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  1. If you ever, ever watch a review video and claim a winner after one club has primarily a pull draw and the other a push fade/slice then you need to dig deeper into how delivery impacts results. The stealth plain and simple is not setup for Mr Newton. He can not deliver/impact the two clubs the same and THAT IS THE REASON FOR THE PERFORMANCE DISCREPANCIES. The stealth is more fade biased than the rogue max. Mr Newton generally does not gravitate to fade biased clubs because his swing is not suited for that. I think he is a great reviewer but he is not helping his audience by leaving out this tidbit. Crossfield will talk about it and even though he bothers many I think that is his brilliance. He knows that clubs only do so much and the person swinging them is the reason for performance. If you hit the ball low and/or heel expect more spin. If you have more dynamic loft and you generally will if you leave the face open to path you will have more spin. No club can correct that. It can slightly impact it but it can't correct it. I hit the regular Stealth and never saw greater than 2800 spin.
  2. I would add to this to test for a prolonged period. One set of test data is not enough. The regression to mean video I posted above outlines this.
  3. I spent way too much over the past 2 years. One thing that I love to do is try new clubs and hit them on Trackman. Often I would hit the new clubs fantastic and make an impulse buy only to realize they weren't right later. Thankfully I stumbled on this video and it just seemed to reinforce what I knew but didn't want to recognize. No matter how good we are regression to the mean impacts our perception of our performance. Understanding this has helped me resist falling for the initial good performance of a club.
  4. The new Callaways would be in consideration for me if they weren't draw biased. I spent a lot of time measuring CofGs of drivers this weekend and the huge, heavy adapter for Callaway and Titleist just add too much weight in the wrong spot.
  5. I have a pronounced draw swing fault. I was able to hit push draws, pushes, and some fades with the stealth plus. Regular Stealth all finished left of my intended target.
  6. I was getting high launch out of both. 14-16 degrees. What I would like to know is what is the best method to make the regular Stealth fade biased?
  7. Got to run the stealth through the paces. Hit well over 100 balls trying different configurations and shafts. These were the final two driver sets of the session. I love the look, feel, and sound of the Stealth. The Sim2 was my favorite looking, feeling, and sounding club until today. I wanted the regular Stealth to be the winner but the plus just performed better. Stealth was more apt to over draw on me. More than likely I'll make the jump to the Stealth plus but keep the sim 2 as a backup. Will probably lighten the front weight and move that weight to the back for a bit of stability.
  8. If I was a betting person I bet you draw the Callaway more and that is killing the carry. With a draw swing TaylorMade drivers are remarkable in taming that shot. I have tried and tried to play every driver but TaylorMade with a 4-6 degree club path and they were a challenge. I made the decision last year to give TM a try and it was game changing for me. Much less likely to hit the 30-40 yard hook. I love Callaway drivers but they are just draw biased. That double cog adapter is just too much mass in the heel.
  9. This tells you all you need to know about the new "made for" process. Companies build friendly profiles with cheaper materials that they know the OEMs will buy as their stock shaft. The shaft manufacturers sell it as an original with a high MSRP to provide an allusion that it is special. If TaylorMade is paying more than $15 for these shafts I would be amazed. If you folks are paying MSRP for them I would say really? Now being made by Mitsubishi it will be straight and pretty on point from a manufacturer tolerance perspective, but it more than likely will be on the softer side. This is the new norm because the backlash was rightfully harsh from prior made for practices. If it performs for you it ultimately doesn't matter.
  10. For those who have hit it, does it sound more like the thud of the OG Sim or the crack of the Sim 2? Ball speed will be the deciding factor for me, but sound will be the definitive second.
  11. No it will not. Black looks great but the hydropearl is legit and proven your best option to maintain spin in wet conditions.
  12. This post from Howard is gold. I didn't do 2 mm. I cut mine by 1/8 inch and I can't express how much easier it made my long irons. I was playing hybrids because I thought a 5 and 6 iron were too tough. Now my 5 and 6 iron are as easy to swing and hit as a 9 iron. Dropped my handicap 4 pts and almost doubled my GIR with this set of irons. Thank you Howard for all of your contributions. So, so helpful to many golfers...if they will listen.
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