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  1. Any updates to the availability for these? Specifically, looking for the date we can expect it in shops for testing.
  2. I've spent some time with the whole g425 lineup. I've also posted that if the G425 Max performed that I could overlook the sound. Well I still think that is true, but man does it sound odd. It sounds like a softball bat. Not what I was expecting at all. Performance was ok, but it didn't wow me yet. I would like to hit it outside before fully passing judgement. The G425 LST was really nice, but I honestly like my 410 LST better. The winners in my eyes so far have been the G425 irons. Subtle improvement, but fantastic. The G425 LST 3 wood does everything perfectly. The G425
  3. I'm sorry some of y'all's takes are interesting to say the least. The youtube reviews that I trust the most were extremely positive. From my perspective, the best golf I ever played was with a g400 max. Extremely accurate and consistent distance. Unfortunately I fell into the sound and feel trap and went on a stupidly expensive journey that was detrimental to my game. Currently play g410 LST and TSi2. See approximately 2800-3k rpm with LST and 2200-2600 with TSi2. TSi2 checks every box for me except I get a little squirrelly with it. If I can get back to Ping Max stability and
  4. That is a readily known chart from another website. Google it and you should be able to find. Informative info.
  5. I purchased a Ventus blue for my G410 LST and have been impressed with it for sure. With that said, I find myself wondering if the Velocore is such a revolutionary technique in shaft making then won't we see Fujikura utilize it in all of their new top tier shafts? Just something i've been wondering.
  6. I was really wanting to hold off on any purchase until after the G425 drivers were available. I had hit the TSi2 and TSi3 about 5 times indoor on Trackman against my gamer G410 LST and was impressed with the TSi3 the most. I found that club head speed with TSi3 seemed to be about 2 mph higher than the TSi2. However, the TSi2 was extremely consistent with the smash factor. I am a high handicap (12.8) and tend to get squirrelly with strike. I love my G410 LST, but struggle to consistently launch it on the course. I hit my LST @10.5, weight middle, and with a Ventus Blue 6s. Attached are m
  7. Have you been able to get some good thoughts from your testing?
  8. Would sure love a golfworks discount. Do they ever give one?
  9. I'm trying Shmiddy, I'm trying real hard. That TSi2 is making this very difficult.
  10. Thanks for this review. Currently debating the same two clubs for next year's spot in the rotation. The TSi2 is low spin for me. Averaged 14 degree launch with 2200 spin today on Trackman. All smash factors were 1.49 or greater. Trying to resist buying until I test the g425s.
  11. I thought that could play a factor, but with the tsi3 ball speed being higher also it seemed less likely. Definitely going to do more testing though. From a pure performance perspective these drivers don't beat my g410 LST except in one area. I'm more prone to a left and right miss with my LST, but both the tsi2 and 3 end up consistently right of target, which I like. Plus they look, feel, and sound better.
  12. Anyone else seeing 1-2 mph more swing speed with tsi3 versus the tsi2? Was really wanting to try a driver with more forgiveness like the tsi2, but in my initial testing I don't see a dramatic difference in forgiveness and am getting more CHS and therefore more ball speed with the tsi3.
  13. I don't think it's an easy question to answer and is probably player perspective. One thing I always remember is that 40 years ago players only had blade irons or almost blades to play and yet with all the "forgiveness" we have, the average score has not gotten better.
  14. @Vakaviti, we look forward to some thoughts/review. I was hoping we would see more by now, but this thread is a little slow. Looks so nice, but it's going to have to perform to beat out my G410 LST.
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