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  1. How do you like the performance of the sand and lob wedge? I am looking real hard at getting a set and am intrigued with matching the wedges all the way through. Thanks
  2. Any idea how I find out what the callaway diablo forged bottom of bore to ground is? I'm sorry for bothering you with this but I have no idea. Thanks
  3. Thanks for the reply. They are currently in a set of Callaway Diablo Forged irons.
  4. I have a set of irons with kbs c taper 130 x in them. How do you think these would do in a set of G25's. Do they even fit? Seems like it would be a nice combo.. I can't go to this topic, or similar topics, without wanting to go to a set of Ping G series irons. Almost impossible. Thanks
  5. Sorry about resurrecting this thread but I had a question. I like the winn excel's for my dry, cracked hands. I thought I had heard that the Winn Excel midsize runs a little smaller than your typical midsize but I can't find where I read that. My hands are right on the standard/midsize cut line. Or maybe it is that the standard runs a little thinner. Any help would be appreciated.
  6. I was wondering if there way any consensus on which iteration of the AP2's golfers preferred? Was there any one model that seemed to be more popular than others?
  7. Lately I have been perusing the Maltby website and was surprised to see that, the 2 irons that I played my best golf with, have the exact same rating. Ping I5 and Cleveland CG4. And there are only 3 irons rated at the 707 number. Weird. I better stick close to that number if I know what's good for me.
  8. Do most of you find that you prefer the gap wedge that matches the set or to go with a specialty wedge? I have Callaway Diablo Forged and found a gap wedge matching the set. I have always played a 50, 54, 58 set up with specialty wedges. Any preference? I typically only use the gap for full shots. Thanks
  9. I know no politics but alt-right? This joke, while maybe offensive, has no politics in it whatsoever. People have been making jokes regarding race, religion, sexual orientation, you name it. Doesn't make it political. Don't fall into that trap.
  10. It was a joke. You don't have to think it's funny. Social media is stupid.
  11. I was looking at some I5"s on ebay. When they say they come with a true temper shaft, do you know which shaft that refers to? Thanks
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