and butt section are pretty much anti-left and launch low. I had a TP6HD and it took a lot of work to get that sucker to even draw but that shaft seems to be out of your price range. I don't think your swing speed is 108 if you're carrying it 280. My average carry with driver is 285+ and my swing speed is 120 when I swing hard. Your probably closer to 115. I consider the whiteboard, matrix HD line and the ahina anti-left. [/quote] I was almost dead on with a Sold swing at 108 on the trackman, not pushing it really hard. As I noted living in Colorado helps as the ball will carry at least 20 yards more in the air. I will look up the shafts you mentioned. Based on reviews from the forums the Harrison Saga looks interesting.
  9. Baseline stats:I swing between 105-108 with my driver. I have always had a late release/lag in my swing, now and then when I stand on it if snaps, not bad hoenstly but it is not controled. I am trying to find a 60-65 gram X flex shaft that is considered anti-left. Current shaft is a Fubuki "X" flex in that is in a Mach Speed Black (Round) I can get this shaft to carry about 270-280 and roll out about 20-30 yards so pretty happy other then the occasional lefties. *Have to love Colorado AIR... I am not looking to speed $300 for a shaft as the driver new only cost me $150. It is a really good driver if you can get past the sound on impact... :good: it is frozen rope when hit on the screws.!! EDIT: Just looked up the specs for the Stock Fubki shaft. Very light (54 Grams) where I am used to 63-65 and the torque is 6.9...!!! No wonder it feels flippy at times I step on it.
  10. Hmmm alot of views but no one has tried this? Guess that answers my question
  11. I have played both and I have the I15's in the bag now. They were just better overall and one thing for sure PING's hold up well..! I would agree that they may not be the longest, but not the shortest. but they are very tight on pattern. Even toe/heel shots stay well online. Once you get them dailed to you and catch it right they feel as soft as most clubs. Again on the distance they are not the longest club made, but if your in the sweet pot they are good on length. I use 1/2" over 2 up with ZZ65 shafts as far a setup.
  12. I have some driver shafts lying around that I would like to try in my Nike MSB driver. Getting the Str8-fit tip is not easy, seems the BAY is the only place. I found this website tonight and the only thing they sell is the Str8-fit adapter. A google search on the company and the only thing that comes up is the email address, and it is listed to a GolfWRX member. So wondering if any WRX members have tried it. http://fairwaygolfsg...--P1993707.aspx
  13. Nice never heard of that place.. I guess I need to spend less time on the course and more on the forums
  14. I have been a member a long time but only have posted 3-4 times, mainly lurk for the great information. So the thread question, I did a search and have not found exactly what I am looking for so thought I would post to all those who do konw. I have a new VR Pro driver with 9.5 / PX 6.0 shaft. I like it but want to try out some other shafts out. Knowing the Str8-fit 32 postition adaptor is needed is the problem. I know the Str8-fit is the same on the VR and MSB so that is good news, or so I hope it provides more available items out there. I found these on the BAY, but I can not get an answer if they are the real deal or not and if they even work?? http://www.ebay.com/itm/NIKE-2011-VR-PRO-MACHSPEED-BLACK-SHAFT-ADAPTER-SLEEVE-/190562440673?pt=Golf_Clubmaking_Products_US&hash=item2c5e6815e1 If anyone has experience with this item I would appreciate feedback or knows a good place to get a couple of adaptors I would appreciate it. NIKE really needs to stop being d*cks and allow the public to buy them. Would make the customers much happier. The others sell them for like $20/30 dollars to the public. Second question would be, what is the the best place to look for used shafts that already have the tip on them? I tried the local forums but there is not much there for the VR/MSB. Thanks for any in help in advance.
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