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  1. Anecdotes from me here as well, but I had some credit at DSG and used it on the new QST. I played 18 this morning and no one was around so I used two balls each hole. I didn’t bring another model but now wish I had. I loved the feel but had some weird weird experiences. To be fair to Srixon, I had read the Ball lab report before I got them — but I also honestly wasn’t expecting any issues. I like playing the standard Chrome Soft for example. Off the driver the ball seemed fine. Off my irons and wedges, I had some shots that were juiced and some that were legitimately 10-15 yards sh
  2. The ball that changed the majors that changed the ball that changed the ball.
  3. Not a senior but swing as fast as the stereotype of one (80-90mph, driver 200y 7 iron 125-130y carry Ping is just always soooo good in that area. I could go with almost any of their irons tbh. XXIO should get some love here too as a dedicated brand to the slower swinger. And I could also see Titleists T400 being awesome (I know you played the 300). I’ve switched to a full Callaway bag this year though and the Big Bertha B21s are freaking awesome whether you slice (like many) or want to play a bigger draw (like me). I’ve even been able to stay in stiff flex with everythi
  4. Aside from the lessons and all that, whether you go used or new all of the major brands (and some smaller ones too) do an awesome job with SGIs. Gotta get the right weight/swing weight and length and lie for you (coughfittingcough) but you’ll have a hard time going wrong with Big Bertha, SIM Max, T300/T400, etc. For somewhat smaller sized stuff, I love Mizuno and Wilson. And TM P790 is basically the gold standard
  5. You can’t go wrong with either shaft imo, the recoils are obviously great.
  6. The only recoil I’ve played was an f3 smac wrap in a long iron that a friend had that I borrowed for 2 rounds (and hit it a lot). I can’t remember the weight but it certainly was fairly light in general. I liked the smooth but heavy feel. It never once felt loose — I guess my interpretation of loose is probably just whatever bend at the tip end. Zelos to me feels a little smoother and more kick even in the stiff compared to that f3, but right now I play the Zelos over-length so that could contribute. But honestly using the recoil was a little while ago so ymmv I ‘should’ play hybri
  7. Driver carry 190-200, 7 iron carry 130 here. I played driver 4/7 wood, 23/27 hybrid, and 7-LW all this year as a setup and really I just hate hybrids — and even though I don’t mind high loft fairway woods, I built this bag to fit my real preferences and compensated every way I could sans flex (I hook the heck out of clubs too loose) to increase launch/land angle: Callaway GBB 10.5* down to 9.5* (Speeder 40ish gram stiff shaft) Callaway XR16 Pro 14* (Speeder 40ish gram stiff shaft) used off tee so low loft is fine Callaway Apex CF16 3-AW (Nippon Zelos 7 stiff) as
  8. I’m only an 80ish mph swinger (driver 200 7 iron 130) and tbh I hated the RXS. I found it average in distance and not great in the wind and, most importantly, not enough spin around the greens with not enough jumpy height to make up for that lack of spin. Only thing I liked was the feel. Obviously ymmv
  9. I want to preface this with the fact that I believe that urethane and multi layer balls are vastly superior as far as performance goes for the majority of people. For me, I’ve been playing the Pro V1X this year and have loved the short game and control it’s provided. But it also is a ball that launches low for me and hasn’t been much of a help in holding greens (it has SOME, and seems to be the best tour ball at that). Note that with a broken down body I only carry driver 190-200 yards and carry a 7 iron 125-130 yards, so I’m unique here. Is it possible that the increas
  10. If that swing speed is for driver, you’re in my territory. I’m only 33 but with a bad back and bad leg. It’s taken me a while to find a technique to play with all my issues, but now that I have I’m making the switch to lighter clubs. I’d say that if you’re at a point where your technique is decently where you want it to be, and the speed just isn’t going to be there in the future, the switch can be beneficial. If the speed IS or MAY be there in the future, I wouldn’t bother.
  11. QStar Tour and Duo Professional (older Duo Urethane was near identical imo)
  12. I’ve gone back to testing a 2 piece ball (Duo Soft) for a couple reasons: 1) hoping for higher peak height and descent angle, combined with playing super forgiving hybrid irons for the first time. I don’t think this will happen but I want to see anyway. 2) on short game shots. I can’t get even a ProV1X ball to check CONSISTENTLY enough to fly the ball to the hole and make it bite. This, combined with my tendency to miss short of the hole, makes me think that the “allow for a bit of run” shot will be more beneficial and consistent to my skill level. 3) I’m hoping that the lower spin higher laun
  13. SIM Max is the best driver I’ve ever gamed... for me. Enjoy your gains!
  14. Obee you inspired me to finally bite the bullet and order a 6 and 7 hybrid. My game I’m sure will owe you big.
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