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  1. Very nice! ‘Do anyone know if the earlier TS2 shaft adapter will work with the TSi heads?
  2. Other than applying lead tape, is there another way to add weight to the P790s? TIA
  3. Do these faces create a soft feel as the white inserted putters or are they a firmer feeling putter?
  4. Probably can order in February with delivery in March. You can order the glide 2 wedges now for early February delivery. Bob, thanks for the reply. Good info.
  5. Any idea when the i200 will be available? I really like them.
  6. What problem? He has won twice this year! Winning once is good with the depth of the tour. I'd say he is doing ok half way through the season.
  7. The past several years I've used a doppler radar based monitor made by Zelocity that gives you carry distance among other ball related information. It has proved to be pretty accurate.
  8. Do any think Fowler received appearance money?
  9. I believe it was an article on the Golf Channel website.
  10. I just read that Spieth is mentally and physically fatigued from all his travels to Asia, Middle East, Hawaii, and back to Asia. The article indicated he was chasing appearance money. What kind of money do these top pros get for appearing at events in Asia and Europe?
  11. [quote name='LittleLeftToRight' timestamp='1439975627' post='12167710'] I think a lot of people are drinking the Spieth cool aid around here. He has had a hot putter but he has only had it for a reasonably short time. To think that he will continue making tons of putts over the next few years is naive. What he has done this year is an anomoly. It isn't going to last. [/quote] You lack credibility on this subject.
  12. [quote name='Titleist 670' timestamp='1435719103' post='11866810'] [quote name='eagle1997' timestamp='1435718869' post='11866788'] Yep. And they may be right. One thing they seem not to be considering: they may be wrong. [/quote] I don't think anyone would outright say it's 100% certain it didn't happen. Of course anyone could be wrong. But it's hard to believe. And most people are saying it's not the score, it's the two par-4 aces, 3 aces in total, and the fact that this guy now has 6 aces on par 4's and more career aces by far than Tiger Woods. But because he's a +4, former ma
  13. [quote name='mosesgolf' timestamp='1436658181' post='11930982'] You know I'm starting to think there is something to this 21 year old Jordan Spieth. I think he's got some potential. [/quote] You may be right, but he is going to have to bulk up to hit his driver longer.
  14. [quote name='T.Beau' timestamp='1435011738' post='11813494'] [quote name='Forged4ever' timestamp='1435006884' post='11812954'] "Between clubs"? Bro, these are the absolute best of the very best Pros on planet earth, lmao "Between clubs"? These aren't your garden variety chops, lmao Bottom line, however the track played, it played the exact same for EVERY Player that planted their tee. I detest the USGA, and counting my time as a Junior Member, have been a card carrying member for 41+ years, and from about my early 40s on, when I started sitting on my Club's Board's along with being
  15. I recently purchased a putter from Guerin Putter Designs an have been very pleased with the putter. Mr. Guerin sold Guerin Rife Putters and is now milling putters in a small shop in Carlsbad, Calif. I personally visited with Mr. Guerin to establish length, lie, and swing weight. He did a very nice job.
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