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  1. I asked my head pro as well. Since there are 300 or so members and mine was the first request, I assume I'm getting one but I have no confirmation. I am going to assume that I will pay retail. I don't see why a pro would charge $850 for a club that retails for $600. And I don't think any retailer would do that either. I have to guess there are rules against that, just like there are rules that they can't sell clubs for less that a certain price.
  2. I highly doubt the sponsored equipment thing is a reason. You honestly think he putts better with the Scotty and he's wanted to use it on tour this whole time where he can make millions and cement his legacy by winning tournaments, but he finally has the opportunity to use it in the Olympics of all places so he busts it out? This is Rory just changing things up. If he really putts better with it, he's going to start using it on tour. Or have TM make him a copy. The Adidas thing is strange though.
  3. I just went through this. Most clubs have junior memberships, which can be significantly cheaper depending on your age. Wykagyl is on wait list basis and Jr membership is $35K as of a few weeks ago, which is on the higher end I think. I know that a lot of clubs are doing really well now. Some of it is post pandemic increase in golf and also because some clubs recently closed and the others absorbed their members. Several have increased their fees. And I know that several have gone to wait list recently. Recently, Leewood had a really great price. No
  4. Between pasatiempo and half moon play pasatiempo. I get it that Harding is a major venue and you are probably squeezing it in because it’s in SF. I personally don’t love the course and if will probably be really slow Friday afternoon. I would play half moon bay ocean which is close to sfo as well depending on traffic. But hey that’s me. And HMB isn’t hosting any majors any time soon. Ball does not carry in that air. Don’t be upset about being shorter than you are used to. but I see I posted this after you got back. Hope you had fun!
  5. Reminds me of retro Jordan releases. They sell out for $190 and the shoes go on the secondary market for $300 or so. Not really worth the trouble to try and flip. I sometimes think that Nike would do better not limiting them but I think they realize that scarcity drives demand. I think if they released these at $400 like the other ones they sell they’d certainly sell more but they would cannibalize their own sales. I think they know what they are doing. I think the secondary market is not going to be that crazy initially. They are sitting on eBay with no bids for $1100. An
  6. OK now I realize that people are snatching them up and putting them on the secondary market, I'll have to put a little more effort into getting one. I'm not going to get gouged though. I will check a few places. If it doesn't happen, then I won't get worked up about it. I like my studio select just fine. I would be buying it to game it. Not to collect it.
  7. TAKE MY MONEY NOW! I am all over these. Yeah it’s $600. BUT, you buy a $600 driver it’s worth $300 in less than a year. You buy a $600 Scotty and it’s worth more in a few years.
  8. Let’s ban it because it’s obvious it would be an advantage. In seriousness, for any putt he makes that way they should take off strokes.
  9. 100%. I'm a scientist myself. Not a physicist per say, but I can probably say I've taken as much physics as Bryson. He's so full of it when he talks about science and physics. He will flaunt it but as you say, never say anything tangible that makes any sense whatsoever. Does it make you smarter calculate barometric pressure on your distances? Well, most tour pros can you on the range and hit a few shots with their trackman and know how the ball is carrying. And compared to wind and altitude the effect of pressure is negligible. So why even bother? Most of his calculation
  10. Let's face it. Bryson is not some nerd that gets bullied by people like Brooks because he's different. He gets crap because he's a tool.
  11. This is exactly why people can't stand him. He never blames himself for anything. This is exactly why Brooks rolled his eyes in that video.
  12. What you got? Would consider ts2 as well.
  13. Some of my all time favorites. I had a set of plus no plus that I bought from a local pro. Only problem with my set was that the 8 irons was a plus because he lost the original and ordered a replacement. But the molds were destroyed as part of their agreement with the usga so the replacement had to be a plus. As people mentioned they are rare and combine the best of the original which is the old groove design with the better sole and head design of the plus.
  14. They have had them for a while at my Costco for as long as I can remember. Bought a few boxes for my wife, who started playing again recently. I'm still getting through ProV's I bought a while back.
  15. Looking for stiff flex utility #4. 22-23 degrees loft. Would prefer stiff shaft but I have shafts lying around so would take head only.
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