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  1. Eventually almost **all** these 'Mini Drivers' end up in the closet...Those who are using them usually just need more time to find a 'traditional driver' they can hit well.
  2. A long hitter playing from the tips who is not 'scratch' makes no sense to me....Perhaps they do it just so they can have a convenient 'excuse' for poor scoring!
  3. All the clubs in my bag are safe! It's the clubs in my closet that are expendable!
  4. it would be a terrible strategy mistake to pick himself because of his on-going health and fitness issues. Should Tiger suddenly become unable to compete mid-round in a particular match, it would cost the USA Team at best that particular match, and at worst, the Presidents Cup itself. It's just to risky to have him be a Player.
  5. > @Mikey5e said: > Announcement : Old layout will be back July 2023! > :wink: Don't believe any 'specific Month/Year' for the old layout! Keep in mind that every previous target date that has been set here thus far was missed.... :D
  6. I have (2) Jones Rider Bags, both the black/white and the red/white. I also bought matching Stitch 'Racer' Leather Headcovers for both which unfortunately have also been discontinued now. I consider my purchase of the (2) Jones Rider Bags and the matching sets of Stitch Racer Headcovers to be among the best purchases I have ever made.
  7. The new (2019) P-790 spec chart shown in the Rick Shields Video shows the 6-iron loft to be 24.5* of loft which is clearly **incorrect**. The P-790 6-iron loft is actually 26.5*, and in fact, **all** the iron lofts are exactly the same as the older (2017) P-790 iron set.
  8. That's certainly more than adequate swing speed, so unless you're consistently missing the sweetspot, one might first uspect an equipment failure of some type.....(i. e. a cracked driver face, or a shaft that is over-tipped or so 'stiff' that it won't flex enough to properly convert swing speed to to ball speed). However, there are other possibilities to consider... Another thought would be that you are producing 'way too much spin', with your driver, which once again leads me to believe you might benefit from a different driver clubhead,; and possibly a different shaft. Ideally a clu
  9. > > Bobcat, what do you need a range finder for, isn’t every hole a SLDR then two putts? ? > > > dxd, you might have me confused with the original, never duplicated, "Bobcat". I'm an M1 guy for the moment so it would be an M1, then 2 putts (min), on the par 3's. Yeah, and the 'real Bobcat' wouldn't need 'two' putts! One is enough!
  10. > @Boydr12 said: > Holy crap man, you’re still saying this? > > > @bobcat said: > > Perhaps it would be best to stay away from those heads comprised partially of carbon fiber if you are concerned about durability. > > The 'All Titanium' heads seem to be just as long and certainly more durable, (i.e more resistant to head cracking). > > > > > > > > > > I stand by the statement I made, and clearly, there are multiple photographs of 'cracked' carbon fiber heads within this thread, (and other threads) to support my s
  11. It's time to recognize that despite their promises, they don't actually have the money or the appropriate skills in place to get it done!
  12. **WELL, AT LEAST THERE'S A FIX FOR THE PUTTING YIPS!** Here is the best fix you will ever find for beating 'the putting yips' Go Left Hand Low, (LHL), then swivel your right thumb to the left so it is now completely off the club's grip and resting beneath your left wrist, in 'the little notch' formed there when you use a LHL grip. ****WHY THIS WORKS**** The grip above 'braces' the left wrist to prevent any possibility of a 'left wrist breakdown', while also taking away all 'right hand dominance', both of which are the key 'physical' reasons for a yippy stoke. While there is a me
  13. Just one more reason to love my 2015 SLDR-C Driver.....It's way more durable, in addition to being long, straight, forgiving, and easy-to-hit!
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