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  1. so basically if i cut it to 43 inches it will weight approximately 69 grams?
  2. I just bought a 45 inch MMT 70s shaft. According to the Mitsubishi site the shaft is 73 grams and 3.7 torque. What happens to the shaft weight if i cut off 2 inches to make it 43" and use it as my 3 wood shaft? I currently have the MMT 60s in my driver and absolutely love it. So I wanted to try out the 70s in my 3 wood to see if I could get similar results but was wondering what cutting 2 inches off the shaft will do to the weight/bend? Any help would be appreciated, thx
  3. i own the MMT 60s in my Rogue driver. I tested on the course against Kyoshi tour blue 60-04, Ventus Black 60s and Ventus Blue 60s. I swing 105 and prefer mid launch and low spin and this shaft won out. Have had it in the bag all summer and sold all the other shafts. For me the trajectory is perfect and it feels great. good luck
  4. who goes to a golf tournament or any event to harass the players? A punch in the face would go a long way to fixing that toolbag
  5. maybe the announcers made it a bigger deal then it actually was because they said he "called him out". That does not sound very friendly to me
  6. Bryson is just a tool, seriously cannot find anything to like about him. He is in Patrick Reed territory now. Not sure why the announcers kept referring to Bryson calling out Patrick but never said why
  7. My super hybrid is long, im talking very long. Even at 20 degrees it sometimes goes as far as my 3 wood and much easier to launch off the deck
  8. thanks for the info, i appreciate it. Bottom line is i need to demo for myself and see which works better for me. Im very picky about iron shafts and after a long search the Modus 105 were by far the best. The MMT in the driver is just awesome though, so im looking forward to trying out the iron shafts as well
  9. so it looks like the Modus 105 and the MMT 105 are very similar? Did u notice any differences between them? thx
  10. the 120s were awful for me, the 130 were better, but the 105s was just perfect. I tried everything and Modus 105 won easily
  11. great pics thx for posting. If you didnt like the Modus 120 shaft, give the Modus 105 shaft a try. I hated the 120, but love the 105
  12. thx for posting that, i thought i was the only one who read that
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