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  1. 41 yr old lifelong s300 user here. 2nd the AMT suggestion. I didn’t have any issues with short irons, but was looking for lighter shafts to help with launch/spin in longer irons and AMT is perfect. Play just like a normal s300 in scoring irons and give a bit of help in the long irons, while maintaining ability to flight the ball as needed. I am sure there is other shafts that will work as well, but if you like DG and just want a bit lighter weight this is a great option. DG120 probably fits the Bill as well, but I don’t have any experience.
  2. I’ve gone back and forth over the years on 4 wedges to 3. PW, 54*, 60* for 3 wedge and the thought was to simplify as others have mentioned, but in my experience reducing the number of wedges required more practice. You “can” it all kinds of shots with a 54*, but to do it well it took lots of practice. I find that PW, 52, 56, 60 is easier to play “standard” shots and not have to modify swings, loft, lie as much. My PW is 47* for reference. If you have a “modern” 43* PW, I can’t see anyway to reasonably go to 3 wedge setup unless you max out at 56*. i have found that reducing wedg
  3. I guess we will agree to disagree. If you can put a sky mark as well as hit a driver fat and find a way to blame it on the shaft, I guess I have been missing out all these years. The shaft isn’t moving the driver head around all that much, whether it is the correct shaft for your swing or not. Enough to affect some spin and launch, but surely not enough to put a sky mark or cause a fat shot. That would be caused by a bad swing and operator error.
  4. All just depends on what works. Some swings just play better with a smoother shaft flex. I have never got along well with low/low shafts in heavier weights. I have consistently played a stiff shaft in mid/mid with an avg swing speed above 110mph for years with great results. I see many post of swing speeds barely above 100mph playing tour x flex shafts and it just doesn’t work for me. Play what works best for you and forget about everything else. It gets easier with age when you realize it is more fun to play what works vs what you hear/think should work.
  5. Not sure a shaft is going to cause to cause issues such as hitting the ground. Different shafts will suit different swings better/worse depending several variables, but it isn’t going to cause major differences in contact, especially at a 102 mph swing speed. Shaft selection is a fine tuning exercise to maximize launch and spin, but they surely don’t effect swing or ball contact. I think sometimes too much credit/blame is put on a shaft.
  6. I have had a similar thoughts as you, except it was between the Nike vapor pro or pro combo. I am also a 2 and iron play is a strength. I have always played a players cavity, and was coming off playing Wilson Pi5. I was concerned the vapor pro would be too demanding since it was a blade, but after many range sessions and rounds the reality is the modern blades are just as easy to hit as a players CB from 10 years ago. If you hit your mp-60's without issue, the mp5 will be very similar forgiveness wise.
  7. 47* pw, 54 & 60. Used to have pw and 3 wedges but it was too many options. Short game is much better with the simplicity of two wedges and learning how to flight and control them better for any type of shot.
  8. My set up as follows: 10.5* - driver open 1* 15* 3w - Adams super hybrid ls xtd 18* 2h - Adams 9031 21* 3h - Adams DHY 24* 4i 27* 5i 31* 6i 35* 7i 39* 8i 43* 9i 47* pw 54* sw 60* lw Thinking of switching to a 18* dhy and going to a 23/24* hybrid to replace 3i. If they ever release a 48* engage wedge I will replace the pw.
  9. I have been thinking about making that switch with a 18 driving iron and a 23 hybrid to replace 3i. Have not done it yet though, still thinking about it. Currently have a 18* hybrid and a 21* dhy. Hybrid goes like a 4/5 wood.
  10. There is more to picking the correct shaft then ss numbers. I am a 0 hcp and have been fit numerous times for clubs. My swing speed avg. Is around 112 and I play a stiff shaft. I have a smooth transition at the top and most stiff shafts fit my swing profile better than the x flex's. Not to say there might not be a better alternative for his swing, but that cannot be determined by saying he swings 110 mph therefore he needs this. And as much as it goes against all the club ho'ing we all love here, it is still more about the Indian than the arrow.
  11. I fought with fairway woods for years, and it was always the worst part of my game. I tend to have a steep swing and dig a little but consider myself a solid ball striker even with the long irons, but couldn't hit a fairway wood to save my life. When the hybrid craze started I tried a few of the bigger utility or fw hybrids and it has solved many of those problems. You might give up a few yards from a traditional 3w but not too much. Adams, Nickent, and TM all make fw versions of hybrids which are close to the size of a fairway wood was 10 years ago. I think you should give them a try to
  12. Lumpy930

    2 iron

    [quote name='budeagle' timestamp='1310599587' post='3389272'] Yes, They are now called 3 irons [/quote] And we have a winner. Some sets of blades still have traditional lofts, but very, very few do. It makes people feel better when they can hit a 7 iron 5-10 yards further than they used to, but they are just really hitting a 6 iron with an 7 stamped on it.
  13. I've played Chambers a number of times, as well as the Bandon Courses, except Old Mac, and it isn't even in the ball park. If anyone is thinking of taking a golf trip there is no comparison between the two. Chambers tries to be a links course, but it is in a manufactured setting and in my opinion, the course has too many goofy holes. It is like a links course meets a desert, target golf, course. Bandon may not be for everyone because it is not manicured and perfect, but in my opinion is the best resort in America. The courses all have there own characteristics and are a blast to play, and
  14. Looking into new shafts is not the answer. If you are hitting full shots into any headwind, they will balloon. The wind exagerates the spin on the ball. To effectively play irons into a head wind to need to learn how to take more club and hit 3/4 shots to control the trajectory. "When it's breezy, swing easy"
  15. It's not the same specs as the aftermarket version, but it seems to fit my swing good and I like it. I don't know how the "true" v2 hybrid shaft plays so I cannot compare the two.
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