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  1. [quote name='HipCheck' timestamp='1325878332' post='4038071'] [attachment=972671:renegarimg05.jpg] GolfWRX is pleased to welcome our newest sponsor, Renegar Golf! [u][b][size="4"]About Renegar Golf[/size][/b][/u] The foundation of our wedge products is the improvement conceived and developed by our founder and chief designer, Bob Renegar. Renegar first developed and prototyped this design in 1993. It is patented, proven, and now meticulously developed to become the Rx12 series wedges. This first Rx12 Renegar Golf wedge product is therefore the result of 18 years and four generations
  2. [quote name='HipCheck' timestamp='1326162589' post='4053659'] [attachment=977221:RBZ15.jpg] Get ready for this GolfWRXers... TaylorMade Golf is giving away 15 sets of its new RocketBallz Irons to WRX members BEFORE they're available to the general public! That's right: 15! It's an amazing opportunity for a a lot of members to get their hands on the latest iron offering from TaylorMade. You've heard about the distance gains with the RBZ 3-Wood, now get the opportunity to play the irons that go with it. [u][b]To Enter:[/b][/u] This giveaway is live for only 10 days, so enter below today
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