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  1. Ironically, I have this same issue. I am money when hitting a knock down out of the woods or laying up on a par 5. I was thinking of just playing this punch shot on all irons and plan on shorter distances. The punch shot is not so good on balls that are teed up.
  2. True. Also, Wilson Duo Pro will only appeal to people who like soft urethane balls.
  3. Academy Sports $249. They are also selling the Rogue and M2.
  4. Do you know the compression of the TruFeel?
  5. Haven't played them. They are two piece and 60 compression. Which is my preferred specs. Do you like a 2 piece ball with mid-compression. If yes, go for it. It has the same specs as the TM Burner Soft and Srixon Soft feel.
  6. Is the BXS, that much better than the Qstar Tour or TM Tour response. Talk about a price difference.
  7. I like Srixon Soft Feel and TM BurnerSoft. Oncore Avant, these should be great winter balls, too. I prefer a compression around 60.
  8. Remembered that one local course has a decent retail set up. Sure enough, they allow you to take out demo clubs on the range and practice area. They just asked to hold my credit card. After trying the CBX2, which was great, I am expecting even more from the new MD CB's wedges. After one more demo, these will be in the bag.
  9. Finally a price drop. Always felt this was a decent ball, just a bit too high on the price point. A little soft though. https://www.academy.com/shop/pdp/wilson-staff-duo-pro-golf-balls-12-pack
  10. How is the latest gen of 50 elites. Funny, there used to be a very long thread on this ball and the buzz disappeared.
  11. Haven't played the ball. But, it does seem odd to have a totally different reaction based on a new set of clubs. Maybe, try it a few more times. For a 2 piecer, I do like the yellow soft feels. Curious about the new gen.
  12. Anyone play the Callaway XHot 2019 driver? I remember the 2013 version. Is this better?
  13. Interesting that Callaway CB went with a lower retail cost compared to the CBX2. Maybe, they know the CBX2 will come down in price soon?
  14. Can you buy these on-line and not belong to Costco?
  15. Does Golf Galaxy allow demo clubs to be used at a course or a range outside of the store? If yes, how is that handled? Do you buy the club and get a refund when it is returned? After having a bad experience buying a wedge, I am trying to figure out how to test out a club whether it is a demo or maybe a used club. Tanner
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