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  1. Yes that is correct. What I was trying to say was the spin rates and characteristics of the Epic SZ with heavy weight back was the same as XR SZ with heavy weight forward. That was about right. My SS is 112-115 and my ball flight with the aforementioned set ups were similar, with about 10-12 more yards with. Epic SZ. Weight forward on Epic SZ Just hit low bullets. Good for the wind but not ideal to get the most out of it for me.
  2. Not sure about a website but I think the company that is building them is called Alphard. I googled Alphard push cart motor and got the same results. I hope to find more on it in the coming months.
  3. I'm guessing $500ish, and I respectfully think it does make sense. The antiquated battery carts are $800 and up, if I can get a clicgear (which I already have) that is motorized for the same, it's worth it.
  4. Im very interested in this and plan to follow this thread to get some more info.
  5. At the fitting I did the Epic SZ with Diamana D+ 73X was about 10-12 longer overall than my XR SZ with HZRDUS 65 6.5. Launched a little higher, was very forgiving and very straight. Also - I have weight forward in the XR, and had the weight back in the Epic. Callaway said the weight in the back of the Epic sets the gravity "sub zero" about the same as the XR with the weight up.
  6. anyone know where these irons are forged? Endo like the old protos?
  7. I will say I had a couple orders where I asked for C Taper 125 S+, not recognizing that Callaway only offered S and X. That was my mistake. I did Order some clubs in X that came in S though. Regardless, the fact that Mr. Knauss saw my post and reached out shows Callaway cares and I'm just excited to get my driver.
  8. I want to start by saying that Keith Knauss, Callaways Senior Director of Operations, both PMd me and emailed me, and was very apologetic. He also did admit they were having some shortage of SZ heads because of the demand. He took this and my previous order errors very personally and I'll just say he is doing what he can in his power to make it right. I do know it is not the shop. One shop (not the shop I ordered from) said some OEMs ask to hold until release date. I also order from two clubs, both have competent staff. They know me and my particularness and I lay it out about as clearly as I can in an email to them. That said anything is possible.
  9. I don't understand why this happens to me. The last 6 orders I have placed with Callaway: - 2013 X-Forged irons = wrong shaft flex - 2013 (approx.) X-Prototype utility = delayed + wrong flex shaft (Harry Arnett fixed for me) - 2014 - 815 GGB Alpha = wrong flex shaft - 2016 - 816 DBD = wrong flex shaft (Harry Arnett fixed for me) Now, I do a fitting with Callaway 01/14/2017 (Saturday) at Legacy Performance Center in Phoenix, AZ. Fit for a Callaway SZ with Diamana D+ 73 X shaft. I send order that night to my pro shop. On 01/16/2017 (Monday) - I am told order is placed, and club should arrive 01/26/2017, but cannot be given to me until release date of 01/27/2017, which I am fine with. I call today to see if driver came in, which it had not. Pro shop calls Callaway, who states they ran out of Epic SZ heads, and that it wont ship until 01/31/2017. This is crazy to me. So I can go to any Golf Galaxy, PGA Superstore, Van's Golf Shop, here in Phoenix, and they are stacked with Epic and Epic SZs, yet I don't get mine until next week. This would be less frustrating if the above referenced order delays and errors had not occurred, but frankly, Im running out of patience with Callaway. I have played their stuff for years, but, they hyped this release, so they should have been ready and had the equipment ready to go. Its frustrating.
  10. definitely interested. I was fit to a Diamana D+ 73X, but they didn't even have me try this shaft. I was fit, however, to the Epic 3 (15) with this shaft in 85X. I should have it today and should know tomorrow if not already purchased.
  11. Id like to see if Footjoy will release a more expanded patent leather/skin print line. I know that sounds strange, but given all the reptile skin belts out there, the obsession with Phil's custom shoes, etc., wondering if we will see any other skin prints that can be ordered. For example, the offered the all grey lizard this year (which I got, and love), and the used to offer sand snake accent. Hoping they may do this again.
  12. T6M growing on me. I just borrowed a buddy's Futura X, and I really like it. I have putted with an Odyssey PT9 tour issue for years. I consider myself a good putter, and good green reader. When my speed and line are on, I putt very well with this putter (obviously, if your speed and line or right, you will putt well), but I have a tendancy to get a little off and burn a lot of edges. I putt with no alignment aid with the # 9. when I do use the alignment aid on the ball, frankly I don't think I put as well, telling me I do something in the stroke (pull/shut face, push/open face), and go more off feel than anything. With the Futura X, I use the alignment aid on the ball to line up, and man, do I get a good roll on it.
  13. I was fit to an Epic SZ set to -1/S, 12 G weight back, with a Diamana D+ 73g X. It was about 12 yards longer than my XR16 SZ HZRDUS Black combo. Driver is really forgiving and very consistent. I was trying to hook it and really could only get nice draws out of it. Very confident feel over it. Was a little disappointed that I didn't get to hit some higher end shafts. Wanted to hit Oban Kyoshi but didn't have time. I may do it later though. The SZ with the Diamana D+ was a really good fit for me, and no upcharge which is cool. I can always test a little more, and if I find something better, sell the D+. I also was kind of "quick fit" to an Epic 3, 15 degree (Standard not SZ version), with a Rogue Max 75 X. That was about 10-11 yards longer than my 3 deep with a black tie 7m3. Also very impressed at how easy it was to hit.
