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  1. @John L. (or other knowledgeable GolfWRX members): Would you know if the Rule on circular grips (2nd bullet-point in your list above) = still in-force? (presumably 'Yes'?) i.e. A super-stroke putter grip (with square front) on my chipper = technically still non-conforming to the Rules of Golf? Saw a youtube video (Link below, "Mr Short Game" experimenting with a SuperStroke grip on all manner of non-putter clubs: Driver, Irons, etc) circa Sept2020, in which the YouTuber also complained the "circular grip" rule = "stupid", given that you can also use your super-st
  2. I am looking to spend about 200-220 for a driver. Anyone game the new TE drivers? Am I better off with a used Callaway, Ping or TM at a similar price?
  3. Yes, they were the only one that held their pricing during the holidays. Is the ball really worth 45 dollars. when there are Snells, QST's, TR out there at a much lower price?
  4. Has the yellow color improved on the Tour Response or is it still yellow-greenish?
  5. The Duo Pro is nice if you prefer a very soft urethane ball. https://www.academy.com/shop/pdp/wilson-staff-duo-pro-golf-balls-12-pack $26.99
  6. How about QST or Duo Pro? Nice soft urethane balls.
  7. torbill, Thanks, for sharing your thoughts. Good to know about using the big muscles when allowing the elbow to bend. I am just excited to feel the up in the backswing. Previously, if I don't go up, I sway. We often see one way of teaching. But, in my opinion, seniors, ladies and juniors - all have separate abilities and limitations.
  8. Just initially, the only positive that stood out was ease of chipping. Nothing else about the ball was impressive. I suspect a beginner, junior, super senior or some ladies could benefit by this ball. Even if it is for the placebo effect of hitting a larger ball.
  9. For the senior golfer, what do you think of this approach of letting the elbow to bend in the backswing? I find if you let it bend too early, you can't turn in the backswing. https://golf-info-guide.com/video-golf-tips/senior-7-allow-small-front-arm-bend-to-aid-full-back-swing-video/ Start at 6:40 (below)
  10. Maybe, try Jack's turn your head away before the takeaway? This move is rarely discussed. I suspect this frees up the backswing.
  11. Yes, promoting a sway is always a slippery slope. But, perhaps, we should not get too down on ourselves if there's some natural sway as we age.
  12. Here's a current video out there for a sr golfer. I like the concept of there are other ways to generate swing speed, instead of just turn. There's up and down (I never could get that one right), and even a slight sway is ok. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4mrDxYvckko
  13. When I use to collapse at the top of the backswing, I knew this was deadly to my forward swing. However, with a bad back and knee and aging, I find this loose backswing generates more power than any kind of (x-factor) type of coil.
  14. It gets good reviews on Dick's web site: https://www.dickssportinggoods.com/p/top-flite-2020-hammer-distance-golf-balls-15-pack-20tflm2020tfhmmrdgbl/20tflm2020tfhmmrdgbl In the end, it's a firmer two piece ball. I don't think that is anything to get excited about. Although, I did think the D2 Feel was above average. It seems anything good seems to go away. RIP gamersoft.
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