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  1. PRICE DROPS ON SHOES and T1100 - I wanted to experiment a little with a different head on T1100 but it didnt work out, so its still available, and FIRMLY available at this point. THANKS
  2. All prices include shipping CONUS - If you have any questions or want to make offers let me know. Just looking to unload some of the home office inventory. Brand new, never worn Footjoy Classics style # 52233 (black matte/black patent leather). These were rare even back when they were made. Kept inside climate controlled environment - with box and original spikes - size 11D - $430 OBO $400.00 Brand new, never worn Footjoy Classics Dry Premiere style # 50806 (brown/white leather) - with box and original soft spikes - size 11D - $390 OBO $370.00 Brand new,
  3. Hey everyone, In my bag of stuff I found when I used to do my own grips, repairs, etc., I found an old bottle of Clubmaker Grip Restore by Golfsmith. I got a damp rag and put some on it and wiped my GP DDMC grips, and man, did it really make them tacky again....better than anything I have recently used (dawn or simple green and a wash bucket, really). I looked for it online but couldnt find it anywhere. On the side of the bottle it says "a blend of SuperAll " I tried to find Superall but can't even figure out what that is. Has anyone every used this grip restore in the past or presently?
  4. Thank you unteachable - I was using an old browser version and that gear wasnt even there. I used a newer browser and it worked like a charm. Thank you again!
  5. Under the new format, I cannot, for the life of me, see an "edit" tab where I can edit my BST posts, to show if something sold, lower prices, etc. When I go into my bookmarks and select my post, I see no way to edit it. Can someone help me and tell me what I'm missing?
  6. All prices are with shipping in CONUS. See below for prices Scotty Cameron Circle T T10 Buttonback, Tour Deep Milled face. Putter is in a rare charcoal mist finish, with antique white sight line. Putter was originally 34" (I believe - its been a while), and was extended professionally to 35". Putter currently has a Winn AVS mid-sized pistol grip on it (not shown), which I can leave on, or install/include any the grips pictured below (SC Pistolero is jumbo). I can also send with no grip if you'd like. We can figure it out. Putter includes installed 20g circle T weights Dancing Circle T H
  7. I too was rejected. My buddy and I went in 2017 for Wednesday's practice round. To those that have never been, it is quite the experience. I was absolutely floored by how cool it was, so if you won, have fun! If I ever get selected, there is no doubt I will go again.
  8. I have a Circle T Buttonback deep milled, in a Charcoal Mist Finish. It is a slightly darker/grayer finish than Koepka's. It's a Newport 2 Plumber's neck. Its a beautiful putter but in my office collecting dust. I continue to go back to my tour issue Odyssey # 9 ProType and a tour issue PT-82. I just putt better with that style putter. The SC may be on the BST soon LOL. No sense in keeping a putter you don't putt with if you aren't a collector. Mine has a single sightline on the flange. I don't like this topline on Reed's, but, to each is own. If he makes putts with it, who cares.
  9. Flash SZ. I just wished I could have tried a 8.5 head triple diamond head, at neutral or turned down 1 degree. I find that I launch this driver pretty high. I love the feel and the forgiveness, but I don't find myself liking the ball flight. Trackman says it is good launch angle and spin. I don't recall the numbers, but it was around 13-14 degrees launch and about 2200 - 2300 RPM...I think. The Callaway Rep said the numbers were good, whatever they were. I simply don't remember. But, it looked and felt high to me, I guess. I don't know. Maybe it is just taking some getting used to.
  10. I know this is gonna come off a little harsh, but I think it is REALLY wrong of Callaway to release these triple diamond heads, and the "dot" Apex Pros, just months after people ordered, or bought, the retail Flash drivers or Apex Pro irons. This is the first time I have seen Callaway do something like this, and its bothersome to me. I would NOT have used up my shop cred and got the retail head, if I knew I would have this option, just a couple of months down the road. Its no big deal, I like the Flash head just fine, but would have liked to have known this was going to be released first.
  11. Billy bobs golf has the heavier sliding weights and front weights for sale. $11.99 each I believe
  12. I agree with TDK8180. I have known the guys that run ProClubs in Phoenix for over a decade. I have bought and sold stuff from them several times, both tour issue and retail. Here in Phoenix, ProClubs is FOR SURE where tour players, caddies, and alike, go to sell the stuff they aren't using or going to use. It has been like that for at least 5 years, maybe more.
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