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  1. Excellent to New condition with factory cover. Prefer 33” or 34” length. Thank you!
  2. I need a Titleist 620 MB 4-iron in very good condition. If you have the head or full club for sale, please PM me. Thank you!
  3. Only trade interests are Titleist 620 MB 3 and 4 irons (heads only preferred), 15° and 18°TS2/TSi2 fairway heads with stock covers, or a Flightscope Mevo. Thanks!
  4. Matrix Program 130 iron shafts 4-GW. Rare, soft matte black model in 6.0 flex. Excellent condition 1-time pulls. Currently 0.370" but can be easily shaped to 0.355" taper tip. 4-iron length is 37.5" with 0.5" increments down to PW, and 0.375" to GW. Very rare aftermarket shafts that are wonderful to play. CONUS shipping only... $350
  5. Good luck with the knee replacement! Follow your doctor’s and PT’s orders and do the rehab exercises! I had full replacements on both knees at the same time and was back on the course in six months. Best decision I ever made. Let me know if you have questions about the experience.
  6. Weather is getting warmer and the courses are looking lush and green here in Central Eastern Europe. I have played several times over the past few weeks. Hoping the virus restrictions ease soon so we can travel more to different regions to play.
  7. He tried the same thing with me for a set of MMT shafts... I thanked him and deleted the PM.
  8. Ferrules are also wrong. Titleist started using shorter ferrules several years before, and these have the old style long ones.
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