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  1. Putter and Stock Cover $OLD Triple Black JYD Mallet Cover $90 NOW $80 Smiley Mallet Cover $OLD Gamed ICC JYD Blade Cover $90 NOW $75 Gamed Yellow JYD Blade Cover $85 NOW $80 Gamed Green Masters Coin Cover $OLD Open to trades.
  2. I have Scotty Cameron Mid Kombi. It is currently is 37 inches, but does not have a grip on it. I'd be happy to shorten or lengthen it. I have the bottom half from a of Scotty Cameron split, round, grip that were installed on the long and belly putters. I also have a arm lock grip.The head is 400 grams and I have a 50 gram counter weight. I have the stock cover. I also have a triple black JYD and a Smiley Face cove. All covers have been gamed. Putter and Stock Cover $155 Putter, Stock Cover and Smiley Cover $185 Putter, Stock Cover and JYD Cover $210 The Kombi and all the fixings $245 Triple Bl
  3. Looking for a set of .355 iron shafts in trade. Project x 6.0, or 6.5 Recoil or steelfibers in xflex also taking offers on either the SC Mallet covers. Thanks for your time, Andrew
  4. Tetherow is not like Bandon. I played there once and would not go back. I live in Bend. I hate the layout and the greens designs are a joke. The food, staff, members and course conditions were outstanding. IMO
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