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  1. I’m only an 80ish mph swinger (driver 200 7 iron 130) and tbh I hated the RXS. I found it average in distance and not great in the wind and, most importantly, not enough spin around the greens with not enough jumpy height to make up for that lack of spin. Only thing I liked was the feel. Obviously ymmv
  2. I want to preface this with the fact that I believe that urethane and multi layer balls are vastly superior as far as performance goes for the majority of people. For me, I’ve been playing the Pro V1X this year and have loved the short game and control it’s provided. But it also is a ball that launches low for me and hasn’t been much of a help in holding greens (it has SOME, and seems to be the best tour ball at that). Note that with a broken down body I only carry driver 190-200 yards and carry a 7 iron 125-130 yards, so I’m unique here. Is it possible that the increas
  3. If that swing speed is for driver, you’re in my territory. I’m only 33 but with a bad back and bad leg. It’s taken me a while to find a technique to play with all my issues, but now that I have I’m making the switch to lighter clubs. I’d say that if you’re at a point where your technique is decently where you want it to be, and the speed just isn’t going to be there in the future, the switch can be beneficial. If the speed IS or MAY be there in the future, I wouldn’t bother.
  4. QStar Tour and Duo Professional (older Duo Urethane was near identical imo)
  5. I’ve gone back to testing a 2 piece ball (Duo Soft) for a couple reasons: 1) hoping for higher peak height and descent angle, combined with playing super forgiving hybrid irons for the first time. I don’t think this will happen but I want to see anyway. 2) on short game shots. I can’t get even a ProV1X ball to check CONSISTENTLY enough to fly the ball to the hole and make it bite. This, combined with my tendency to miss short of the hole, makes me think that the “allow for a bit of run” shot will be more beneficial and consistent to my skill level. 3) I’m hoping that the lower spin higher laun
  6. SIM Max is the best driver I’ve ever gamed... for me. Enjoy your gains!
  7. Obee you inspired me to finally bite the bullet and order a 6 and 7 hybrid. My game I’m sure will owe you big.
  8. What is your budget, and what clubs do you have in your bag already, if any?
  9. The MTB-X has an 85-90 compression (right from Dean's site) while everything I've seen about the V1X is that it's around 100. The new V1X may be lower though.
  10. IMO the Snell MTB-X fits that bill. I still have some V1X’s left from the fall and when compared the Snell surprised me with its feel. To me it’s a bit softer — but I think it’s silly to take feel into account when choosing a golf ball, so take my findings with a grain of salt. aside from that — I’m sure Bridgestone’s RX and RXS are possibilities.
  11. So what exactly are the negatives of this aside from into the wind? Is there reduced ball speed in general? Or is that worse wind resistance, even in slight conditions, taking enough off of the average carry distance?
  12. Quick Sale here: $210 shipped ConUS for 6 dozen Titleist AVX — new in box. Shipped USPS Priority. PayPal only, send a PM.
  13. > @kess13 said: > Cool, thanks. I'd probably get in the hzrdus red 75 as a shaft to help get the weight up. Appreciate the feedback! Let me know how it works out for you!
  14. > @kess13 said: > GLWS, I'm looking at a D7. What your thoughts? If you like a light club, it’s an awesome driver IMO. I play my irons and wedges fairly light too so it works for me. It sits square/slightly closed. Those are the two main things to me that are important to know beforehand. I don’t have any experience with the stock Helium or the Recoil 460 that sometimes shows up in the woods (it’s stock in the hybrids), unfortunately, but I’m really happy with my driver and 3 wood now.
  15. Wilson Staff Cortex 10.5* — purchased new but came paint chipped (very back edge of club — see pic), still decided to keep it. That was before I found the D7 with EvenFlow Blue that I’d been looking for. So your gain in savings here! EvenFlow is NOT handcrafted just FYI. Comes with headcover and wrench. $180 shipped ConUS via PayPal and USPS. PM me to be sure I see your message
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