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  1. Get the S. It makes it a little more awkward strapping it on the cart, but having legs for all of the other times you need them is well worth it.
  2. For those that say to get them tailored, that is actually not the best option for wanting the right fit. The drop in the crotch of a pant or short directly correlates to the length and silhouette of the garment. So, you could get a baggier short with a long drop and then tailor them to above the knee and your inseam could shorten to as little as 2-3” which would make the look and fit of the short look really weird. If the shorts are slim, they most likely won’t be over the knee. Just keep that in mind when you tailor longer shorts or pants to shorter shorts.
  3. J Crew Tech Shorts. You can get either 9 or 7” inseams. Wear them all the time.
  4. Also, I have a lithium electric cart but ended up buying lead acid battery carts for my club because the lithiums have no weight below the seat because the battery is virtually non-existent and the cart is really easy to flip. Found that out with my daughter. Made my decision to stick with lead acid a lot easier. The cart companies will have to figure out a way to fix that problem for me to bring that insurance liability onto my course.
  5. You need to decide your budget and that will effectively tell you new or used. It will also decide lithium or lead acid batteries. Here’s what you can plan on: 1) New Lithium: will run you between $11k-$17k depending on what options you add to it. 2) Used Lithium: will run you $7k-$12k depending on options. 3) New Lead Acid: will run you $5k-$10k depending on options 4) Used Lead Acid: will run you $3k-$6k depending on number of hours and options. If your club will designate it a course cart that you’ll pay an annual trail fee for, I would ask if they would be
  6. The pic I saw was camo pants. Has Lulu had camo golf pants and I didn’t realize?
  7. Trendygolf is launching a collection with Lululemon. Will be curious to see what this collection looks like and the fabrics/styling they incorporate.
  8. Looks like a new shoe brand has hit the market. Has vibes of a G4 shoe. Will be interesting to see the price point. https://www.payntrgolf.com
  9. Don’t know if this has been discussed anywhere but Bubba has been wearing Linksoul the last couple of times I’ve seen him. Would make sense as Oakley has basically exited the golf business. Didn’t know if anyone else had noticed as well.
  10. Staying with the pink with navy is a good look.
  11. Pink shorts with a solid navy top, navy belt, white hat and white shoes is a sharp looking outfit.
  12. It was 36 degrees here today and was down near Pinehurst and decided to stop in a local course and see if I could play a quick 18. They paired me with 3 guys that were literally on the tee when I checked in as they were booked for the next hour. Turned my vest power on and headed to the first tee. I could tell these guys were curious as I simply had on a vest and a quarter zip and the power button was glowing. They didn’t say anything until we made the turn and they asked what was glowing on my vest when we were grabbing a beer and dogs. I told them what it was and offered to let one of the gu
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