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  1. Agree with this take. It's pre-emptive. I agree that a driver > 46 inches is not an advantage now. If it was, more than 2-3 guys would be using them. In principle, I agree that if a guy can control a 48 inch driver, good for him and he should be rewarded. However, I can understand where the ruling is coming from. Future technology may enable drivers that are really forgiving or balls that fly super straight and people may benefit from 48 inch drivers. Then the cats out of the bag and its done. You can't roll them back. While I can understand why Phil and Bryson are pissed, it really doesn't affect many people at all because its not even an advantage now really. I doubt even Phil or Bryson are going to be affected that much.
  2. I am 1/3 of the way through foundation and I'm impressed. The speed is steadily ratcheting up an I've gone up 5mph already. Before I tried the Stack, I bought but never used the speed sticks. A few things I can say about the Stack. - The training program is the reason I bought it. It conveniently tracks how fast you are at each weight at each session because you enter (dictate) each speed. The app tells you to rest between sets and tells you how much to rest between swings. I don't believe any other program actually mandates rest between swings, which I feel is pretty important. If you just swing away repeatedly, you will get tired quick. The training regimen is slightly different every time, and I think there's rhyme and reason to it. Most sessions I break personal records for one of the weights and eventually I will surpass personal records for all of them. - I wondered if these things help you with your technique or your strength. The answer to me is clearly both. My muscles feel sore afterwards, but I feel that my technique is evolving as I experiment with different things that can help me. After a training session, I will take a few swings for experimental purposes to see if technical tweaks work. I think personal experimentation with technique helps get the most out of this or any speed training app. People ask about whether it translates on the course. I 100% believe to will although I haven't been on a launch monitor or played enough on the course to gauge how long I'm hitting it. I was swinging as hard as I possibly could during the first session, and I'm swinging as hard as I could now. My swing objectively got 5mph faster. And its not because I am practicing how to swing wildly. Anyone who has ever got on a swing speed tester knows that effort doesn't make you swing faster. Wild swings in fact usually slow you down. My swing now is technically more sound and faster. No question about it.
  3. i disagree about a links course like St Andres. There are many “links” courses in the states that play nothing like a true links course. I would say Bandon is a notable exception. What makes a links course is wind and the ground. Bandon recreates the weather really well and has the same fescue grass. Balls can be bounced into greens and you can putt from 40 feet off the green. Some Scottish guy even brought gorse over years ago and it invaded the Oregon coast. It shows how similar the climate and vegetation is. but I digress. I don’t think you could recreate St Andrew’s or a true links course in Wisconsin. Even whistling straits does not play like a true links course.
  4. I wasn't being sarcastic. I meant to say "couldn't". There are a million factors besides views that can't be recreated. Soil, grass, air, altitude, wind. I'm sure the course will be great, but I'm not sure how it would compare to the Lido. Probably a good thing for them that nobody will ever really know, because the Lido is not around anymore. It has mythical status as a result.
  5. At Winged Foot, I believe you have to play with members who observe how well you play and your golfing etiquette. That's certainly the exception though. I haven't heard of any other courses that do that.
  6. It sounds amazing, but I always wonder how one can recreate a seaside course inland. You couldn't recreate St. Andrews or Pebble Beach in the middle of Wisconsin. I don't know how it works for this. I heard an interview with Tom Doak who said the the wind conditions are similar, but I'm skeptical about that. Don't get me wrong. Would love to play it.
  7. Damn impressive showing by Bryson. He’s not quite as fast as the top guys but he has great launch conditions and hits more fairways than all of them combined it seems.
  8. Many impressive accomplishments that will probably never be matched. But there is no way anyone will ever three peat the US Junior Am then three peat the US Am. Bobby Jones didn’t even three peat the US Am in a completely different era. Winning a match play event like that is harder than winning a 4 round medal play tournament. You can’t have a single bad round.
  9. SOLD! Set of men’s speed training sticks. New in sealed box. $199 new. Will sell for $180 shipped. Save $20 plus tax/shipping.
  10. Wanted to like mine but it’s on the shelf and white hot OG 7S is back. It’s just more forgiving and I get better distance control. And I think I like my studio select with superstroke better. I think it has a more consistent and non clicky feel. I’m planning to keep it and give it another go at some point.
  11. The basis behind hollow irons is that the thin faces have higher ball speeds compared to solid faces. Also, compared to a solid forged club, they enable more options with weighting. You can move the weight to the perimeter, and also further back away from the face. These factors can make the club more forgiving and also launch it higher. I'm less convinced of the advantage over a thin faced perimeter weighted club, but you can say the advantage is look and feel. The technology is here to stay.
  12. Used 5-6 times. Perfect working order. Comes with everything a new one comes with. Box, manual, bag, cord and stickers, which have been untouched.
  13. Covid is so politically charged. I don’t wish it in anyone and there no need for a vaccination debate here. But there is ZERO chance that he wasn’t tested for covid. I’m a doctor. Basically anyone who walks into an emergency room and admitted to a hospital is tested for covid. Especially someone with respiratory symptoms. if he doesn’t want to talk about it that’s his prerogative. But it sounds like he had covid and got quite sick from it. Thankfully he is OK.
  14. A warning to those buying the cheap aftermarket weights. They work fine, but be careful screwing them in. I'm used to screwing in weights until the wrench clicks. I did it with the cheap aftermarket weight and stripped the hell out of it so I could not unscrew the weight. It drove me crazy so I needed to spend way too much time drilling through it so I could remove it with a screwdriver. Not fun.
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