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  1. i have Modus 105S in my 765 irons and love them. I have the 105 in my gap wedge and the 115 in the sand and the lob wedge. They both work perfectly and I cant tell the difference
  2. i cant believe how great they look when u finally get to see them in person
  3. sounds like they are both very capable wedges. Do the Callaway wedges compare to these?
  4. If u want to try a lighter very stable steel shaft then give the Nippon Modus 105S a chance, they weigh 107 grams and they are the best shaft i have ever used.
  5. same question here, i own 765, very interested.
  6. I think Koepka had them in the bag again today
  7. be sure to demo the Modus 105 vs the Modus 120 because in my opinion they are very different. I hated the 120, but love the 105
  8. every item i have ordered from Srixon has showed up perfectly built
  9. same issue for me, i tried the 120 and had no idea where the ball was going, the 105 is just perfect. Major upgrade for me as well
  10. let me know if you want to pass it on as i want to demo that exactly club with the modus 105s also, thanks
  11. anyone compare the Ventus hybrid shaft to the Tensei Av hybrid shaft or the Atmos HB Tour spec 85? thanks
  12. they just popped up on the titleist website and they followed up with an email about the launch
  13. damn those are beautiful, love the ferrules
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