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  1. So, I received everything today and took it out for a quick 9. I’m super impressed. It actually may be my best accessory purchase in the last couple of years. Super easy to just grab my towel and head to the green and then pick up with my putter when leaving. Super strong magnets. This is worth the purchase guys. You won’t be disappointed.
  2. Yeah, I wore the black hoodie with the outfit. Love that hoodie as it doesn’t restrict your swing at all and keeps you warm on those cool mornings. Thanks for the recommendation on Bluffworks. Will check them out. If you end up getting the 32 Degrees joggers, let me know how they compare.
  3. I am going to have to brag on 32 Degrees again for knocking one out of the park. I first bought these brushed fleece joggers for my son for school mostly because they are cheap and he wrecks everything. Got him the full color assortment as he loved them. I ended up trying them on (I’m a 32 waist, he is a 28 waist and we could both wear the size S in them) and was really impressed. They are a stretch woven fabric on the outside paired with a slightly brushed fleece knit on the inside. I went up to the mountains of NC to play golf recently and the day started off around 45 degrees so I wore a grey pair of these with a white polo and the black 32 degrees hoodie I mentioned on here before. I had several people at the club (both young and old actually) say that they liked my outfit. And the total between the pants/polo/hoodie barely broke $50. Any way, if you are a joggers wearer you won’t be disappointed in these. Just as good as anything the big brands are putting out. https://www.32degrees.com/products/mens-tech-fleece-jogger?collection=mens-bottoms&variant=39394561687641
  4. That’s what I liked about this one. I have several towels that I rotate through that are special to me and I liked that I could attach it to any of them. I will be curious about the strength of the magnet and if it can hold on to my bag attachment when hitting bumps.
  5. I heard from Winston…let’s just say for everyone that suggested them, either their pricing has gone up DRAMATICALLY or you didn’t see my budget. Not even in the ballpark. They also made it clear by everything they told me about my design, they didn’t want to do this order. Told me they couldn’t do anything that I wanted practically and it’s not very custom what I’m wanting. Delila said no problem to all of it.
  6. There is definitely something there if you aren’t interested in orders. Trying Delila again as she is trying to work me in…
  7. Over 48 hours later and neither Headgear or Winston Collection have responded to my inquiries about making me headcovers and scorecard holders. Not impressed with either’s customer service at this point.
  8. Anyone have this system that you are using? I ordered the bag attachment and the towel attachment to try out. I hate hanging my towel hole over one of my clubs and then having to mess with it when getting clubs out. Hoping this will be a really good system but I’ll do a review once it gets here. Stripebird - Magnetic Clip for Golf Towel (Removable & Highest Strength Magnet) - Easily Access Golf Towel While You Golf - Attaches to Golf Cart, Clubs or Golf Hub - Removable from Towel https://smile.amazon.com/dp/B08LZRHC82/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc_GWKW5YRN2PYVVKG26JK4
  9. I thought these looked nice for the price. FINGER TEN Golf Scorecard Holder Leather Yardage Books Cover USA Star Eagle with 2 Free Pencil Value Pack Deluxe Pocket Score Card Covers Gift for Men Women Golfer https://smile.amazon.com/dp/B08X7JND9P/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc_934382Z98VQ6XR96FC0E
  10. I contacted Dormie about 6 months ago about making a driver cover for me and they were charging $175 for it.
  11. Do you remember if they were in my price range before I contact them?
  12. Ok guys, I’m in the market for some custom leather headcovers. I’ve seen the big list of manufacturers and I’ve spoken with Delila but she is really backed up right now. I have $250 to spend for a driver, fairway and putter headcover. Who would you guys recommend in that price range?
  13. Disclaimer: I know nothing about these pants but just simply came across the deal and thought I would pass it along if anyone was interested. https://www.menswearhouse.com/p/msx-by-michael-strahan-modern-fit-activewear-pants-black-22DE22DF28?utm_campaign=mwr-nb-clearance_exact&utm_content=Suits&utm_source=adnet&utm_medium=cpc&utm_term=0123873161961814709616660731380606084516
  14. I don’t like the camo/pin stripe combo but outside of that, I think they look good. I wish we would highlight red more one day so that we aren’t so navy heavy.
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