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  1. Moved away from Pings end of last year to Cleveland UHX irons. I had G400 4h & sold along with irons. I picked up a Cleveland Launcher 4h to match up with the irons. It is a pull/hook machine for me. Both 4h are 22° loft & 39.75 length. Cleveland lie angle is 60.5°. Ping G400 lie angle 59°. I equate pull due to more upright lie angle on Cleveland. Researched and found Callaway has flatter lie angle on average. I buy used for budget reasons. Any other makes with hybrids flatter than norm? TM, Cobra, etc. are more upright than Pings/Callaway as an example.
  2. Ping has a 7 wood in LH and it is adjustable also for loft and lie.
  3. Unless it bothers him that he is using a junior club vs an adult lob wedge, don't sweat it. He has Pings in the bag already, if he scores better than those with OEM lob wedges in the bag, it is what's on the scorecard that counts. Now I recognize social pressures are starting and the desire to fit in. It is likely he is reaching the age where in another year or two he'll need to move out of a junior set. The only other option is to have him fit and see if he can hit an adult club with the same proficiency he is with his junior clubs.
  4. There is the Classified section on this forum, but I believe you need 75 posts to sell. Do you have a Play It Again Sports near you? It may be Ebay is your best option. Of if you are will to donate, find the nearest First Tee program. https://firsttee.org/
  5. I'm playing the UHX down to 5i and then a hb turbo at 4i. the flat black cavity helps hide the mass behind the club face at address. it will be interesting to see what tech changes Cleveland makes.
  6. Agree, would be interesting to see launch monitor numbers to compare dynamic loft at impact.
  7. Is the bench heavy enough for the lie/loft bending tool to avoid tipping when pulling on a hard iron hosel? Just curious. Love your set up.
  8. I have this Rukket net. It is a little smaller overall that the other one. Well built. If it is outdoor only, no need for a mat (other than to save the lawn). https://www.rukket.com/collections/golf-hitting-nets-portable-driving-ranges/products/rukknet-the-original-pop-up-golf-net-w-ball-return-feature-10x7x5-practice-your-swing-anywhere
  9. Im a lefty for anything requiring to hands (baseball, hockey, etc.) right handed for single (write, throw, tennis, racquetball, etc). 4 children, 3 are natural lefties and golf left handed. other is right/right for golf. Wife is natural lefty, but swings a golf club right handed (she really doesn't golf). Yeah, so family is sort of messed up when it comes to golf. Golf league used to have a couple of other lefties, they left for various reason, I was only one left. My oldest son is joining me this year, so we are really going to mess with the other guys. The oppressed will rise!!! (it is a jok
  10. As you say fw off deck least confident. My guess is you feel more confident with hybrid due to shorter shaft. Unless you are consistent with center face contact with fw, shorter shaft is usually better. My recommendation is 5 & 7 wood, lofted down. I would not recommend a 3w shaft in 5 wood. IMO only. Good luck in your experiment.
  11. https://www.orkagolf.com/products/irons/cti-irons/ Look up Lee Whittaker Golf on YouTube, he just did a review.
  12. Thanks. I've understand what the lines represent and the why. Just trying to decide if I'll make a grid on mat and with your answer I will. I tried the Right Side Swing method end of last year, it is a right side stack, but not tilt and not as much arms around body. S/T has feels my mind seems to grasp. Now my senior body needs to accept some new movements. Played indoors at dome with Trackman Range with buddies last night, not a single topped ball, so I think I am starting to get the body to repeat the S/T setup/moves.
  13. I came across youtube videos for SNT teachers out of Singapore (R Cheney & N Taylor at GolfTec Singapore) and am fiddling with idea indoors while waiting for Spring to get her in the great white north USA. They talk about the Grid which I believe is Bennett/Plummer design. Any one use the grid as part of their practice? I have always had contact issues which I equate to center of arc and looking at this swing method as a possible fix. Senior golfer, so I am not looking for distance, I would be happy with more straight.
  14. 5 kids and all that golf sh!t, he has to be a diy'er, gotta cut costs somewhere. I just figured you see a little cut or fuzz on a ball and into the practice ball bag. Let me guess, you are remodeling with a dedicated golf simulator spot? GC Quad, full simulator software, 12x12 screen, fibremat, etc.
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