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  1. Just for a week. But, every morning, I start to feel better and then do the exercises and get worse. I have a frozen shoulder (that is why I went to a PT) and I know I just have to fight through the pain to add range of motion for my shoulder. I just don't want to make my knee worse. I completed the number of treatments required for the frozen shoulder and I brought up the knee issue in the last session and the PT gave me exercises. I guess I should go back. But, it's getting expensive.
  2. Thanks, Mike. It sounds like the injured leg is the one that posts. The other leg swings. Does the exercise have a name?
  3. I was given exercises by my PT and I am increasing pain. I believe the culprit is the short arcs. Is there a benign exercise for the knee that will build flexibity and strength. From what I can tell the idea is to build up the surrounding muscles. Calf, ham string and quad. But, I seem to be getting worse, not better with these exercises given.
  4. Thanks, Barfolomew. I just came to the same conclusion, work with a shorter swing! A punch shot comes to mind for the irons. Just need to think of how to play a similar shot with the driver or 3 wood off the tee.
  5. Has anyone had any success with https://par4success.com/ ? I see their staff has increased a lot lately. They have PT's and fitness experts.
  6. Any good set up, stretching or swing suggestions for a bad trail knee?
  7. Combo set sounds good. That used to be popular, starting with Adams clubs.
  8. Understand it? I can't even hear it. The volume is low.
  9. Watched a video below talking about externally rotating your trail arm and forearm, past 90 degrees. Due to past and current frozen shoulders, I can only get it to 75 degrees. Getting it to 90 degrees would be the waiters tray position at the top. Is this why in the backswing, I can only get it to 75 degees in the backswing, 90 is parallel?
  10. I think many could benefit from these clubs. I can't see any downside. Make sure you get the shaft flex right. Also, consider going further with traditional hybrids. Many like the G425 hybrids.
  11. Have tried Noel's swing. Maybe, that's why I've had two frozen shoulders after it.
  12. I used to record a score all of the time. I think depending on who you play with may dictate what you do. For many years with my friends we always kept score. Since then I play with my wife mostly, it is just to get out and enjoy an occasional round. No score kept. When I play with my son occasionally, I keep the score. But, he never asks what he shot at the end of the round. I guess he really doesn't care about score, even though I keep it. In my opinion score is just a number and consistent ball striking is something I strive for and enjoy.
  13. Besides the lack of cocking the wrists (I am really good at that, lol), what are other Steve Stricker concepts to follow?
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