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  1. Are they already butt-cut to length? If no, try dry-fitting them at +0.5 longer to see if you can get swing weight where you want it. That's what I did and the extra 3-4 points in SW brought the clubs in at D1/D2. If they are already butt-cut, you can also consider soft-stepping 1X to get the extra 0.5 inch. The change in flex will be marginal.
  2. Yes, 2019 ZR1. It is fantastic, and an absolute beast.
  3. Played the last 5 days in Poland with high temp at -2° C today. Having a great time closing out 2020 and ringing in 2021 with golf in the mountains. Crazy!
  4. Very happy to see a return to the earlier format. Improving the Search function would be a big plus.
  5. Several topics have been posted about this issue. The App is not supported any longer, so the site owners will tell you to use either the full site or mobile skin on your browser. What's a mobile skin? The layout/format of the site optimized to view on a mobile device. Scroll to the bottom left side of any page and you will see an option to change the format.
  6. The one on the right is the original driver/fairway adapter from the 910 series and it was carried over into the 913D driver series (the fairway adapter changed in the 913F series). The one on the left is from the 915 and later drivers. Both will work the same in all Titleist drivers from 910 - TS. As for original or aftermarket, you will have to check the serial number engraved on the adapter with Titleist to see if they will tell you.
  7. He was on the site today up until 8 hours ago...
  8. That appears to be a 2018 Cameron Select Squareback, right? A couple of options for you to consider: 1. Send it to one of the putter mod shops and have them weld on a new neck. This will be the most expensive, but you can have it set up several different ways and it will be custom. 2. File/sand the top of the broken section so it is flat and parallel to the bottom ring. Purchase from a local hardware store or machine shop a 15-20mm long round rod that matches up with the inside of the putter shaft you intend to use. You can also use a round gage pin if you can find one that is not to
  9. You will probably have to use the Full Site theme to reply to the warning. If you try to post a reply to a thread, I think it will ask you to acknowledge the warning first.
  10. If it is just a post, in the lower right corner of it you should see Delete in light grey font. Click on it and you can choose to delete the post. If it is a duplicate topic thread, click on the light grey Report in the lower right corner of your first post and ask the Moderators to delete the whole thread. You will need to be on the Full Site theme to use the above steps.
  11. It will show up in order based on the original listing date, not by the date you pinned it.
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