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  1. They are the most inconsistent sizing of any brand out there. Most polos run the same size as a Nike even though they say slim fit. Their models are just slim guys wearing size small.
  2. Agree, but even the direct to consumer brands are missing the boat. How many loud/stretchy print polos do we need to see from brands at this point? Heck, I begged and pleaded some big name brands to put poly or nylon/span fabrics into dress shirts with anti-staining properties from companies like Nanotex 6-7 years ago and they all laughed at me. No one wants that was what I was told over and over again. Now, it’s the rage. I probably should start my own brand (I kind of did with Charleston Green several years ago but my partner had to much influence over what he liked for it to be really good) but I simply didn’t have the time. People don’t realize how much time starting your own brand takes. One day when things slow down, maybe I’ll try again.
  3. I can not stand the new curved arrow logo. I’m not sure how they thought this looked good. I am looking for new condition older models because I just can’t get behind that logo.
  4. Unfortunately I don’t think anything will change in this industry. Been trying for too long with little results.
  5. There are brands that get parts of these correct: RLX, G/Fore, Criquet, Southern Tide, etc. But I haven’t found anyone to make the “perfect” polo yet. I keep suggesting my ideas with brand designers every time I meet with them but the industry has a major problem: 99% of industry designers are women that don’t play golf that are making mens clothes. I can’t tell you how many designers I’ve had to talk out of adding tee holders to pants or adding a tech pockets all over clothes to hold your phone while you swing with a headphone cord (how many phones support cords now?). They don’t do market research or if they do they talk to casual 3-4 rounds per year guys that tell them they want cargo pockets and boxier fits. It’s just an overall problem in this industry. I should really open a consulting company.
  6. Trump CLT is great. The facilities are what you would expect from a Trump owned course. The course is a little boring but they bought an existing course and had to work with what they had. Is it worth the money? I would say no but that’s just me. If I was concentrating north of the city, I would definitely pick Verdict Ridge instead. Great course.
  7. Wow, another person on here that has spent their career in apparel. Mine is more in the manufacturing side working with all the brands. To answer your question, it depends. From our research it can be radically different based on people’s shapes. Bigger guys tend to lean towards heavier fabrics (whether cotton or polyester) that hide their love handles better. They prefer and open sleeve and a more classic fit. Leaner, more athletic guys like thinner fabrics, slim cut and lean towards banded sleeves that highlight their arms. To me, here is what I would say: 1) Collars matter to me. It needs to have enough of a structured lining inside of it that can handle repeated washings but don’t crinkle with the glue that is used on the lining. It needs to have hidden buttons to keep the clean look. 2) You mentioned shininess. You can easily eliminate that in polyester by switching from a semi-dull to a full dull yarn. These yarns are used mostly in swimwear to achieve UV ratings and a lot of golf apparel brand designers are not aware of them. 3) The fabric should be around 160 gsm which is a good weight that is not too light (feather weights will be around 120 gsm) and not too heavy like a 200 gsm fabric. 4) I prefer a pique construction over a jersey construction as I believe it can be worn with more fabrics than a sportier jersey construction. 5) I prefer a 2 button placket vs a 3 or 4 button. I think it’s cleaner and gives you the ability to leave both buttons open if you choose. 6) I prefer an open sleeve but with a slimmer cut. I have decent sized biceps and find that banded sleeves slide up my arm. With the open, tighter sleeve, it doesn’t do that and still highlights my good parts. 7) I prefer raised silicone branding. It doesn’t wash off like heat seals do which ruins the shirt. It’s a small thing but means a lot to me. 8 ) I prefer an athletic cut. Broader shoulders, tighter chest and slim cut. I’m not particular though.
  8. Fits great. Solid $9.00 purchase.
  9. Well, at least it was to me. I’m constantly on eBay looking for different items from brands that tout apparel technologies that I can get cheaper off eBay than buying through their company websites. Also keeps my name off their customer lists. Saves the company some money in the end and keeps it secretive. A lot of times I’ll look for deals personally for myself while I’m perusing to see if I can find anything about to end. Well, it just so happens that I have a couple of things that I am going to be placing on the BST sometime soon and one of them is a Lindeberg jacket. It gives me an idea on price if I can see what they are selling for on eBay. I found a Lindeberg jacket that was about to end for less than what it would cost to ship it. I noticed in the description it said it was a womens jacket. I quickly sent a note to see if they would respond with a pit to pit measurement. Sure enough, it comes back at 21”, right in my size. They sent me a note right after that saying that this was going to be a final sale item it I purchased as it has been sent back 3 times as being too big for a women’s medium. I purchased kind of giggling to myself that some people in the US don’t realize that while womens clothing zips up from the opposite zipper than mens, mens European clothing also zips up from that same side. They could have sold this jacket for $75 probably if they had listed it as a mens jacket (it already looks like a mens jacket). Let’s hope they ship it. Anyone else had some incredible finds on the web?
  10. Haha. I know I am in the minority. I have 4 watched sitting in my desk drawer right now that people have given me as gifts. Haven’t put on a single one. It feels weird to me to put something around my wrist.
  11. Saw this deal this morning and thought of you guys. http://saviry.com/deal/1333793
  12. I don’t wear a watch and never have. Don’t see the need to with the time always being in my pocket on my phone.
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