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  1. I started to learn this early on with hitting it low under tree limbs. As far as really being able to sling one around a corner or drop a soft fade, I learned these shots as a high single. At a 5 or less for the last 20 years, I find that I can hit a lot of different shots but really only do it if its called for. For most rounds its going with what I do best (straight to baby fade) that posts good scores. If I get stuck behind a palm tree (think skinny tree), I can easily put a 5 yard fade/draw on the ball with no problems. I think the real skill is flighting the ball with the scoring clubs an
  2. The wedges I remember being my favorite had to be the Cleveland 588 and it was the first serious set of wedges that I had bought new. My brother had some JPs and then got the Founder's that he swore by. I do remember McGregor, Ram, and Hogan being in that space as well.
  3. The set broke 3-4 cavity, 5-7 mid cavity, 8-P blade. I would have preferred 3-6 mid and 7-P blade, but I never really thought about it while playing. I didn't work my long irons too much but I loved the bladed scoring clubs. They were quite the step up from the 845s.
  4. Two months ago I met a guy who joined our 3some who told me he has 3 identical sets from Driver to putter that he keeps at each of his 3 houses. He said down to the grips, lofts, and lies they are all the same so that he never has to travel with his clubs. The only club I can remember was his Cleveland Launcher driver circa 2012 that he said was the best driver he had ever hit. I was more impressed with his 3 houses than I was with his choice of clubs!
  5. I like to start with a new ball (Pro V1 or TP5) and keep it in play unless it gets some major scuffs from a cart path or tree. Then I will sub in a ball either new or a good condition from a previous round. The scuffer goes to the shag bag. Once the shag bags gets to 50, I'll donate a dozen or two to a young person that can use them for practice balls.
  6. This 100%. I looked at the picture of the lie you posted and it's not a lob wedge play, but something in the pitching wedge to gap range as stated above. The difference between the S and the D isn't ever going to turn a chunk into a winner. Don't think that the lob wedge doesn't have its place because it does. Its just not always the best play, especially off a suspect lie where the first order of business is clean contact.
  7. I think its even more popular with the Nike VR Pro Combos and on a smaller scale, the Titleist 735 Chrome edition. These were the original blended sets that aren't being made. As far as technology, not much has really changed if you hit the center of the club face. Its not unusual to hear of a pro going back to a favorite set of clubs or club like Berger or even when Koepka put an old SM4 lob back in the bag. If you love your VRs, then play them. They are solid clubs. Personally, I have had 4 sets in the last 30 years. Hogan Edge for 2 years, TA 845s for 16, 735 CMs for 12, and no
  8. Most of the time its driver with leveled shoulders ball back an inch or two. I have 2 tighter holes at my home course that I will play my 13.5 3 wood (I set it up that way just for those 2 holes).
  9. I played 48-54-60 for 20 years with the 54 being the workhorse and the 60 for bunker and specialty shots around the green. Prior it was 48-56-60 with an occasional 52 that just seemed to get into the way. I know that a lot of pros have the 48-52-56-60, but for some reason I could never get it to work between the 52-56, hence me dropping the 52 and then finally discovering my favorite wedge loft the 54. I recently fit into some 718 AP2s and the 46* PW or 10 iron (the way I use it is iron, not wedge) saw me loving the 50 degree gap (my new pitching wedge) along with the workhorse 54
  10. My brother played with a Wilson staff bag with the name Bob Goalby scripted on it for a season in the early 90s! Goalby was a Master's winner was uncle to the Haas boys. He found it at a club he worked at and didn't know the story behind it, if it even had a story. Still, pretty cool bag for the times.
  11. I went from a SM4 60/8 TVD M (The TVD M was a great club, but during the rainy season it got really finicky) looking for a 58/12 D for little more bounce and a little less loft. Got fitted into the 58/10 S which hit about right in the middle. Out of the bunkers and around the greens the clubs were extremely close, but the S from the fairway was the decider. I am a sweeper playing in medium to medium soft conditions so the S was it for me. I also went from the SM4TVD 54/10 M to the SM7 54/10 S which was a no-brainer. Those 2 clubs were more alike than they were different and both are extremely
  12. Throw in a Shankbusters ambulance that arrives with a vaccine and you will have a winner. This is pure gold!
  13. I can't top that (pun intended) but feel for you. Have you recovered from that experience? The other day I saw an older guy pitching to the elevated practice green the other day with amazing technique. I asked him what club he was using and he just got into it and we really hit it off. We had some common history at a club way back when and he continued playing and held his own on some mini tour deals for a number of years. Well we go to the range and he asks me to watch him hit a ball or two and asks me what I thought and I told him that it looked like he was just ever so stuck on
  14. If you hit a ball off the tee with enough topspin you can eliminate both sides of the course! Good discussion going on and I am finally settling into accepting my shot shapes and learning to trust them more often. With driver, I am hitting a slight fade that is getting more and more reliable the more I play it. Straight or slight fade, its almost imperceptible at times. The only time I really get into trouble is when I try to hit the draw unless I use my 3 wood which is easier to get hit the draw with consistency if I need it. I have a natural propensity to hit a pretty reliable sh
  15. With a little more R&D and the right shaft they can get that 7 iron spin down to 2800. Seriously, 3600 spin is 3 wood range. Lock this up before it gets out of control!
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