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  1. I've went back and forth on this very topic so many times. Thought I was good enough for p790 and i210s. Hit 25% GIRs. Threw g410s back in the bag and hit 10 greens last round. Fat bottom girls for life for me...I think.
  2. Decided I needed to go see these in person yesterday. Especially interested in the hot metal pros. Actually had a very short stint with the 919 HMPs, liked them, but irrational club hoing didn't give them the chance they deserved. The European Mizuno page has the compare options up. Shows the 921 HMP 7 iron having around an 81mm blade length. How does that compare to the 919 HMPs. Looked shorter heel to toe than I thought they would.
  3. I fully anticipate folks in Asia and Australia putting them on eBay to make a profit.
  4. 34 degree hybrid. Oh my. 7 headcovers in the bag. I'll never hear the end of it.
  5. Incredible lineup. The g425 irons definitely look nice. Hosel looks thinner. Don't love the ferrules, but can overlook that. Question is what will people be paying on eBay to get these before January?
  6. I'm a huge ping fan. While they won't copy other companies they certainly look to push innovation. The company that makes a driver that fills the circled portion of the attached graphic will have done something new and I think good.
  7. I'm really surprised Ping hasnt followed the sim and speedzone design strategy. Ping has done a great job of getting weight back, but the next step is getting it lower and back.
  8. Have owned them both in the long irons. Very little difference up to the 7 iron. From a performance perspective they are almost identical. A little over a mm different in blade length. Very similar rear center of gravity. Identical MOI. If someone chooses one over the other it's because of color, sound, or feel.
  9. But currently Ping has the g710 and g410 which are basically the same club from a performance perspective. There is a gap that can be filled between the i210 and g710. I believe the blade length of i210 is 80-81 mm. G410 is probably 86+ mm. Ping could easily build a g iron with I offset with a thicker sole and approximately 84 mm blade length. Think bstone j40 with ping tech and wider sole. Would be money for the vast majority of golfers.
  10. Wooderson

    G410 7w

    My g410 7 wood might be my favorite club of all time and won't be leaving my bag anytime soon.
  11. I can't speak to the SZ but I just reshafted my regular Mavrik and it was certainly .335.
  12. PING - Blogs Very interesting findings.
  13. Just purchased a Ping g20. The shaft may not be best for me, but initial thoughts are positive. Wish I had just bought one in 2012 and played it all this time. Would have saved some money and not scored differently.
  14. I get this on my Ping G410 adapters. I don't think I'll own the club long enough for it to ever matter.
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