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  1. Agreed - you would have to consider these models now when looking for a GPS since their are no annual fees - would like to hear about anyone that owns the Aire since that's the one I'm looking as I dont like wear a watch when I play and its apparently small enough to fit in your pocket without any problems.
  2. Saw this promo on a few golf sites and verified it with Skycaddie that if you buy a new Sport Series GPS by end of year you wont have to pay any annual fees for the life of the unit: http://www.skygolf.c...l/nomemreq.aspx The only catch is this only applies to the original person who registers the device and cant be transferred if you decide to sell it. I have seen the watch for as low as $150 and the Aire for around $120 (not sure about the Gimmie). With that said do you think this makes buying a Skycaddie more appealing now that you wont have to fork over any yearly fees? I wasn't going to consider Skycaddie at all but with no other charges after purchase then I would have to take a serious look at the watch or the Aire for my next GPS.
  3. Nessism, I could go that route but from what erock9174 is saying I may not need to if a 60g shaft will get me to stock SW at 44" - I would probably add weight if I went to a sub 50g shaft that it fit my swing...might still keep an eye out for someone willing to trade their 10.5 or 12 for my 9.5. Either way, I still plan on trying some heavier shafts in the G25 to experiment with.
  4. Gotcha, forgot about the high balanced shafts Ping uses - that leaves just getting fit for the right shaft that will come in around D3 at 44". Thanks all!
  5. esketores - let me know if that 12 degree G25 is still working out for you - interested to know if the launch is where it should be...also wonder if it specs out around D3 with that 45 inch shaft. rodney24 - you got a G25 @ D3 with only a 60g shaft at 44 1/4"? Didn't think you could do that unless you went up to an 80g shaft...how is your ball flight? What loft is your driver?
  6. I saw someone post on here that Tiger uses an 11-1/4" lofted driver - since I am no where near his swing speed you might be spot on about a 15 degree head being a good thing!
  7. Yeah, that's the thing - I was trying to get mine to D3 at 44" and thought I could achieve this was a +/- 80g shaft but originally thought I might not be able to keep it in the air with 9.5 head and my slower swing speed. But as you pointed out it might not affect me as I do not have that lag in my swing and the actual loft is probably closer to 12 degrees anyways. I will more than likely pick up the NV 85 or NVS 75 (both around $30) in regular flex and cut it to 44" and stick it in my 9.5 and see how that goes - I was just thinking a G25 12 degree head could help my accuracy plus be more forgiving but then again it might actually be closer to 15-16 degrees!
  8. Thanks for the useful info! I currently have a G25 but a 9.5 head and was considering trading it for a 12 degree. I was fitted in a regular flex stock ping shaft but was told to go with 9.5 as I was launching it pretty high but my dispersion seemed off and fading/sometimes slicing it left (I'm a lefty). I will check the loft in mine as well - thanks.
  9. Hi everyone, Would anyone know if putting a heavier shaft (around 80g) in a heavy head (G25 - 205g) for the sole purpose of cutting it down to 44" mean I would need a higher lofted head, like 12 degrees, in order to keep the ball up higher/longer? From what I've read heavier shafts tend to keep the ball flight lower but wouldn't the 12 degree head help with this and at the same time keep my dispersion tight? I'm thinking of picking up a regular flex ALDILA NV 85 to experiment with. I also looked at the NVS 75 in regular flex but might have to tip it a bit since its a higher launching shaft. I would like the SW around the D3 range which I think is doable with either shaft since I read somewhere on here that a 43.5" shaft would need to be about 95g with a 202-205g head to get it at a D2 SW. Any help would be appreciated!
  10. FYI - I just chatted with a rep about the Skycaddie watch and they said you [u]cannot[/u] use the GPS golf function at the same time as the odometer function. Can anyone that owns this watch verify this??? I think this might be a dealbreaker since I wanted to see how far I walked and how many calories I burned after playing 9 or 18 holes. All he said I could do is start the odometer, save it before switching over to the golf function to get my yardage, then switch back to the odometer and start that and then repeat through the round. This isn't really practical while your playing. Yes, I know I can just use the odometer option when I exercise or run but it would of been nice to get that info and see what distance I covered or how many calories I used up after playing. I might take a look at the Garmin S2 and get something like the Fitbit Flex bracelet to wear while I play to get that info - an all in one solution would of been really good though!
  11. If you look at the additional features you get with the SkyGolf watch it might appeal more to someone that not only golfs but has an active lifestyle as well: [size=3]Additional features:[/size][list] [*]Athletic styling, lightweight, flexible, and comfortable everyday sport watch with superior performance on the golf course [*]Big, easy-to-read front, center, and back of green distances [*]30,000 updatable, preloaded, ready-to-play, high precision, ground-corrected course maps [*][u]Track distance, time, and speed of any run, walk, or bike ride[/u] [*]Water resistant to 30 meters [*][u]Odometer, lap counter, and calorie counter features[/u] [*]Extras: clock, timer, alarm, pace-of-play clock, and backlight [/list] This watch has more similarities with the Garmin S2 that's coming out (the S2 has an odometer but not sure about the backlight display like the SG watch). The S2 could be better on the course since it has layup and dogleg distances but the SG has all the other "non golf" functions if you need that to track your running, biking, training, etc. Yeah, the yearly fees blow but the SG watch is $50 less then the S2 and you get piece of mind the distances are walked off. Cant go wrong with either though - I'm in the market for one and torn between the SG or S2. Just saw the Golfsmith exclusive black/green colored S2 and it looks really good!!!
  12. [b]Type:[/b] KBS Wedge [b]Flex:[/b] Regular [b]Grip:[/b] BLACK [b]Shaft:[/b] BLACK PEARL [b]Label:[/b] ARCTIC WHITE [b]Ferrule:[/b] WHITE [b]Head:[/b] BLACK [b]Engraving:[/b]
  13. Ok, that does help! I figured as much and I'm sure at the end of the day it's just best to get fitted and try both out. I will give both a run as they seem to be the cream of the crop from Ping. Thanks guys!
  14. I have seen arguments for both clubs being great but since we are all looking for the Holy Grail of High Launch, Low Spin than which set-up would work best out of these two clubs? Thinking of going with either a 12 degree Anser or a 9.5 or 10.5 G25. Ping has both at extreme forgiveness so with all things being equal (shaft, swing speed, etc.) which one would prove the most optimal of the two? Or would they both give you about the same distance and results? Perhaps those that have hit both clubs or knows more about this stuff than me can chime in. Thanks in advance!
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