  14. I have on multiple occasions literally handed my significant other my wallet to keep me from scarfing up the occasional mb1 or conforming protos that pop up for sale. I need a backup set and can't see them producing anything better even though that would make me happy. They need to just make the MB1 a custom order. Couldn't agree with you more buckeyefl. I almost got some from TDK8180 when he came across a set, but I passed on it. I am lucky because I had my last set of RAZR MBs, and picked up a, practically brand new, set of Tour Issue RAZR MBs. So I will be good for a while. I would still get a set of MB1s if I could. I believe Callaway should go back to something like the Tour Authentic (TA) line, like they had with the original Prototype MB irons. I remember receiving them in the mail, super excited LOL. Frankly I couldn't care less if it was a 6-8 week order process. If I could get them with the shafts, grips, L/L/L, and SW that I wanted, I would pull the trigger in a heartbeat.
  15. No way. These are the same thing as any other OEM muscle back release (IMHO). I may have to go away from callaway irons if they don't release the MB1. I like the Srixon offerings and the Mizuno MP-5s. Good news for me is I have my current set and another set that is 8 out of 10 face wise. AZ is tough on clubs, and I don't just mean the rocks......there is a lot of sand used here during overseed, etc., and you just sandblast your face every time you hit a shot it seems. Maybe it just seems that way, I don't know. no rust though :)
  16. Ill be honest, Im not thrilled. I don't see why I wouldn't just get a set of Titleist 716s or some Mizzy blades. That is what was great about the TA Protos/RAZR MBs/MB1.....they are not the same as everything else, and they were the most innovate blade iron I have ever played. Ill just hope that Callaway, for one reason or another, resurrects the TA line or something, so I can order some MB1s. Its really silly to me that these have to be tour only. I get there isn't a big market, etc., and I get one off drivers for PM, # 9s with more offset for PM, etc., but this is an easily releasable club by Callaway (the MB1) that separates itself from other OEM musclebacks.
  17. Arent the TA Protos square groove (except tour issue sets?).....I had a set and sold them to a guy that doesn't play tournament golf, etc., but a good player, so it wasn't a concern for him. I think just the RAZR MBs with the V grooves (more, closely placed grooves) are the only legal groves in this head other than tour issue, or am I wrong?
  18. Very disappointing. Very few true aftermarket options in there. Many made for Callaway offerings. I LOVE Callaway, but they continue to miss the mark on stock shaft or even upgrade shaft offerings. I don't want a neon green made-for HZRDUS or Diamana "Greenboard." Even the Tour Blue/Green options don't specify weight. Do we know that the HZRDUS T800 is a made for? I know I hit the Speeder 765 and my 757 side by side and they really weren't comparable.
  19. I read somewhere on here that they tried the T800 and was a pretty solid shaft! Make sure you report back after your fitting! I will. Im going to bring my SZ/HZRDUS and hit it next to the Epic and Epic SZ with some stock and upcharge shafts, and probably even put my HZRDUS into a head and see what numbers I get. If they are good, Ill just order a stock shaft with it, and sell the shaft on the BST to someone who wants to tinker.
  20. What is the story with the Project X HZRDUS T800 Green 65?? Is this supposed to be a reasonably priced T1100? Does anyone know the specs on this vs. a HZRDUS Black 6.5? I love my Black 6.5 in the XR SZ Head. Im doing a fitting with Callaway staff here in Phoenix, AZ at the Legacy Performance center for the Epics on 01/14, so Ill wait to order after that.
  21. The best one. The DFX grip, I think that what it was called. Yep. Couple years ago I got a shop to order me these grips from Callaway believe it or not. I got like 10 of them LOL.
  22. The sub zero is by far the best driver I have hit since the FT Tour. I like the shape of the head, it is easy to hit very straight, or to get it to move slightly each way. It sounds good. Here is AZ they overseed so courses are pretty wet. I set it from the normal N/S, up 1 degree to 10.5 (I used to hit 7.5-8/5 drivers), and it was perfect. Launch slightly higher than 9.5, but still flattened out at the top, got about 10-15 more in carry vs. roll.... I just love it right now. Really looking forward to getting picked for the Callaway trip LOL (I deserve it, Ive given a years salary to Callaway over the last decade I think LOL), and, more realistically, hitting the Epic SZ
  23. He plays what works.. not eveyone wants to play a shining perfect set with 4 matching $400 shafts and a super tour rat Scotty Cameron I went to High school with him so to be honest I was making a joke. Against your point, however, before he got hurt, he was all Cleveland, and then all Taylormade, with all the shiny stuff and fancy shafts you mentioned. Il'l add that during that time in which he had all that fancy stuff, he was a major contender at the British, and considered by golf analysts as one of the best players not to have won on the PGA tour.
  24. Did he lose his clubs and run over to Golfsmith and pick some bargain items up (minus the irons)...... Nice grips too...
  25. I have a black HAZRDUS 6.5 in my SZ and it is just a sick setup. Longer than my DBD 816 Speeder 757 TS setup. This is the first shaft I have really liked outside of my old school 757s
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