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  1. I also really want a 7 wood with a stiff shaft but they are impossible to find.
  2. Airpod pros, i love them and they stay in even on the hardest swings.
  3. Add me to the group that hates adidas tour 360. Those have been the worst golf shoes i’ve ever owned. Got rid of them after 2 rounds.
  4. Congrats. I love playing 9 as i feel i get pretty tired at the turn.
  5. I love the color combination of the bag and the g400s are great. The only thing i didnt like about them was the offset.
  6. They look gorgeous. Theres no better feeling then opening the box to brand new clubs.
  7. I actually start with my 5 iron, then go to 8, then onto the wedges and then the driver. If I'm playing a round right away I'll visualize the first 3 holes and play them on the range.
  8. Right now its the TM P790 UDI. I can hit that thing 240 right down the middle. My driver on the other hand has a mind of its own.
  9. I have the CBX2 in 50 and 54 and they work well from everywhere but tight lies. I had to keep my 60* V grind vokey for that. Overall, I'm impressed enough to keep them in the bag but the new Zipcore wedges sure to look pretty.
  10. Mizuno mp-33 - i’ve always loved the look but never had the game for them.
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