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  1. Have red, white and blue Volvik vivid, a gift set when my wife went to France. The red's are hard to see in the air and on the ground.
  2. I believe it was just random testing and I am not sure how they could figure out our age based on limited information in our profile. With that said, I don't see how these are Senior clubs. They are forgiving. But, they offer a variety of shafts. I think Tour Edge found a marketing niche on the Sr tour. But, from a performance point of view, anyone can benefit from these.
  3. Excellent, Greenie! I'm glad my comments helped. You can definitely be more aggressive with the Ventus Red R compared to the Air Speeder. I'm starting to practice with the VR and it's an improvement over the Air Speeder and there's less dispersion. Looking forward to getting this set up to the course.
  4. Nitros. But, they are good for a beginner teenager who slices balls off the planet every other hole.
  5. As stated above, Soft Feel in yellow, if you get a bogo or $10 off coupon during Black Friday or Christmas at Dick's. IMO it's worth 20-22 a dozen. Below, 15? Wilson 50, Bridgestone Treosoft or Noodle at Academy Sports?
  6. A big shout out to Chris at Tour Edge in their customer service department. He swapped out my Air Speeder (too much flex) shaft with a Ventus Red R. Love the red shaft and the black head. It was a quick and easy process. Also, he has been more than happy to answer my questions and make suggestions, too. The 721 is a great driver. But, their customer service is amazing. Thanks, again to Tour Edge and Golfwrx for this great opportunity.
  7. Thanks, for the post on Milo. His breakdown of the backswing is great. Chest Turn, hinge wrists & rotate forearms.
  8. What household item do you use to get rid of the tee marks on the bottom of your driver club head?
  9. Agreed, get better equipment for you. Grips, shafts, clubs, balls, wedges. You can buy used. Cobra has a 3 wood, called Big Tour Fairway. This is a slightly large 3 wood, which would give you plenty of distance, yet easier to hit off the tee. CBX2 wedges are popular. So, many great game improving equipment options. Go to demo days to try out different brands.
  10. Get the equipment right. Hybrids, hybrid irons.
  11. I think you need to go to your local golf shop and buy sleeves and not dozens. Also, many golf retailers like Golf Galaxy have single balls and just experiment. Also, every Black Friday and Christmas stock up!
  12. I use Linkedin as an IT Recruiter.
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