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  1. Will OEMs still release their masters themed products?
  2. t3shope

    Vokey SM8

    Just got the sm8s in the shop a couple things i noticed comparing to the sm7s we still have. Mainly comparing 58 M grinds. The tour chrome does seem to have less glare on the heel and toe. Hosel length increase is very very slight but the hosel does seem thicker. The sole design on the M grind seems to be slightly reworked in a good way, looks like there is a little more heel relief and sits lower to the ground. Offset seems very minimal increase if any to my eye to. My raws haven't come in yet so i haven't got them on the course yet but the look is an improvement in my opinion.
  3. What is that large cavity back iron/wedge?
  4. His driver loft has been stated to be 9.5 by taylormade and his putter grip looks like a Lamkin ebl players that he use to have on his betti with no logo. Still surprised he ditched the betti and has vokeys in the bag.
  5. Would be interesting to know exact specs of brooks’ Sim considering he was playing 10.5 head in M5
  6. Just to note since it’s the only 8.0 head on there morikawa is playing his 2 clicks up so it’s a 9.5ish
  7. t3shope

    Vokey SM8

    Will Vokey ever bring the T grind back to retail?
  8. I do wish I would've gone with the Z forged 6-9 instead of 7-9. Love the 785 but the blades are almost just as forgiving and I prefer the look. The lofts are also very different between these two sets so if you combo you will probably need to adjust them.
  9. I also bag 785-Z forged combo and love them. Coming from mizuno my whole life I’ve been very impressed. The blades are very underrated. Easy to hit and soft. They are a bit longer heel to toe and I had to adjust the lofts because they were strong. Would like to see their next blade be slightly more compact but overall their as good as any right now.
  10. My review of the high toe: Picked up a 60 yesterday in store after testing vs vokey sm7 60L Background: Former college golfer about to turn pro. Currently bagging a raw vokey spin milled 60 with 4 degree bounce (same as the L grind but with a wider sole). Not legal so gotta make the switch. Around the greens I like to go up a lot and hit cut shot a lot. 100 yards and in is a strength in my game so wedge performance on longer shots is important to me. Decision: Ultimately went with the high toe due to the launch and spin rates. Felt like I could control it better while still being able to do
  11. Saw Brandt Snedeker using some sort of putting aid last night on the range and was wondering if anybody knew or had pictures of what he was using
  12. this is what he was playin at the play offs http://www.scottycameron.com/slideshows/slideshow.asp?id=156
  13. was adam scott playing the ap2 at The Commercial Bank Qatar Masters
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