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  1. Really? What shafts did you select? There is yet unconfirmed speculation about upcharge for PX or KBS at around $30 more per iron. My local pro shop (who gives me discount) said the prices weren't out in Oz yet but even with discount they thought around around $1300 US (4-PW) without even upgrading the shaft! A mate over there who is a Titleist ambassador has offered to look into price point, subject to me finalizing a shaft. Maybe Paypal is my friend after all :blink: KBs is an upcharge, project x and project x LZ was not an upcharge currently. They are running $135 a club from
  2. The AP2, CB, MB and AP3 are the same price points. T-MB is higher and the AP1 is a little lower. Just ordered the AP2, AP3 mix set up for $945 4-pw.
  3. Unfortunately most of these clubs from china are not counterfeits but just over runs. Manufacturers have the heads made in china and order 5000 pieces. They then make 5500 and sell the extra 500 on the Chinese market. Then there are also the cheap knock offs which are clearly and easily distinguishable.
  4. I ordered one from carolinagolfsales on eBay. Great service and shipped fast.
  5. These grips are $8-8.50 wholesale from pretty much all the US grip suppliers. Anything below that and I'd be careful of them being fake.
  6. I have seen more tour Issue 2017 M1s with the plus for sale than standard retail heads. If you have a spec sticker you should also be able to see where it was tested on the face for COR
  7. You can fit 6 dozen in a USPS medium flat rate box for $11. It's the best method for balls I have found
  8. I have a brand new still in sealed plastic bag from titleist I will hook you up with for $1000 shipped!
  9. He has a price listed. :) Does it include shipping? What's the Paypal. Gotta love the dick heads around here.
  10. Tried to send a pm on the M1 head. Wasn't going through. Send me your best price shipped to 29588 and PayPal info
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